Corpse of Indonesian Woman Recovered from Belly of Reticulated Python

Corpse of Indonesian Woman Recovered from Belly of Reticulated Python

Corpse of Indonesian Woman Recovered from Belly of Reticulated Python

On Friday June 15, 2018 a 54 year old woman named Wa Tiba, who was working on a palm oil plantation, was killed and fully devoured by a reticulated python. The incident took place in the Muna district of southeast Sulawesi, 600km from Jakarta in Indonesia.

The victim’s corpse was found inside the snake’s belly intact. The videos show the process of recovery from the large snake. Props to Best Gore member @yasinsatriani for this one:

And props to @13lunt420media for the different angle view of the same extraction:

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113 thoughts on “Corpse of Indonesian Woman Recovered from Belly of Reticulated Python”

  1. Whoa.., now That’s a tight fit. I’m claustrophobic so I really can’t imagine a Python holding me down.., I have a feeling my claustrophobia will rip that Worm apart., oh it’d be on alright..!

      1. Me too, I swear my life long fascination of snakes came directly from this movie. I picked up a garter snake the other day in my garden and freaked my roomie out with it. Fucker pissed on me. The snake, not the roomie.

  2. I wonder if that python, if left alone, would eventually digest all her body, complete with clothes and bones, and how long he could survive on that woman alone.

    Hmm. Actually, I’m really fucking seriously interested to know that.

    1. I tried googling and although unrelated to your question, wikipedia has an interesting entry about this particular incident.
      “In June of 2018, a 54-year-old Indonesian woman, a vegetable farmer in Muna Island, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, was killed and eaten by a 23-foot python. The woman went missing one night while working in her garden, and the next day a search party was organized after some of her belongings were found abandoned in the garden. The python was found near the garden with a a large bulge in its body. The snake was killed and carried into town where it was cut open revealing the woman’s body completely intact. Video of the snake being gutted was posted online”

    2. I’´m not sure about her clothes, but her body would be completely digested over the following weeks, so I guess the clothes would be too. I´m guessing that woman would sustain the python for at least a month.
      There’s and article somewhere showing X-rays of a snake that had eaten a cayman over severel days, it’s pretty cool to see how everything gets dissolved, even the hard skin of the cayman.

    3. A snake that size could go about a year on that meal alone…they don’t use energy unless absolutly necessary…and the clothes and shoes will pass with all the bones and cartalidge…snakes pass shit and bones and hair separately…

    4. Andrew 25
      I know that a normal small er size python will only need one meal a month and that is a couple of mouse or rats so a large snake like this will live happy for lot longer
      I think people who are keeping snakes as pets are just stupid,playing with fire

  3. Think some fucker farted while old Monty was being deprived of his Scooby snack I mean that’s lower than a snakes belly to snatch the food right out of a reptiles stomach before the fucker had chance to get indigestion…

  4. I mean at this point the daft bint who got herself swallowed is already dead…can’t we just let the snake keep what he won fair and square? Passing her jewellery and belt buckle is punishment enough for eating a controversial lunch

  5. I read about this over the weekend. I was hoping to see some video here.
    I’m glad it made the CUT.
    Anyone else watch that video and wonder how many villagers ate BBQ python that evening?

  6. Poor creature must have been absolutely starving and beyond desperate for a meal if it would choose to eat a stinky ass curry munching filthy Indian. I honestly feel for the poor thing to have to have had to stoop that low.

  7. True story they showed the super edited version on our local news. I heard the wife say to herself why put a video on like that if your gonna blur it out and her next statement was I’d like to see the whole thing! So what was my reply… I think I can help pull up best gore scroll down a bit and just like that she got what she wanted but regretted it instally hahahahaha ty Guys for all the work you do and shot you take while running this site I’ve been a memebrt now for over 6yrs so keep the content coming!!!!

      1. Yes you must be like la te da..the snake bites and you do nothing for like a whole minute ..than your fucked pull away can make it ..a snake that size needs one or two coils and yer fucked .and not in the good way

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