Enraged Elephant Goes on Rampage During Festival in Kerala, India

Enraged Elephant Goes on Rampage During Festival in Kerala, India

On April 8, 2007, during the Chettuva Chandanakkudam festival in Vadanappalli, Thrissur district, Kerala, India an enraged elephant went on a rampage, killing the mahout.

Apparently, everyone was surprised that such tragic incident happened, because Indian handlers form a strong bond with their elephants and become friends. Unlike circus elephants whereby trainers abuse the animals to force them into submission, Indian handlers reportedly treat the elephants as extensions of Gods and treat them with utmost respect. The two eat, bathe and even sleep together (not like that).

Forest officials who reviewed this case of elephant rampage said the real villain is the middleman who hires elephants from owners during the temple festival season. The animals are pushed into participating in one promenade after another, often deprived of sleep, and adequate supply of water and food which makes them irritable and violent.

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  1. Oops, no video.They’re amazing, highly intelligent animals. If it were male, the elephant could have been in musth, although a mahout would know this and take appropriate action. Maybe it just had enough of the festival.

  2. They obviously forgot the magic word ~ Ungawa!

    But seriously, I won’t watch this video and hate that any animal mistreatment videos show up on this site.
    I hope many fleshy viruses were trampled…
    I don’t care how well these elephants are supposedly treated, any human intervention is wrong!

  3. I felt bad for the elephant, until it attacked the other elephant for no reason. What an arsehole of an elephant. Show a bit of solidarity with your own kind. The other one just rolls over like it’s begging for mercy and it keeps attacking it. Then again, I dunno what was said between them. One thing is for sure; when they lose the plot they don’t stop. I just don’t see the point in being around an animal that can kill you on a whim. Like people who keep big cats, alligators, bears and shit. It’s not if, it’s when will they kick off. What’s wrong with a dog for fuck sake?

  4. Funny how we love a human bloodbath but hate mistreatment of animals. Did you see the guy in a nappy climbing the roof at 9:10?
    I had real emotions watching the elephant being distressed. I’ve seen before that the “owners” of these magnificent creatures do respect them and wish they didn’t need the money to hire them out to festivals.

    I swear my heart broke. These animals are totally beautiful, clever, and have emotions close to ours.
    There is evidence that they try to bury their dead.
    I don’t think I’ve been this moved about anything I’ve seen here. I’ve said before if I believed in reincarnation id wanna be an elephant or blue whale. The earth should belong to them.
    Humans are beyond amazing and brave , on the other hand they are nasty and evil-plus.
    Reminds me of the spainish with their bulls.
    Humans should respect our fellow beings on earth and not try to make them what we want them to be.
    I hope they didn’t kill it……. Do we know?

  5. Funny how we proper enjoy a human bloodbath but dislike mistreatment of animals ( unless you a soon to be murderer)
    My heart broke seeing the elephant being distressed . I’ve seen before the guys that ‘own’ these wild creatures and they do treat it with the upmost respect. I wish they didn’t need the money to hire them out for festivals.
    I’ve said before if I believed in reincarnation id wanna be an elephant or blue whale. They are beautiful , clever and have emotions close to ours. There is evidence if them trying to bury their dead.
    So sad. Did you see the man wearing a nappy at 9:10? Lol. I don’t care about those people, they went to see the elephants , they must of had some knowledge about their treatment.
    It kinda reminds me of the Spanish with their bulls.
    I hope the elephant wasn’t killed……. Do we know?

          1. @fiend

            Did you see it with your own eyes?
            How did the mate die?
            I’m gushing emotion today.
            Its either the ros? wine (coz green just makes me mellow) or my red busters are homeward bound.

          2. Yes whurly, I saw it with my own eyes. After Haida (the male killer whale) lost his mate he went into a depression and had to have 24 hour attention… they didn’t have enough staff so I would relieve them on occasion.
            The whale that died (Chimo) was an albino killer whale and had many medical issues.
            I was about 10 years old, I used to hang out and eventually worked at the place called “Sealand”.
            It took me many years to realize what they were doing was wrong, but did have many amazing experiences with marine animals.

          3. @fiend, that’s a pretty unique and enlightening experience to have. Broaden you outlook on life I’d say? Humans go crazy when they are isolated from their own kind, I guess it’s no different for these creatures. I think people’s empathy for animals goes a long way to defining what kind of human they are.

        1. I didn’t know they could cry too. Just goes to show we know fuck all about these creatures. I wonder what they think of us. I could hazard a guess… I feel bad for ragging on the movie free Willy back in the day. But it was more the kid I couldn’t stand. I wish Willy crushed him like in the Simpsons.

          1. I think most animals can cry jonny, I think it’s just not something we want to entertain as a thought.
            A friend of mine’s cat was snatched by an owl and somehow miraculously survived and found it’s way home.
            The poor cat was torn up really bad and had a badly fractured back leg… the owner said it was torturous to listen to her poor little cat cry.
            I also remember a friend’s dog crying after being attacked by another dog.
            Uuughh… too many sad memories ๐Ÿ™

          2. @fiend

            Young minds are impressionable and I hope you don’t have negative feeelings about what you saw in regards to humans captivity of these animals. That experience learnt you a golden lesson.
            Part of me is kinda jealous of your close proximity of these beasts

          3. I hold those memories close to my heart whurly and have no regrets. I no longer support animals in captivity however.
            One of my favorite memories is when they rescued many baby harbor seals…
            They had to be tube fed and had to be held down to do so. They used to get me to sit on and straddle the baby seals for feeding as the adults were too big and heavy to do it.
            I was a lucky kid to have had such wonderful experiences.

          4. @stagedoorjonny
            You said something about humans going crazy when separated from other humans.
            This might be a bit deep to share…… But I was diagnosed with what they call ‘cabin fever’ when I left home and got myself a ‘ boyfriend’ he kept me indoors for 18 months.
            Climbing the walls doesn’t come close to how I was feeling. I was scrathing my face till it bleed and was scared of everything and one.

            I’m lucky to have a Brill partner of 7 years helping me heal. I mingle with other people a little but I don’t think it ever leaves you

          5. Fucking hell, @whurly, that’s a disgusting thing to do to someone, keep them isolated like that. Respect to you for sharing it with us, and for coming through it and making a new life after it. It sounds like he tried to put his insecurities and mental shortcomings on you for his own self gain. Disgusting “human”. At least now you have the polar opposite in terms of your partner. And all of us here. You put my issues to shame, you have to be a seriously strong woman. Power to you @Whurly.

          1. Hey Fiend girl! Are you familiar with “Nocturnal Emissions” maybe? I have these albums from NE for you: “The world is my womb” and “Stoneface” and “Invocation Of The Beast Gods” You ll love them! And that goes for whurly girlie too.

          2. @fiend
            That story about the cat and owl made me laugh at the same time as feeling sorrow. I have cats, so I love them but my cat ‘ scruff’ fights big dogs with a manic passion so maybe that’s why I laughed.

          3. Hey arjuna!
            I just listened to NE’s “Spiritflesh” and you are right ~ loved it!
            Will check out the titles you mentioned as well.
            Thank you!

        1. @s.o.s&stagedoorjonny
          This all happened over 20 years ago. I’m nearing 40 now. I lament my lost years. Spesh as they meant to be your best.
          I think that’s why I feel comfortable here. Nearly everyone has had a hard time in life , just ask any member here!
          Is that why we frequent the internet instead of proper face to face contact.
          Like we all hiding from something?????
          I wish it had never happened but its made me me today. I like me.
          I sometimes wonder what. I might of been.
          Life is short.
          I, as an atheists want to live life as best I can , instead of rushing to my doom because my ‘god’ will better my existence with the afterlife.

        1. @ s.o.s
          Hey girl, I’ve noticed that you getting grief from some quarters about you having a dick.
          Can I sugggest that changing your avvi to another photo of you georgous self might help dispell any further comments.

  6. I have ridden on elephants before, male and female, even jumped up on them from their raised front leg. The first time I rode one, I noticed he was covered in dirt and I kind of spread it around his head and patted him. Then he grabbed more dirt with his trunk and coated me with it. Hilarious! He actually did me a favor as I was not bitten by mosquitoes for the entire ride while others were bitten terribly. He didn’t even smell bad, which was more than I could say for his mahout and other things I’ve ridden. You haven’t lived a full life on our planet until you have been greeted and hugged endearingly by an elephant’s trunk! They will even get into your pockets with it looking for something to eat. Be sure you have your sea legs with you if you meet one close up. They don’t know their own strength relative to us sometimes and can send you flying with a mere gesture or a sudden turn or stop. Good times!

    I’ve never seen them rampage in person, though. They can get scared and panic like most anything else… especially if they feel crowded or cornered. This one seems quite upset at the choice of hat he was given. It’s getting into its eyes, there is nothing he can do about it, and it doesn’t like that one bit.

  7. Indian guys have tiny penises. I think this is why they like to enslave elephants because they have penis envy. I had a Patel boyfriend in high school and I could convince him to do anything for a little slip and slide inside. Pussy whipped.

  8. That was crazy..good for the elephant..id of trampled those fuckers too…screaming at me and running around throwing shit at me and hitting me…its not like the elephant knew what it really was doing…it was defending its self…

      1. Yeah, shortened is what I meant. But just..what is the point? If you want to dress up something and show it off, do it to yourself. Don’t force an animal who’s only instinct is to be an animal to be a model and a ride for you. Jesus Christ.

  9. Elephants are intelligent beings who can sufferance allot but this one exploded in rage for didnt want to take people’s shit anymore. Guess he was like “That’s it! I am full of this shit!!!”
    Sometimes they explode, mostly their spirit is broken due to savage beatings like in circuses(btw, any circus guest deserve worst for supporting cruelty by paying to enter) in rage after cup is full. Then (me guessing) they beat others for not join revenge.

  10. LoL You can clearly see the two type of people here: the survivors who are already running away, and the ones that are staying who’ll ultimately end up adding to the population of zombies… Hence the distinction of those who are detrimental to the success of humanity are shown.

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