Aftermath – Dog Chews Face Off Person

Aftermath - Dog Chews Face Off Person

Aftermath - Dog Chews Face Off Person

Man’s best friend is at it again. In location unknown, probably China, a dog chews off person’s face, allegedly a woman.

What looks to be a workplace of sorts, a dog is walked on a leash away from the scene of an attack. A man is next to person with a perfect Kodak smile.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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  1. remember me a similar video with a woman who was at sleep and waked up with her face completly eated by her own dog.

    guy with dog walk away slowly
    old woman dont give a shit
    old man smiling retard
    and zombi in the middle. what a scene …

      1. can’t say… i just remembered that video when i saw that one.
        didnt watched the old one for long time.

        i m still impressed by the fact that in the old one and even in this video here… after a dog eat their face, they didnt show any sign of pain or suffering…

        they move normally and even talk normally… the fuck ? i would expect that if something take your skin off you face, you can scream like a lady in pain… and i guess its even worse when you get “chewed” as it just take the skin off piece by piece…

        but nope, apparently, you dont suffer at all if a dog eat your face.. weird as fuck.

      1. Notice how the dog wasn’t beaten but instead receives a little kick then is nonchalantly walked away? Was this dog being prepared for a future meal and the butcher didn’t want to bruise up his meal by beating it? Was it the dog that did this? There was no blood on the dog as far as I could see.

  2. @hollyeat you mean:-

    I remember a similar video with a woman who was asleep and woke up with her face completely eaten by her own dog.

    Guy with the dog walked away slowly, old woman didn’t have a shit, retarded old man zombie was in the middle. What a scene…

  3. People forget dogs are domesticated wolves, they are animals. A single wrong move can awaken their predator instinct and there goes your throat or face. If humans suddenly went extinct dogs would simply revert to their old behavior within two generations which is no different than a Hyena or a Wolf and start forming lethal packs.

    1. peoples cant even remember that human are animals… civilizated nature destroyers.

      they always imagine that thoses terrorist or else are animals.. but we are all animals.
      and like dogs, cats or any animals, a single wrong shit happening can “break” our civilized brain and turn us back to primitive kill rage.
      as long peoples cant accept that, they wont accept fact a dog is nothing but a wolf predator.

    1. I always wonder why you Never see any Asian restaurant workers hanging around behind any of those HSUS animal/pet “rescue”- “shelters” that are sponsored by PETA ??
      those people “Love” all animals as “fellow sentient’ beings” !
      And they even take (by force if “neccessary”) family pets away from anyone that they Deem to be unfit’ to properly care for those poor little kittens & puppies* !!!,…….?????

      And then they promptly end their suffering by euthanasia & simply “shelter” them in the Huge Dumpsters out back in the alley. 😉

      What a wasteful Disgrace of quality protein , those damn asians though’, …must be too Dumb & backwards to take advantage of this Big Bonanza of free Fresh Meat destined for a landfill instead of their Friday Night all you can eat special Buffet*

      1. Ps. A wise man once said , “do your own research & keep an open mind when seeking the truth ” I could be lying, so never believe anything you hear or read unless you like being a sheep that uses emotional feels* to form opinions & morality !!
        True facts always trump emotion ! ALWAYS!!!!

  4. Stupid Fucking loud mouthed retarded sounding Cunt, if you didn’t treat Dogs the way you’s treat all animals in China this would not happen. And furthermore when was the last time you properly fed that Poor Dog *Real Food*, instead of Pig shit-filled entrails, that i as a young teen i had seen on a documentary.

    Blame the stupid humans,,, not the Dog, as 99% of the time the dog suffers for what he was either taught to do, or had had enough of being kicked around, and tied to a 4 ft. chain all of it’s miserable life. He would have a better chance on the street that tied, underfed, and beaten everyday. 🙁 He should have pierced his fucking stupid skull and ate his tender brain while he’s alive.


  5. Saddest shit I have seen in a long time. If I was that woman’s loved one I would go postal on the factory owner ,the dog’s owner and dog itself.

    I can tell you my mother was attacked by three pitbulls owned by some druggie cunts whilst she was walking. They got a hold of her and got her down and had teeth into her backside. She fought them off and survived. The owners quickly hid the dogs before the police rocked up . However ,those cunts did not exit that house for two weeks or return the dogs to the place as i was on the pavement bloody -minded at the oddest of times.

    The police were involved,the council etc. Those druggies are lucky i did not have the dogs put down as my mum was not disfigured in any major way. Those druggie cunts are lucky they did not end up impaled with fence posts that they should have had by law to enclose that breed of dog.
    No one survives fucking with my sweet Mum!
    I love dogs and horses but can’t stand irresponsible ,dumbfuck ,druggie owners. Die cunts and quickly!

      1. Haha. The mongrels left soon after and they took the dogs with

        I couldn’t kill the dogs in cold blood after the fact either. In the heat of the moment yes or if they were still a danger yes but not eway after the fact. If anything ,the no-hoper owners needed a good beating or a poisoning.


          1. Lol. Good thing i befriended you then will be there to protect me when my deficiency in killing instinct becomes apparent.
            United we stand divided we fall.

            Civilisation is but one step above from being animals. Those in power want us returned to the jungles asap. Unthinking,unfeeling ,easily-led and exploited.

    1. Glad your mum is okay. I cannot imagine what she went through. Some blame the species of dog like the Rottweiler, others blame the owner. It depends I guess. I personally prefer small, domesticated cats myself. Case in point.

  6. Baaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa!!! Dog fights back and wins!! Dog 1, Gook 0 (that’s zeerlo in Gook speak).

    A “workplace?” It’s probably a dog processing facility. Dogs are a delicacy for those primitive beasts over there! One dog decided he wasn’t gonna go quietly that’s all!!

  7. Now who is the delicacy …….the man or the dog?
    These fucking slant eyed bastards even have a dog eating festival that spans for about couple of days . Most of the restaurants even boast having them on their menu.
    I guess ;Karma had it enough & now its giving back in the same coin.

  8. I despise this new canine cult fetish that seems to be the result of our petfood corporations. dogs walking around sniffing and shitting in supermarkets, fighting pitbulls mauling children on the street, dogs being allowed in buses and planes, dogs taken to day care centers, fed vitamins, wearing sweaters, allowed inside houses, kitchens, in beds. Dogs given the same rights as humans..when did this shit start happening? I keep a loaded 12 gauge next to my door, and I will blast ANY unleashed mutt I see. If your dogs barks? I will come at night and toss D-Con laced Alpo for it to eat. I will hurl fist-sized rocks at the house which has nuisance dogs. No tolerance for your disgusting, sociopathic worshiping of a human-engineered mutant that does not belong in Nature.

  9. That’s just weird as f**k. People around , lady at her work bench and not 2-3 ft behind her, a hand bag and blood all over the floor. Did the old lady not scream ?? the other lady not hear/see what went on ??. How the f**k does that happen ??

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