Elderly Chinese Woman Knocked Over by Dog’s Leash Dies from Faceplant

Elderly Chinese Woman Knocked Over by Dogs Leash Dies from Faceplant

Elderly Chinese Woman Knocked Over by Dogs Leash Dies from Faceplant

CCTV from the city of Xingtan in Guangdong province, China captured the moment an elderly woman was knocked over by a dog’s leash. The violent faceplant cost the woman her life.

According to the Chinese news, the woman was 88 year old. The dog escaped a 12 year old girl who cared for it. When she saw what her dog caused, she turned around and ran away.

Props to Best Gore member @dmian for the video:

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144 thoughts on “Elderly Chinese Woman Knocked Over by Dog’s Leash Dies from Faceplant”

    1. Who is putting a twelve year old girl in charge of a dog that is stronger and probably weighs more than her is my first question. When dogs meet they either want to play or one wants to chase the other off. Or worst case scenario, they want to kill each other or one wants to kill the other.

      1. You are already looking at the answer there. Look at those frilly dress, See how contradict she was amongst the crowd? No girls on the adolescent would get to dress like that unless their family spoiling them rotten on daily basis. And that dog, For all I could imagine, probably a manifestation of her want to have a “puppy” that look diffrent from any “puppy” around there.

        And last but not least, Imagine if you were 12 years old and see a dead elderly lying on a ground where your dog just ran pass through, What would you do in that age? Running away wasn’t something that would coming into your mind unless you have been raised in a “way” to response for this kind of circumstance.

      2. Ha ha ha, good, do you ever notice all Chinese people stand staring into space with their hands behind their back holding onto the fingers? That is irony at its finest, how many dogs do you think that old Chink ate in her years on this planet? And speaking of which, when it comes to all Chinese People? They could be 35 or 95 they all look the same? Why is that. And if I was the dog I would be running like hell also, the little girl was probably trying to stuff him in a wok with selected vegetables

        1. They have a love affair with torturing animals…the more brutality and suffering against the animal the better they taste. I know the abuse in Asian countries doesn’t end there..it’s all over the world!
          Dogs are just too good. Humanity doesn’t deserve them..:

          1. Let me tell you secretly that dog meat is a great way to fry and cook. Maybe you should try it with your dog. The dog meat is fucking good. If I happen to see your dog, I promise I will make it into a dog meat hotpot because it tastes damn yummy!

        2. better not assume. this girl was a relative of the dog’s owner and she often plays with the dog, this accident happened when she took out the dog to play without letting the owner know. also, about the old woman “eating dogs”, that’s just stereotype about chinese people, yes, dog meat is a dish in china, why is it right to eat pork and beef but wrong to eat dog meat? there is also absolutely nothing wrong and nothing to assume with the girl’s dress. very one-sided and uneducated comments some people are making about this

    2. a cette age la on est pas responsable mes a 21 ans ….. elle est pas responsable mes plutot c’est parents….. on laisse pas un enfant de 12 avec un chien aussi musclé et au pire cela est un accident cela arrive c’est ça la vie ……

    3. she didn’t come on time to see the accident happen, so she ignores the old woman. ignoring things that “isn’t caused by them” is an action most chinese people silently agree on. this is really common and i know this because I was born and lived in china

  1. The first time a man swept her off her legs when she was young, filled her Pussy with joy.

    Forward a few decades later, at 88 a dog with the longest leash in the world came by and did the same gesture. Unfortunately for her, her pussy wasn’t filled with cock, but her old scaly face was filled with fragments of the concrete pavement thus resulting in her end.
    Happy days BestGore Family.

  2. Whoever decided to go full fucking retard with the text needs to put his neck on a standard gauge railroad track and fuck off. The fool didn’t even have the courtesy to finish the video with unedited. Fuck you

      1. What did i say wrong , except that English isn’t my main language…
        Did you say that the elderly woman did deserve to get killed by this young gook busterd that lost control on here running dinner?, as not like all rest around, if it was happening in my country she would be blasted to bits and then served the police the would finish her of …

        1. Your standards are of good quality, so that’s your problem.

          As far as the elderly woman is concerned, the only way she was going to be featured on BestGore was to get killed in a unexpected and gruesome manner. I have 18 more years to get to 88, and I’m not sure if I want to linger due to my problem with skiing versus hot buttered rum. Maybe someone will film me falling off a chairlift.

  3. Horror gook busterd cunt ass slut..
    Woman in this age is still a moder and wife of some family, that rapest of pigs gook should be punish by forced being who’re in that zoo country for the rest of her life to pay victim family..
    And after that be executed, and then donate her organs as a food in a piglet
    That will be served to the rest of her miserable family…

    1. you’ll see the same thing in all Chinese accident videos. It’s because they’re used to seeing people robbed or killed on the streets in broad daylight. Their reaction is “not my f-ing problem!”.

      1. It’s a shame that the parents didn’t teach her decent, middle-class manners or respect – such as not to fuck off on old ladies when you’re complicit in their death!
        But then again, the old girl has most likely been gnawing on ‘Sweet n Sour Maltese Crossed with Poodle’ all of her life, so .. Yeah, Nah .. Fuck her!

        1. Facts, this rotten little bitch thinks she running away from responsibilities. But China’s got installed over 10 million cameras with face recognition. Her Parents are gonna pay big money and live in the streets for not raising a spoiled little shit.

  4. Passed through it ages ago while heading to Zhuhai. It was a shit hole then and looks like it hasn’t changed at all execpt a) there are cars and motorcycles and b) the dog has not been eaten already. The casual cruelty to animals I saw during that trip still astounds me.

  5. The dog obviously thought he was getting revenge for all the other doggies that have met their demise after suffering a horrific life and death at the hands of the Chinese who have no issues eating dogs…….

  6. Imagine, 88 years old. The things that woman had survived. She was born in 1932. In her life China had been at war with Japan, there was a civil war, then the second world war and all the Japanese atrocities that followed, Communism and the Cultural Revolution reared its ugly head and even more atrocities followed. More recently, the Corona Virus escapes from a secret bio-war lab and starts snuffing chinks, particularly the old ones.

    She survived 88 turbulent years and was killed by a naughty dog.

    If that doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will. Life is just an enormous joke at our expense and no matter what the set up, the punchline is always the same.

    1. Well..the only absolute certainty in life is that we are all a future corpse. The only variant is in the method of our individual demise.
      Personally, I’d prefer to not see it coming and be snuffed out as quickly as this dog-munching granny here, than to be ravaged by cancer or some equally painful and drawn out disease. But it’s not like we get to choose how – or when. Just don’t be afraid to die, because that makes people afraid to really live!

    2. Well said. My thoughts exactly (except maybe chink and biolab part that was dumb).

      What’s fascinating is that she was in that exact spot for only a few seconds to be killed by the runaway dog. If she had spent few more seconds in that street corner shop or whatever, or continued walking just 1 or 2 seconds more instead of stopping at that exact spot, she would’ve lived.

  7. The girl is not the owner of the dog

    8 月 17 日 17 时 21 分, 110 接到报警:顺德区杏坛镇罗水市场附近一老人受伤倒地。接报后,民警及医护人员迅速赶到现场处置。经调查,罗水村民罗某(女, 12 岁)把另一村民罗某拴养在家门口的狗只牵出来玩,途径罗水市场时狗只挣脱约束绳,在奔跑过程中狗绳意外将本村村民麦某(女, 88 岁)绊倒,导致麦某受伤,经送医院救治无效死亡。初步判断该事件为意外事件。目前,该事件的善后工作正有序开展。下阶段,杏坛镇相关部门及各村(居)将进一步加强养犬管理工作,并强化宣传教育

      1. It just says blah blah blah (what happened), and that authorities were called to the incident where an 88yo man named Mai had been tripped and killed after an unnamed 12yo female took her neighbour’s dog out of their front yard to play, but it escaped her at Luoshui Market, blah blah. Here’s the boring kicker; it further went on to say that “The aftermath was being handled in an orderly manner” (how typically CCP!) and that the township would take steps to “Strengthen the management of dog-breeding and strengthen publicity and education”. Just your regular CCP bullshit word salad response to everything that’s fkd up in the Land of the Yellow Hoardes. “Move along. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along”. Nothing worthwhile to read the mundane CCP reportage, either!

  8. Geez, thank you original video editor for pointing out the dog, the rope and the girl, never would have spotted those things if you didn’t stop the action and put those informative words on the screen.

    Forget doggie and girl, no one there really seemed to be in a big rush to help the old woman out.

  9. Was that really her dog? Even if not, she was kept in charge of it.
    Not sure she should be kept in charge of an animal that’s bigger than her, lol.

    Her biggest fault is not the fact that the 88 year old faceplanted, accidents happen.
    It’s that she didn’t express concern at an old person lying face down on the ground.
    That to me is just irresponsible.

  10. goddamn, i hate dogs. and their owners. morons. get a cat.
    rip, old lady. sad she was just wandering around, minding her beeswax, straight chillin, and gets taken out in such a dumb way. life is a joke sometimes, maybe we really are all controlled by aliens, or living in VR.

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