Dashcam Car Drives Up To a Pack of Hungry Stray Dogs Attacking a Woman

Dashcam Car Drives Up To a Pack of Hungry Stray Dogs Attacking a Woman

Caught on dashcam in Arkhangelsk Oblast, northwestern Russia. A car with the dashcam drives down a snow covered street flanked by snowbanks on both sides and takes a turn only to disturb a pack of starved, winter whipped feral dogs attacking a lone woman. The woman was already on the ground, overwhelmed by the pack and as far as I know, getting the pray to fall on the ground is usually the tipping point. Dogs attack as a team – while some keep the prey’s attention, others try to nip at it from behind until the prey tips and falls. The fall is the trigger for them to start to tear into the flash and eat.

In my opinion, the fact that the woman was already on the ground means that she was losing the battle and had no means to get out of there safely on her own. If she was not rescued, the dogs would have likely killed her. These dogs are clearly hungry and desperate for food. They need to eat or else they die and if there’s no other means to get food, attacking humans may be the only way to make it. It’s amazing if you imagine that during your normal drive home you end up saving someone’s life without even trying.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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105 thoughts on “Dashcam Car Drives Up To a Pack of Hungry Stray Dogs Attacking a Woman”

    1. Ehh, this only brings one more reason why I don’t like canines… I’m a cat person myself.

      So far, I haven’t heard of any people being clawed to death by a cat (except by tigers and such)… but your generic house cat isn’t really seen as a threat.

      1. Until you piss your cat off. Then they shit in your shoe and other places they know you’ll be stepping as protest. The created disgust is not limited to cat shit. They aim their puke in strategic places as well. This is when they know you’ll be barefoot , like going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

        well raised dogs are great, too, and they save lives as well.

    1. Those thick clothes definitely helped her, bought her the extra seconds needed. Seemed like decent sized dogs as well, they would have easily over powered that old women. I’ve 2 German Shepherds so i know how strong they can be when they set their mind to something

  1. I don’t believe this was a real attack. These dogs look more playful than ferocious. The old lady seems to be a loonatic. Dogs have no respect for weak humans, so they could’ve crossed her boundaries and thrown her on the ground for fun .

      1. I’m not sure what you mean by that @Rammfan, can you be a bit more specific?
        And have you ever seen a canine group attack? Hairs on end, teeth bared, fighting each other over the prey and not easily scared off. This doesn’t look like that at all.

        1. @H.Thompson I agree with you. Those dogs really don’t look Iike they were in attack mode. In fact one of them was wagging his tail!
          I think it’s possible that the woman was afraid of dogs, and when they all came running up to her she might have slipped on the snow and ice or they might have knocked her down. Then they all started jumping on her in what looked like a playful way. jMO 馃檪

          1. If you think a dog wagging it’s tail always means it’s happy and playful scienceroxs, then please stay away from dogs, as you’re going to end up getting killed just like this woman almost did.

            Have you ever been attacked by a dog or even seen dogs fight or attack something? Often they are “wagging” their tails, actually, this is called “flagging” it’s a stiff, straight wag of the tail, and it signals that they are excited, now that excitement doesn’t have to be from happiness, it can they can be excited because they are about to attack, attacking, about to fight, or fighting, or anything else that might excite a dog, it’s about being excited, not happy. And dogs in a pack are especially prone to flagging because it’s like a virus, if one dog flags it’s tail, the rest will follow shortly.

            And of course, what’s more exciting then tearing into some fresh meat after starving all winter? I’d wag my tail too.

            As for being scared off, sometimes it’s easy to scare dogs off, depends on the dogs. Most dogs WILL run from a big car surprising them with a honk. It’s likely most of these dogs experienced cars on the road before and know they are scary and dangerous.

            Notice they came back though, that shows that this was in fact an attack, and not just play that startled them off, they were coming back to finish the job but couldn’t because the woman was gone.
            Notice even that last dog didn’t leave immediately and even did a mock charge, but seeing that in their heads they were outnumbered and no longer had as high of a chance at success, they left, that’s not playful, a playful dog would’ve just trotted up to the guy and greeted him.

            This is why people get bit and claim the dog just snapped, because they just don’t understand. Had one of the lazy techs at the clinic almost get bit yesterday because she didn’t take the dog’s warning seriously. The dog kept facing her, staring directly at her eyes and was licking it’s lips, now how many of you would think that the dog is about to bite? Not many of you I’m sure, most people would miss that warning, and then once the dog “snaps” and bites, the dog gets blamed for being aggressive.

          2. Mrs. Millan, thank You for Your detailed explanation, yet somehow i’m still not at all convinced that You are right regarding this situation. I’ll show this vid to a few dog experts for a second opinion to see what they say. Also to see if i have just been blindly lucky all the times i met with packs of stray dogs, which i doubt.

        2. I’m replying to this message of yours because for some reason it won’t let me to your newest one.

          First, please do not call me Mrs. Millan, I am a Canine Behaviorist and Dog Trainer all on my own, along with the credentials, in those fields and the veterinary field, I didn’t just grow up in a town in Mexico around dogs and call myself an expert once I got on TV, so I take serious offense to that.
          Second of all, if you don’t agree, I can’t make you, I’m just going off what I’ve seen in my years and my knowledge as a Canine Behaviorist, I’ve seen packs of dogs kill other animals in this exact same way, it’s not all hackles and ferocity. In fact it can be seen as almost playful, but not the playful you see when rough housing with your own pet. But more like when a cat plays with a mouse before it kills it, dogs can do the same thing, doesn’t make it any less of an attack.
          A vicious fight can be all hackles, and snarling and what not, but HUNTING, like you see here is totally different, most dogs hunt relatively silently, and almost, calmly, at least compared to when they are fighting something.
          So it would seem you have been lucky with all your run ins with stray dogs, especially because I don’t know many true stray or feral dogs that run up and play with random people in the streets.

          1. When I was a little kid, like 5 or so I used to stay with my grandma in the summer back in the early 80’s in West Virgina, I used to play with a female German Shepard every day who I guess was not fixed. My grandma’s neighborhood was nice but the city did not have a dog catcher so there were a bunch of stray dogs. One dog in particular would always catch me and hold me down(he was strong as fuck) and hump the shit out of me like daily. That really did look like a gang rape and those dogs were not super aggressive as they would have been having lost their food.

        1. Yea me too , love that guy ( no gayness ). One hell of an Actor. But, back to those dogs whats up with them ? They go after an old vodka smelling grandma ? Fuck, i would have eaten someone pretty,joung & juicy instead. Oooops, sorry @ juicy he,he, lol 馃檪

    1. hey… Really? What about humans taking to much land and taking their homes, we might a swell kill all the animals for the sake of humans. They have also babies and old doggies 馃檨

      1. I think your talking through your bumhole. If you saw a dog savaging your child, elderly relative, or even a friend. If you had a gun you would blow the dogs head off. You honestly think you would stand there thinking poor dog.

        1. I agree with you mama. I love dogs and wolves are my favorite animal.
          These dogs are vicious, human-killers by nature and should be killed.
          Frankly I’d rather they be killed in a brutal way than humanely.

          I’ve had contact with wild wolves before and they’re INCREDIBLY intelligent.

          The dogs in this video behave more like Cyotes and I fucking hate Cyotes just as the Wolves do!

        2. Yes I know. I love dogs and have more care to an animals than a human personally.
          I just hate how people are so irresponsible with their pets so I still disagree killing them. Just sedate them and put them out in the wild instead. Owned dog are aggressive just they are only familiar with the owner and are mostly isolated. Those dogs are obviously loose dogs from irresponsible owners. Grown street dogs have grown with people around them and are free and way less aggressive but it just takes one loose aggressive mother fucker to start their pack, after all the pack follows the strongest in the group. They don’t necessarily have to be in the wild to start a pack. Dogs have also the feeling of belonging like all mammals do.
          I’m saying is humans fault in every bit and that is the consequences. But hey, they want to eat too right? Why can’t they start their own revolution? Just saying.

        3. I love dogs more than a human. and you are right though about that survival instinct moment. But who to blame? Dogs by owner are aggressive and are only familiar with their owner and mostly isolated. Grown street dogs have grown with people around them and are free and way less aggressive but it just takes one loose mother fucker to start their pack. They don’t necessarily need to be wild to start a pack like mammals do they have also the feeling of belonging. But hey They just want to eat right? Why can’t they start their own revolution? Just saying.

  2. I was surprised that this guy actually got out of his car to see if the old lady was ok. Most of these people in these shithole countries have no compassion for fellow human beings and don’t want to be bothered.

  3. I’m glad this woman was saved, as being mauled would be a brutal, gruesome death. As several have already mentioned, I too think her being bundled up is what helped buy her some extra time, before the man rescued her. Outcome probably would have been very different, if it were summer.

  4. I saw this one on tv the other day, as I’ve started to see the milder Best Gore kind of stuff in the mass media lately. The mainstream media is taking note of the humongous viewership Mark is building up here. But they still can’t really show the truth: a pic of dead Afghan kids on HuffPo the other day drew a furious comment from an outraged female reader. She was horrified to see a photo of her tax dollars at work. She would prefer that they tell her it went to widows, children, unicorns and the like…

  5. Us doggies just want to play! God damn! You humans are so bitchy! You want us dogs to be your best friends, so we try and then next thing we know you are abandoning us on a lonely stretch of highway to fend foe our selves because your spoilt brats of children didn’t keep their promise to feed and walk us, so the easiest thing to do is dump us! You assholes!

    You dont deserve us doggies…

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