Elephant Kills Man and Mops Floor with Him

Elephant Kills Man and Mops Floor with Him

Elephant Kills Man and Mops Floor with Him

Somewhere in India, an elephant went on a rampage and killed the mahout. The video shows the elephant stomping the mahout, crushing him to death, and quite literally moping the floor with his lifeless body.

Somebody wearing a skirt made a few attempts to rescue the man from the deadly closeness to the enraged elephant, but dared not stand up to the beast. After a while he seemingly gave up, but returned and tried to distract the animal by throwing a stick at it. He was the only one of the lot who kept trying to do something, even after it was clear that the animal’s ragdoll for the day was dead.

Props to Best Gore members @13lunt420media and @honkeykong for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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142 thoughts on “Elephant Kills Man and Mops Floor with Him”

      1. Lowering their heads like that is actually them using their weight to crush whatever it is they’re attacking. Every single video I’ve seen of an elephant attacking a human, they do this. It’s terrifying because they know exactly what they’re doing. 🙁

        1. Yes they use the tusks to crush…even if they have been removed …the elephant came in ass first and that is a trait for defense so the animal decided no more hook to the ear …no more chains …and no more fuckin tricks for the kiddies ..freedom by any means…

          1. yup. tusks or no, they all do it. i’ve even seen one clip where the elephant got her forehead down low enough to crush her former “trainer”. when she got up she kicked the corpse around a few minutes and then stepped on it repeatedly.

    1. goddamn, i just noticed that at the 00:07 of the video he was a live and there was a woman trying to save him, and she was about to she only had to drag him, but she got so scared and wasted her only chance of saving him,… i bet she hates and keeps blaming her self so goddamn much now, after what happened.

    1. Especially with all the poaching going on. If I was an elephant, I’d take out a whole neighborhood, just for looking at me wrong. I guess I’m more sensitive to people killing animals, as opposed to the other way around.

      That’s why I enjoy these kind of videos. Second, only to self centered asswipes kissing a tree, while taking selfies at 60 m.p.h. Always did appreciate a good “tree hugging” video.

      1. You’re not alone. After all, animals act on the instinct, not out of hatred. Only human kill another human because of differences in religion or political views. So I think it’s quite natural to enjoy the sight of a humans parting with their worthless, pathetic lives. And sad to see majestic animals getting hurt by humans for no reason.

        1. I agree. After all, animals have been here several centuries longer than humans. In addition, they are perfectly contented with simply being with each other. As opposed to humans, who purchased everything on this planet, so they can separate each other from themselves and reality.

          Animals are a godsend. They teach us how to be human as a pet.

      2. So damn true! My own personal favorite videos are seeing libtard protesters being run the fuck over cause the dumbshits decided that it would be a good idea to stage their bullshit in the middle of a goddamn highway! And when some idiot is run the fuck over, the rest of the retard squad are shocked and scream bloody fucking murder! Nothing but a bunch of complaining, self-privileged, unstable, convoluted, shit eating, ass licking group of poo flinging butt monkeys that ever crawled out of their mama’s stank twat! Most Pakis I’ve meet suck ass too! And I’ve meet alot! And,……….They smell like poo too!!!

  1. They better apply the Easy solution we do in the US:
    Take the elephant to court, Charge him for Aggravated (sexual if the deceased is female) Assault and 1st Degree Murder, Put him in jail, BUT NEVER try to really understand why it happened NOR do anything to prevent it from happening again.

  2. This was great. I really enjoyed this one, watching the elephant mopping the floor with him and that other paki could have saved him but the beta in him hesitated and he thought “Nope, i’ll be a hero another day” always another day

  3. Elephants like, “Fuck this rag doll loser, got a floor to clean.”

    Anyways, you fuck around with something like an elephant long enough, putting fuckin’ clothes n’ shit on her/him; well, just look at what happens.

    People just need to be shrugged off this planet.

  4. Elephants are way more intelligent than humans too. Why? Because they do not fucking speak language(s). Language is a virus and we’re all infected, except nature isn’t. Humans aren’t smart, just evil and cunning. We’re also completely unnatural and foriegn to nature, like cancer. Humans are nothing more than organized slaves guided by sickness.

  5. Will people or, should i say sheeple ever learn that wild animals should not be captured as fucking slaves to them? Will they ever learn to respect and leave them in their fucking habitats?!?
    Having them as servants should be banned forever.
    I am seek of people sometimes.

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