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  1. I’d say it’s real. Looks like the guy was hit by some explosive device or missile. Look at the flash burn on the side of his face. Then he lay out in the desert a couple of days and the dogs ate the busted up bits. Probably some rebel in one of the middle-eastern or African conflicts going on.

  2. At first I thought it was fake also but there are other a lot larger pics of this image
    that have a closer detail of the hip area,
    I have seen a lot of pics like this as any part of the body that is covered will be less like to be damadged by the elements (bugs/animals weather) and this pic looks like this is what happened, you can see in the pic that his hand and arm are still there and that the clothes that are around him look disturbed (searching for money, jewlery or anything of value) as I believe that before the pic was taken the clothing that was protecting these areas from bieng consumed was removed.
    Most llikely he was a military man hit in the mid section by something and caused severe truama and one of his fellow comrades simply put a yellow cloth or something over his face.
    Although I do believe it was birds who picked him clean after whatever truama happened to him as the erea around him looks like a extremely baked salt plain of some kind.
    Just my best guess though.

  3. most definitely fake. His torso above the belt is cut in three perfectly straight lines. The spine ends at the belt line as if there was no hip structure below that point. Any bird would have gone for the eyes as the skin is usually too tough for a bird to get thru. An animal would have gone for the throat, cheeks and belly, not the chest. FAKE

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