Death by 5,000 Bee Stings

Death by 5,000 Bee Stings

It’s hard to believe that this could be true, but it is. The strength of the bees is in their numbers. You don’t even have to be allergic to bee stings, but when 5,000 of them inject you with their venom, you’re gonna die. That’s what happen to the fellow in these photos.

31 year old Valdir Lopes from a town called Paraguay in Santa Helena, Brazil was experiencing personal crisis so to beat off depression, he ran into the woods near Vila Celeste where he fell and got stuck next to a beehive. With no means to escape and far away from help, he was left there in the mercy of the bees who wasted no time and attacked the perceived intruder.

After his lifeless body was discovered, emergency services were called to the scene to rescue Valdir Lopes. He was taken to the hospital but there was no saving him. The doctor who tried to revive the man confirmed that Valdir was stung at least 5,000 times.

Gallery of photos of a man who died by 5,000 bee stings is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Death by 5,000 Bee Stings”

      1. Actually it’s the stinger and their venom gland. If a bee stings you, it dies. BUT…the stinger it leaves behind will continue to pump venom in you, even after it’s dead. So removing it ASAP is a good idea, though not possible when it’s 5000.

    1. Actually not a stupid question (in my opinion)
      You would think at some point shock would take over, however, bee stings hurt like a bitch and the venom dosage is so fucking small, and his throat isn’t swollen up like an airbag, so he wasn’t allergic, didn’t suffcate, and was most likely awake and aware far longer than he would have prefered to ……, um……bee.

    1. you know, I was wondering the same thing. Just imagine loosing count, or somebody else is helping, and they can’t stop counting out loud.. 395,396,397,398,399, fuck, was that 400, or 300, I CAN’T FUCKING REMEMBER! SMACK!! SHUT UP FAGGOT!!

  1. Besides him hurting from the massive delivery of stings and venom he felt like he had a elephant on his chest.
    Could not breath and died. The stings were the least of it. When you can’t breath nothing else matters. RIP

  2. Watched a show on bees, and killer bees. The carbon deoxide whe exhale is what they see, it’s what they go after. All mamels expell carbon deoxide and it drwas them to you to attack. One reason why his FACE is so fucked up.
    They say hold your breath and run (great combo of physical things to try do at once!) and normal bees might chase you 50-150 feet.
    Africanized honey bees(K.B’z) have been documented giving chase up to a 1/4 fucking mile away (over 1,200 feet) nobody’s going to be holding their fucking breath and running for their lives quiet that long.
    Oh, and another thing, this guy had some OF THE MOST fucked up luck on anybody on this site. Even a chainsaw beheading is quick (however, being a beaner for 40 years…I’d rather take 10,000 beestings to my dick, personaly)

  3. I got stung so many times by bees as a child I never thought in a million years when I hit 16 on the dit I would suddenly be severely allergic, I got stung at while camping with friends, since I had never been allergic we thought nothing of it, I was left with a huge welt that burned and lasted for weeks, hives everywhere, doctor said I wasn’t allergic, then I drank some tea with honey and BOOM, Anaphylaxis set in, throat swelled shut, I was terrified, so now, because my doctor refuses to test me, and while I am in the search for another, I can’t go outside if there are bees, upside, No yard work 😀 Downside….nothing honey mustard…which was so delicious…

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