Explain This Image

Explain This Image

Can somebody tell me what happened here? I’m assuming the fellow was munched on by wildlife – perhaps homeless dogs? – but why are all his innards and half of rib cage gone while face and an arm were barely touched? Or has this been photoshopped (fake)?

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    1. There is no way this cat was eaten by wild dogs. Looks a lot like a Kodac Moment, taken to the extreme. Allah Fuck’n Ackkbar. Or whatever, it’s to fake. Only the Mexican Cartels have the procession to leave a body in the street in this state to my knowledge. Or photo shop.

      1. The blood still can pour out of the body even if you are dead but slower, I can tell you, I have both a medical and a nursing degree in my country (Mexico) and I’ve seen many dead people and deaths; this looks awfully photoshopped, still a dead man, ribcage strangely shaded.

    2. more then likely he was killed elsewhere probably the reason no blood is present then dumped somewhere in the wilderness where wild animals got to his body. Predators tend to go for the innards while scavengers finish off the rest of him and harder to obtain parts of the body with less flesh but he was obviously found before all of his body was consumed.

  1. It’s obviously photoshop. None of this photo makes any sense, and the ribcage and right arm seem to be of a different photo quality. Above his belt, what is that dark brown thing supposed to be? Doesn’t look real at all to me! The whole thing is just wrong, in my opinion, this is a really bad photoshop.
    AllI can say is FAKE.

  2. Large predators (bears, lions, etc) will sometimes eat only the entrails because they are the most calorie-rich part of an animal.

    Perhaps a large predator cleaned out the torso, but then left. Smaller scavengers may have then picked the arm clean and whatever was left in the torso.

    Just a guess, but that’s one idea of how this could’ve come about. πŸ™‚

  3. easy access(through soft tummy) to the tasty, nutritious bits (heart,liver,kidneys etc) they(animals) were maybe disturbed(or were full) before they could munch through the skull and get to they delicious brain! My guess is the animals were medium sized(striped hyenas, aardwolves?) and they didnt actually kill this man, but found him and took full advantage, and why the heck not.

  4. no wildlife, pants are untouched, n most important, his face is not chewed.
    My first thought is fake, cause his face dont look like dead face.
    My second thought IF it was real, serial killer on the prawl

  5. Gonna go with real. The proportions are correct, perfect. My only question is where the hell his sternum went. I am goin to go with some type of accident to open up the front of him, and then cleaned up by birds. With massive blood loss, dark skin, dry looking enviroment, and animals hungry for something wet….seems real to me. Probably not ants, because ants take you down to the bone and bigger game leaves a mess. He was definatly moved for the photo which makes it even more confusing.

  6. i think its Photoshopped
    cause of the skin near the stomach
    looks undamaged its like deleted using soft round eraser.
    nice post anyway ^^
    I’m new here in bestgore registered just a min ago
    and uhhhmmm
    i’m first!!! πŸ™‚

      1. Being someone who sees the inside of bodys regularly, the number, formation, and tisuue is all human. The lack of sternum, like I said on an earlier post, is odd, but the body also had been moved. I have seen only one instance in real life of a woman eaten by birds, and this screams birds. Skin around waist looks fine to me, but I still suspect an abdominal injury as the initial cause of death. Definatly rotated counter clockwise for photo op. In my first post I actually included the phrase “salty” enviroment but changed it because I am no geologist. But I am glad someone said it looked like a “salt-pan”. The body is too clean, yet too damaged to be an image married from a autopsy or etc. Either way, That cavity was animal/insect picked, photoshoped or not.

  7. i think its real, but the reason his face isnt touched is probably because the belly is softer, easier to open, and radiates more heat, attracting predators better. theres not much on a face for food, after all.

  8. well, i think the flesh was taken off him by humans who had a specific purpose in mind. they took all the flesh from his right arm, and they practically took his entire chest cavity. they even took his fucking pelvis. they took all the major organs except the brain.
    they didn’t take his shirt off before they harvested him either.
    like said before in the older posts, there’s no blood around. this again points to an organized approach, so another piece of evidence towards humans again.
    it looks like at some point his face was in the dirt judging by that smear on the left side of his face.
    his zipper is undone but idk if that means anything.

    wtf yo. people do some fucked up shit.

  9. first, i think is real.
    second, i think this guy was murdered, and in some other place, then the body was placed there.
    third, this looks like a methodical work from a serial assassin.
    fourth, i guess his organs went to the black market. BUT the think bothering me is that his skin was removed just from the right arm…and the missing sternum…maybe its a trademark of the assassin…just maybe

  10. Liberian civil war. Watch “The Vice Guide to Liberia” to see what happened.

    Guy was cannibalized. The child soldiers (always drugged, often dressed as drag queens and made up like whores with the stuff they stole) would take out the innards mostly.

    That’s why the arms and legs are ok. They didn’t like the meat half as much as the liver, heart, kidneys and lungs. Watch the documentary on YouTube.

  11. Reminds me of some of Jeff Dahmer’s victims, but, he’s not around anymore. The arm with the flesh looks too white to belong to the man, who looks black or of a darker complexion than the arm. Could be discarded by a cannibal though.

  12. I’d say it’s real.
    Looks like the guy was hit by some explosive device or missile. Took out his chest and left some tell-tale evidence. Look at the flash burn on the side of his face. Then he lay out in the desert a couple of days and the dogs ate the busted up bits. Probably some rebel in one of the middle-eastern or African conflicts going on.

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