Corpse of Fugitive Found Partially Devoured by Wildlife

Corpse of Fugitive Found Partially Devoured by Wildlife

In Barreirinha, a municipality in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, fishermen recovered a corpse of a tattooed man from the water. The corpse was partially devoured by wildlife, and according to the fishermen, they tore it out from the mouth of an alligator.

I think they’re full of shit and are making the dramatic story up. An alligator would likely cause more damage to the body, in particular the skeleton, as it has jaws strong enough to chew though bones. This looks closer to what we’ve seen fishes do to corpses in Brazilian rivers.

The corpse was identified as that of 23 year old Thiago Carvalho, who had been charged with attempted murder in the city of Boa Vista do Ramos, after nearly killing partner of his ex wife – Felipe Neptune. Since then, he has been a fugitive and was wanted by the military and civil police.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Gators and crocs don’t devour their meals at the time they are found. They take their lunchables underwater, stick them under a fallen tree or something else that keeps them from floating. Then they wait for the yum yums to start rotting, then and only then will the partake of the flesh.

  2. look like partially eated by piranhas, suppsoed that the top wasnt in water at this moment. the head can be eated later by some dogs or else (they love this part lol)

    i like how his tatoo pittbull get partially decolored spreading on his body

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