Dolphin Attacks Girl at the Beach in Ireland

Dolphin Attacks Girl at the Beach in Ireland

A female dolphin, known locally as Dusty, attacked a girl swimming in the sea off the coast of Galway in Ireland.

Dusty is a long term resident of the waters between Clare and Galway, where she’s a local celebrity. Beach goers often seek the thrill of having a swim with her, but from time to time they get on her nerves and then she shows them who the ruler of the water is.

Unfortunately, people just don’t learn and one day somebody’s gonna get hurt. Then there will be calls to put Dusty down.

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  1. Ha-ha dusty went after the cameraman next. She was trying to destroy the evidence. I love all animals and dusty could’ve done much worse. All I seen her do was try and push the chick back onto land where dusty thought her ass belonged. Then throw water on her as if saying “Go on…..Get!”

  2. Dusty righly has territorial claims to the waters she has been favouritely known to have been swimming in like a celebrity of a sort but being around her must be getting on her nerves. Animals too have their space .

          1. Apparently dolphins aren’t so innocent after all. Turns out that they are responsible for raping a number of people each year…mostly children.

  3. If i am owner of video i would think twice about posting it.
    -This can make trouble for poor dolphin:
    This is rare, they are intelligent, very sensual and sensible beings. They don’t attack people as far as i learn, never. .

  4. I love dolphins, such intelligent animals. If she was annoyed, that little girl is lucky she was only pushed away. I’ve swam with dolphins before and those things are powerful. If she really wanted to hurt that girl she could’ve easily.

  5. > Unfortunately, people just don?t learn and one day somebody?s gonna get hurt.

    Too right. In these days of animal love, propagandised by the media (guess who runs the show, darlings), to an enslaved and captivated audience, they don’t like to admit that animals are unpredictable.

    Over here, every week, there is at least one homosexual in hospital, getting his trained dog or hamster or whatever, surgically removed from where the freak trained it to go.

    All animal worship is bestiality.

    1. Dog? We’re hardly talking Great Done here are we? Maybe a pomeranian. Or a pug. A butt-pug even? They’d have an arse like a wizard’s sleeve after a dog was up there. Visions of someone throwing a bone up their cavernous arse, looking at the dog and lustfully whispering “fetch”

  6. This isn’t the first time this dolphin has ‘attacked’ someone. I first read about this a few years back. Dusty will often nudge swimmers. It’s a wild animal in it’s own natural territory, what are we expecting? You can never tell how any wild animal, scratch that, simply ANY animal will react in any sort of circumstance. I have a labrador that is daft as anything but would i leave him alone with my nieces who are too weak to react should he ever attack, absolutely not. We can study animals all we like but we will never know their thoughts

  7. this dolphin could be so smart that she had her spidey sense tingle and felt a presence that she hasnt felt in…. no its not darth vader, she probably sensed a shark nearby and pushed the girl near shore, dusty is a saint.

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