Corpse of Seven Year Old Boy Recovered from Crocodile in Indonesia

Corpse of Seven Year Old Boy Recovered from Crocodile in Indonesia

Corpse of Seven Year Old Boy Recovered from Crocodile in Indonesia

Locals from a village in Maluku Province, Indonesia spotted a large crocodile on a nearby small beach and asked the police to help kill it. They cut the beast’s belly and recovered the remains of a seven year old boy.

The boy had gone missing two days prior after telling parents he’s going to the beach for a swim. While scouring the beach for the boy, the locals noticed the croc and suspected the animal may have been involved in the boy’s disappearance.

Props to Best Gore member @amiramirov for the video. It’s similar to the one we recently saw, but it’s not a different angle of the same incident. This is a different croc and those are different human remains. And it is darker outside than in the previous video:

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    There’s no end to it thank god.

    1. I Just listened to a brilliant man that talks about being born into these 3rd world countries, he mentions that when we are working out our soul contracts before we incarnate to earth that we can choose to be born into these lands and burn off a lot more karma than in places like America, Etc. He also mentions that there are so many souls wanting to incarcerate but not enough births so the souls are choosing anything they can get at this point in history. I know- it all sounds so sci-fi , if interested his name is Hans Wilhelm , he’s on youtube “life explained” series. He’s got some very intriguing stuff.

  2. Yeah, poor little bitch
    He could have drowned 1st, but more likely was swimming and got
    grabbed (they like to death roll you then stuff you under a log before
    they make a meal of you in many cases)

    Jonah in da whale?
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    1. @ronniekray couldn’t agree more! Poor crocodile is all I have to say.
      It’s perfectly acceptable for us to kill animals for food, yet an animal kills for the same reason, humans hunt it down, kill it & proceed to steal it’s food from it’s dead belly..

    1. Pretty sure he went “missing” but it’s still pretty useless to kill an animal that already killed something besides if it’s a danger to society and is killing multiple people.

      1. He wasnt lost, the croc knew right where to find him. If its right for a human to kill an animal that is dangerous, it is right for an animal to kill a human that is dangerous. Thats why pigs shoot monkeys.

      1. You would be pissed if a bunch of chicken nuggets busted in your house with log chains and billy clubs, gutted you, and retrieved their boot shaped brethren. But at the end of the day, they need a proper burial.

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  5. Ah, Indonesia, the tropical country where everything can eat you.
    -Huge Python
    -Komodo Dragon
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    Almost every “Indonesian” gore is all about man getting kill by wild animal.

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      1. @WestLos
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    1. May this child rest peacefully. I can’t imagine what a horrible way to go that would be. The stuff with children always gets to me way more than any beheading any beating any torture any molten wax on someone’s face I can watch just about anything but any video with a child I almost always cut short this was a lot to take in.

  7. I like how the boy’s head fell out first just to give instant truama to every bystanders.
    The sceam one must be his father.

    It hasn’t never been okay seeing the gore from your own children unexpectedly the decapitation.

  8. That’s just bad parenting…letting your 7 year old child go swimming unsupervised.
    Never let a child out on their own, ever. You don’t know who or what will take them.

    I wonder if the croc bit his head off and then just swallowed the rest of the body, or did it drown him first via deathroll?

  9. Wow this is a rare one! I’m new to the site and the servers can be fucky sometimes. Their should be a delete comment option or a bot to delete accidental duplicates. Hope someone gets the message or passes it along.

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