Dolphin Attacks Girl at the Beach in Ireland

Dolphin Attacks Girl at the Beach in Ireland

A female dolphin, known locally as Dusty, attacked a girl swimming in the sea off the coast of Galway in Ireland.

Dusty is a long term resident of the waters between Clare and Galway, where she’s a local celebrity. Beach goers often seek the thrill of having a swim with her, but from time to time they get on her nerves and then she shows them who the ruler of the water is.

Unfortunately, people just don’t learn and one day somebody’s gonna get hurt. Then there will be calls to put Dusty down.

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  1. I nearly got attacked by a dolphin in a pool with other dolphins. I must have annoyed him or her by trying to swim up to them to have the flipper experience. He got fed up with me and swam at me with his mouth open and veered away last moment. I could have been on here.

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