Cow Being Slaughtered Kicks Butcher, Shows Him What Beef Is

Cow Being Slaughtered Kicks Butcher, Shows Him What Beef Is

Cow Being Slaughtered Kicks Butcher, Shows Him What Beef Is

While slaughtering a mature cow, the butcher and an assistant found out what the beef is when the cow kicked them and sent them for a spin.

I think the butcher got both the nut cracker and the headbanger experience out of it. I like how that one guy started spraying water on his head while the butcher still was trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. You got hoofed!

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video – still on the theme of animal encounters.

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119 thoughts on “Cow Being Slaughtered Kicks Butcher, Shows Him What Beef Is”

      1. srsly though, can they not afford a rope to “hogtie” it? So they can make its death more instant? nope. just 4 old dudes holding it down while one guy slits it throat with a box cutter -.-. I hope that guy who hit his face lost some teeth so he cant even eat it lol

      1. I remember Mark did an interview too, and he was asked if there’s anything he WOULDN’T post, to which he replied something along the lines of “animal gore” (with elaboration) – so I’m a little disappointed to see this posted too.

        I can watch humans being slaughtered all day. But innocent little animals in any way, shape or form.. nope.

        1. I think Mark should post everything. Animal or human. The whole point of this site is to show everything bad in the world and make it known. If there is censorship of any kind, then the mission statement is being failed.

          Sure, animal cruelty is particularly hard to take in, but it happens and needs to be exposed.

    1. If you look closely, the old man that caught in the nads banged his head pretty good and that shit is leaking. That’s why the dudes dragging him at the ed started really freaking out before the video ended. That old guy could be brain dead or plain dead.

  1. Poor animal..
    I worked once some hard job just 50m from slaughterhouse on some concreting and those screams coming from inside was terrible. There were the pigs and sometimes they butcher cows to. What i learn by coming inside as curious as i always was:
    -They sense dead clearly and conscientiously and their eyes begging butchers to have mercy.
    They suffer hard core in huge amount of fear.
    After i saw it i stop eating meat for more than five years.
    No wonder someone(Faul McCartney?) once says:
    “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, people would become vegetarians.”

    Big recommendation of awakening:
    Earthlings (1995).

    This old dude btw is seriously fucked by landing on concrete with his cruel head and i bet nobody gives a shit here.

      1. I’m only on chicken now, managed to cut out everything else, soon i’ll try and go full veggie, well down that cow for kicking those stinking allah akbas

        1. Me too. I feel better, eating more of a plant based diet and exercising. Blood pressure’s way down as well.

          I figure since our government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you, the only one left is you.

          Good luck! 🙂

          1. @pickmynose123 Me too, salads, vegetables and fruit. Meat free days as much as possible and if i do eat meat it’s just a small piece of chicken, no cakes etc no white rice. My stomach is virtually non existent

    1. So true my friend on jewtube there is a clip of a pig escaping from a cattle truck the porker jumped out whilst the truck was driving full speed will have died anyway when it hit the road the urge to live was strong in that piggy

    2. 200 meters from my house on public road butchers burn pigs alive. No one gives a shit .i have stopped going through that way.but it happns and will happen too. Ignorance is not bliss everytime.

  2. This is Halal slaughter, in some sects of Islam stunning an animal prior to cutting the neck is considered Haram or forbidden. There are more humane and safer methods, quite obviously.

  3. These fucking Stone Age heathens can’t put a bullet in its brain first instead of slicing it slowly with a knife way to small for the job? I’m all for beef but get ‘er done you primitive fucks why make it suffer any more than necessary?

    I hope that goat fucker died from internal cranial bleeding!

  4. I never comment anymore or the videos because I’ve realized most of the people on this site are degenerates.. Amazing how you racist pigs have compassion for animals but not for mankind. You say people are bad and animals are good. That cow didn’t deserve that but most live things don’t deserve to die they way they do. So much hatred on here and how is working for you pink dick bullies? So concerned about all the posts on here but you are the problem. The world is full of hatred and it’s repulsive. What do you personally gain from being so hateful? A couple giggles but the problems still exist. This is not your world.. If it was you’d be the only ones here. Fuck that cow and duck the people killing it. You demented fucks need to worry about yourselves. You can’t hate ALL DAY Long and it changes nothing. Maybe if you had empathy for people like you do for that cow, the world would be a better place. But you bitches rather complain on a website.

    1. But you just demonstrated the same level of hatred. And I quote:

      “Fuck that cow and duck the people killing it.”?
      “most of the people on this site are degenerates”
      “You demented fucks”

      The circle of hatred can only be broken if at least one side stop hating. Not out of forgiveness, not out of respect, but out of pure rational logic. If SOMEONE doesn’t stop hating NO ONE will. If they won’t stop hating, then we should.

      But that’s too hard for average human brain to grasp.

    2. I love it when you’re angry! I love me some chocolate asscake. Wanna make sweet lovin’s to your tail pipe with my big pink wiener.
      Btw, sorry I was a jerk at your family reunion. I was nervous being the only man there.

    3. Chill out Asscakes. I posted a question about why I can watch human torture over and over but I am not able to watch any animal suffering. The responses indicate that I’m not alone and I appreciate that support. I still don’t fully understand it but you can take your hateful shit and go away.

  5. This is the Islamic practice of Halal slaughter. Instead of instant death from a bullet to the brain, they slit it’s throat and make it suffer to please Allah before they eat it.

  6. Serves the fucker right. I hope it left a mark, too, preferably a permanent one.
    Sadly I can’t call this a “vegan revenge porn”, as it’s more of a case of going out with a bang, but it’s close enough in my book. Too few people, who live by the sword, so to speak, die by the sword as well. Then again their horrible choices catch up with them one way or another. The leading causes of death speak for themselves.

    1. “Their horrible choices” ? lol.
      Do you realise that not everyone lives in the First World with the best choices.
      Some people struggle to make a living or even to survive and they have to take whatever shit job they can.

  7. OH my days! That fella got a hard hoof to the balls. If he is not permanently damaged, he is likely to be in real nutcracker pain. His head also bled instantly as soon as it hit the deck. At that age, it could be very serious indeed.

    This has got to be he most unprofessional slaughter I’ve heard of. Several men doing it, the cow is in serious distress and being killed slowly like an ISIS hostage. What about using an electric stun clamp on the cow to render it unconscious so it doesn’t feel anything?

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