Dog Fight Spectator Spins on Farm Machinery

Dog Fight Spectator Spins on Farm Machinery

Dog Fight Spectator Spins on Farm Machinery

Not sure on location, although it appears to be India. Dogos are watched fighting by small crowd of men, whether or not fight is intentional is not known. In a turn of events Karma spins her web of just for one spectator, biting him on the hand.

Props to Best Gore member @ash8888 for the video:

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      1. This one Falls right into the category as one of my favorites along with the one that’s in workplace accidents where 1 guy is working in a factory and get spun around on a roll of carpet where he is nothing but a bloody rag

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        1. An Indian farmers life, revolves around their tractors. In this case, it looks like his tractor, turned on him.

          I bet his whole day, went into a tailspin, I hope he turned out, ok.

          Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  1. The world through a tiny window. The dogs are fighting each other, the people are fighting the dogs, even the tractor is fighting the people. I wonder what the aliens think when they observe us from a safe distance.

  2. This is Pakistan. The fight doesn’t appear to be intentionally organized. The spinner was trying to break up the fight. In some provinces, they do organize dog vs bear fights where dogs are led on bears that are defanged and declawed

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