Corpse of Young Person Presumably Devoured by Piranhas Pulled from Water in Brazil

Corpse of Young Person Presumably Devoured by Piranhas Pulled from Water in Brazil

Corpse of Young Person Presumably Devoured by Piranhas Pulled from Water in Brazil

Not too much info, except that this happened in Brazil. The source said the young female was eaten by piranhas.

The video shows a corpse of what does look like a young person, perhaps a child, being pulled out from a body of water. The extremities and the face of the corpse appear chewed on, possibly by fishes or other aquatic wildlife. One man reacts rather taken by the find – I wonder if he was a relative of the victim.

Props to Best Gore member @pedro-hawk for the video:

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158 thoughts on “Corpse of Young Person Presumably Devoured by Piranhas Pulled from Water in Brazil”

      1. It’s just natural desensitisation caused by BG. When I first started lurking in my mid teens, I used to feel my heart pound and get a bad taste in my mouth at even the milder stuff, as a taboo rush. Now I browse through like I’m reading the morning news; the whole point in the shock value is for awareness.

        Aside from all those actively joking and/or trolling, AKA those who desperately seek a coping mechanism due to being coddled from birth to their twenties, it’s quite the learning experience and eye opener. Just ignore those who make foul remarks, it’s simply a sign of not getting attention so they say controversial shit to garner a response, and feeding them is the worst option since it gives them delusions of power that they can’t get in reality, hiding behind a fake name like cowards.

        Take it as a sort of ‘tombstone mentality’ – change the way you think and act based on others’ failures, to better yourself and prevent this sort of stuff from happening to you. Most people here see innocent victims for the humans they are (some criminals are in a grey area depending on crime and severity of punishment), unfortunately there is a plague of racism/classism just because by pure chance they have a different skin colour or live in a different region. They would not be saying the same stuff if it was their own family or friends who suffered.

      2. Yeah I mean you can watch this without mocking the victims, specially children. This site was supposed to be a place for people to see reality for what it is and learn, nowadays its just filled with people waiting to take out their hate. Sure people dont have to care but they also dont have to act like they’re actually missing braincells. If this was their daughter I’m sure they wouldn’t say so much. But then again everyone is different, some care some dont. Thats life. Personally, this site wont get far with these hateful people on it. Some comment under said that there was a warning on the first page and yeah but thats for the content, not for their bullshit comments. IQ. I hope they will try to keep this site more educational.

          1. The WalMart north of us in Lapeer, MI was selling “3 lb lobster claws” and we alerted our older daughter who works there. I’m surprised none of us have missing fingers, despite the seriousness of the season – potholes. I’m no fucking Orthodox no more.

          2. @illegalsmile55
            Urchin nuts, huh. That’s why I said pencil me in. You can keep your nasty sea nuts!

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          3. @casualobserver
            Driving home with your groceries on you lap may have saved the fingers. You might make a quick inspection of the ol sea cucumber in your next shower though.

          1. That was Rock Lobster lol
            I first heard the term ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’ in a Chevy Chase comedy… Funny Farm where he eats a whole shitload of them before he learns what they are.

          2. @hopingfornemesis
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          1. That’s grossly inappropriate Sphinx….. there I was offering support for their obsessive-compulsive eating disorder and you come along and throw it all out with the bath water.
            Sometimes I get the impression that you can be either thoughtless or just downright mean.

  1. The pain followed by aspiration and drowning. It’s just all around a terrible way to die. So much pain and suffering must’ve made the girl taste nasty, the fish didn’t even finish their meal lol

      1. @acidicly you rhyme on purpose?
        I heard-tell it’s usually reserved for ladies of questionable virtue. Think revolving door / hot dog down a hallway / gang-bang-train, et. al…s’up to you if you’re dtf like a beat up Mac truck. All I know is my take-a-number says #1 :p> hahah

  2. Come on Dad! Stop crying in your Flip Flops! All is not lost. …. First! She won’t be the future SLUT you thought she may become & They can use her now deceased body as a Halloween Prop or even a Skeleton in a Biology classroom. … See, Easy Peasy you don’t speak Japanese-z!

    1. I have owned pit bulls and piranhas. Both are timid, but especially Piranha. I have had many types of fish. Piranhas are the most passive fish I have had. I would have to turn the lights off and hide behind furniture if I wanted to watch them eat. They are scared of people.

        1. There are many types. Some are more aggressive than others. I’ve had Red Bellies on two separate occasions, and they acted the same way. It’s also possible that I am so intimidating that I scare piranha. Yeah, I kind of like how that sounds. We’ll go with that.

  3. I felt badly for the grieving father having to identify the body of his daughter and see her in that state. It will forever be embedded in his mind. He was in total shock and reacted in any other way a father would for his own flesh and blood. Whether it was his first and only daughter or his fifth, nevertheless, it was his child, and she will be missed no matter what the circumstances were that brought her to that unfortunate demise. No child deserves to come to that end. Neither does a father.

  4. funny those pirhanna (fuck know how to write that word) didnt eated the foot… as the toes tend to look like some tasty maggots from fish pov.

    how the fuck are those arms and legs bones can stay together when pull as she doesnt look like have tendons on them O_o

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