Cyclist Repeatedly Attacked by Pesky Magpie in Shellharbour, Australia

Cyclist Repeatedly Attacked by Pesky Magpie in Shellharbour, Australia

A cyclist wearing a rear facing helmet cam rode down a highway in sunny Shellharbour, Australia when he was repeatedly attacked by a pesky magpie. According to Wikipedia, the Eurasian magpie is one of the most intelligent birds, and it is believed to be one of the most intelligent of all animals.

The saying goes that “everything in Australia tries to kill you“, but I wouldn’t think that also extends to magpies. Feisty little swooping buggers:

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      1. Im from Aus and I can tell you I have had many encounters with the ol maggie. I remember as a kid ( Lived in country South Australia) being swooped by these buggers everyday especially in spring whilst riding my bike home from school. When I would ride through particular areas (often with many Eucalyptus or gum trees) I would ride with my hand above my head which is supposed to deter them (but often didn’t). Talking about animals in Australia trying to kill you, I was walking through a bushy area today on the way home from work and saw a big fuckin brown snake (no lie!) these are extremely deadly. Which is kinda coincidental to this story, cause they aren’t overly common this time of year,

        1. Yes @my_cunt : this dude is living my life too! I been getting attacked on a daily basis here in New South for the last couple weeks walking into town. Yep, Spring is in the air now and so are the maggies!
          But the Golden Plovers go for me as well down the creek with my dogs. They are ten times worse than magpies, they have a spur on the side of the wing that holds nasty poison shit.

          1. Christ, I’d be like a cat on a hot tin roof with all those nasty animals about. Venomous snakes and dive bombing birds !, bloody hell fire !
            Like the ice cream tub idea, must have been a hoot when you guys were nippers. 😉

          2. hi @alicatt

            I think it’s only the males that do the bombing and only during the breeding season when they have a nest with eggs or chicks. So in the souther half or subtropical .they attack in spring, and the northern or tropical half of the country only has 2 seasons, the wet and the dry season, so?maggie could have nests going anytime in the dry, so the walking or cycling FV is fair game for 6 months of the year………..

      2. What great footage…..

        Did anyone notice that fucking huge spider in it’s beak during the very first attack? I think it’s a Sydney Funnel Web Spider, which is only like the world’s most toxic venom…….

        Talk about everything trying to kill you. If the maggie doesn’t knock you off your bike during the ambush fright, he just drops a Funnel Web down the back of your t- shirt……..

          1. @alicatt
            yea what Dutchy said, its mainly in spring when they are nesting. A natural reaction I guess, just trying to protect their young. All the other comments are cracking me up haha. Australia is inhabited with many deadly animals yea, but you just have to be a bit careful really, not that bad 😉 Its a great country besides the government, and sheeple, come visit and ill shout you a cold beer or three 🙂

    1. I’m an Aussie and yep it’s that time of year for Magpie swooping.. But they are not a problem after nesting season. They are definitely not afraid of humans! As a side note I think they have the most beautiful warble that they sing, better than a Kookaburra..

  1. Is it bad I giggled a bit at the tittle.

    now thinking about that sentence I sound like I’m homosexual…. rofl well can’t help that I guess considering that’s what I did.

    I’m just wondering what this guy did to piss the bird off.

  2. There are trees nearby, maybe it has a nest in one of them and is just being protective. Still, that’s a big bird with a big beak, attacking you from behind. I think I’d try to find a different route for a while.

        1. Magpies are scary when you’re a kid!
          I remember running terrified for my life from magpies! Im from Queensland, Australia and theres magpies on every corner. You’re right about them protecting their nests, and they’re around the size of a crow/raven but a little smaller!
          Goodnight from Australia!

    1. Yes, @IWM, they couldn’t care less about us when not breeding.

      When I was a boy, I convinced my mum to buy me a white mouse from a pet shop ( which is ridiculous to think she even spent 50 cents on a pet mouse due to the fact my folks have a sheep and wheat farm and mice are THE enemy) and when I finally got it home, my brothers and I were playing with it on the grass out the front, and within 1 minute of getting it out of the box, Maggie dive bombs and Mr White Mouse was mine no more……..

  3. As a resident of Australia ive been attacked hundreds of times. I used to ride my bike to work and every day this same magpie would swoop me at least 10 times in the morning because i was riding uphill past its nest, but in the afternoon it would only get me about 3 or 4 times because i was riding downhill at an increased speed. Fiesty little cunts…

    1. Ha ha [email protected] Jinx, I remember making the magpie ice cream container helmets at primary school in arts and craft!

      Spring is now in the air, and so are the maggies! I am walking into town every day (22km there and back) trying to pass some time. Im not game to ride my bike because there are two maggies that go for me in separate areas, on the way there and again on the way
      back. They are like great white sharks, coz they attack
      from behind and you don’t see them coming until it’s too late and if you are on a bike, it gives you a bit of a scare the first time one bombs your head and many people come off their bikes as a result. Im not brave enough to ride sticking to walking while my skull is not a thick as it usually is…..

      Also at my place, down at the creek, there are a pair of Golden Plovers with three little chicks that run around all day. These plovers are nasty fucks and I think are more aggressive than magpies, they also have a spur on each wing filled with poison shit.

      If you’re having Maggie problems at your house, you can call the Police who will attend and bring a rifle with them to shoot em. Bit drastic I think as they are just protecting their nests and chicks for a couple of months of the year, not all the time.

  4. Mark you I think that you referred to this bit’d as the Eurasian Maggie (pica pica) the one in the video is the Australian Maggie (cracticus tibicen) and the latter extremely aggressive and territorial in the spring breeding season.

  5. I don’t know if it was the video or if it was my lame ass wifi connection but in the beginning the video paused and it looked like the bird had something in its mouth..

    Question. . Was the camera on the back of the bike?

    1. I agree – birds always try to shit on me during nesting season when I sit in my backyard on a bench that’s under one of our trees. Got to get my husband to move the bench again, even tho the shade of the tree is nice.

  6. At first it has lots of worms in its beak so has chicks in a nest.OR this guy had taken the chicks and they were calling for the parents.Whatever these birds were defending the chicks or nest.Iv had plenty of run ins in the UK with magpies but i respect them greatly.They are a very very clever bird.The only time i saw one be the victim was when a female sparrowhawk took one on and killed it after quite a battle.

    1. Oh, are they worms? I thought it was a big fuck off spider…….

      Yeah, well, spider, worm, worm, spider….all much of a muchness really coz Australian worms are fucking dangerous too and they will god damn wigger you to death if your not alert and focused to the dangers man. We can only be thankful that in the very least, it is a relatively quick death and it’s pretty much all over in 10 to 15 seconds. This is exactly why I try to have at least a little bit of any one of the countless mood altering substances circulating around my brain, at any time day or night. Sudden double whammy ambush style
      attack by Maggie with beak guided worm/ spider heat seeking artillery is not exactly pain free you know……

  7. That rider was guilty of something. I have a cat who took down a magpie wife.. I saved her, but damn, that cat still can’t venture outdoors. The magpie husband is cool with me though. He sits on the fence laughing and joking until cat tries to go out.. No chance!

  8. Is this why you came here in BG? To bitch and whine about what stuffs were posted here? I suggest you make your own bloody video.. jump into a train track or skin your own face, think thats enjoyable to watch and don’t forget to send it here exclusively in BG.. 😀

  9. Too much slow-mo and stuff.
    But coincidentally, I have a series of 3 pictures of myself in Australia being attacked by some kind of water-bird with a big, hooked beak. He was trying to steal my muffin.

  10. That’s why you wear those helmets with the spikes sticking out if it when you ride your bike.
    I see this kid riding to school on his bike with that helmet and while you may be laughing at him, who’s laughing when the magpocalypse comes around?

  11. Im from n.s.w Ausralia and let me tell ya magpies are extremely intelegent, ive been hand feeding about 10 of them of my porch everyday for about 6 months, some can be a bit snappy taking scraps out my hand but most of them are very trusting and gentle while taking the food out the palms of our hands, also they know the difference between different people which suprised me,
    they wont go near my brother or girlfriend but. follow me ecerywhere in the yard
    while im doing stuff

  12. Hi. Ive been a lurker for 2 years on Gore but couldn’t help myself when I saw the ole maggie. My kids use icecream tubs to walk to school during Sept & Oct as well as wave a big stick around. I did meet a guy at a pub in Sydney once that had a huge bandage on his neck. He was attacked by a maggie and it literally dive bombed into his neck. As for ‘everything in Oz trying to kill you’…lol. We don’t have bears, tigers, wolves and we aren’t allowed to own exotic animals or breed aggressive dogs. I have never seen a funnel web spider or a brown snake and only a dead shark. Spiders and snakes aren’t exactly searching or hunting for you.

    1. The boids get very defensive when their eggs are ready to hatch. FOr just about four weeks, they attack anything that goes under the tree where their nest is. Once the eggs have hatched, they get less defensive. The attack period just ended over here, with early Spring.

  13. Many a time you would have to ride with a stick. Hear the flapping, jump off your bmx “fark off you stupid bird” trying to hit it while walking your bike backwards hoping there was only 1… it was bloody warfare for a 10 year old… brings back great childhood memories…thanks

  14. WOW I never thought this site would hit so close to home! I know the bloke, Trent his name is and I seriosuly live like 5 minutes away. Any questions about this area I could answer. The only thing worse for swooping than a magpie would be a pluva, an ugly bird with actual bony spikes under their wings. If it doesn’t kill you in Australia it gives you a headache.

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