Explain This Image

Explain This Image

Can somebody tell me what happened here? I’m assuming the fellow was munched on by wildlife – perhaps homeless dogs? – but why are all his innards and half of rib cage gone while face and an arm were barely touched? Or has this been photoshopped (fake)?

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  1. This is a bad photoshop job. It really does not make any sense. No blood? No marks on the face. Animal’s don’t just work on one part. There should be some kind of marks on the face. Bird’s love eyeballs. The lips are untouched the only parts disturbed are the chest and arm. You ever watch Animal Planet or wild kingdom? Fake!!!!! Fake!!!!!!!!! Fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree that the stomach looks photoshopped. But generally speaking, I do recall a time life photo from years ago which showed a man who was scalped and murdered on the way out west. His face and upper body were intact, but the torso was completely skeletonized. Assuming that this man was lying in the elements, it seems possible that a combination of weather and open wounds for animals to pick at can lead them to feed on the innards first and not the bony and sinewy face and arms. It’s easier to pull them off when they are rotting more.

  3. This is fact …I read about this pic before, and it was a fisherman that fell overboard in South Africa. It was a GREAT WHITE SHARK that produced these horrific wounds. His body washed to shore, shortly after (a day or so). Here it is folks! This pic is real.

    1. Why is his fly down? Shark get frisky? and the woulds would be more shredded. Shark teeth shred, they don’t make surgical marks like that. and if it were, blood even in water, would stain his jeans even just slightly. And no marks on his bones to show teeth? What about his arm, granted that could have been picked at by birds but um, no, no water logged skin via face or free arm, the sand around him is undisturbed. So the birds must have landed IN his ribs to eat him…hmmm clever birds…

  4. It looks like a vulture. I’ve watched a turkey vulture eat an O’possom up close. They go for the torso where all the soft organs are. The face and head was untouched. They are surgical. Dogs would fight over the body, ripping it apart. The lips and head would be gnawed too. This was not the work of dogs but vultures.

  5. The majority of the nutrients are in the organs so generally the abdomen is the first thing to be eaten. However, this looks fake. If wildlife had done that other parts of his body would have at least been picked at if not chewed on, neither of which I see. Also the blood is far too red still. To be eaten to this extent he would have had to be out there for a while w/decomposition happening and his blood wouldn’t still look so bright.

  6. Fake, I have seen it all over the interwebs, first off, his body would be riddled with bite marks, and there is barely a scuff on his pants, shoes squeaky clean, no blood around the body, no sign of decay, even if his innards were devoured, the flesh of his abdomen would be absolutely shredded, not neatly severed, and to pick the front of the rib cage clean of the skeleton? I don’t think so, not when his head and arm are in THAT good a condition let alone the clean and almost even breaks the ribs are at.

  7. I’m guess all these people yelling PHOTOSHOP actually know how to use the program?
    The shade looks just right, probably early in the morning or at sunset when the sun is low over the horizon.
    Looks like he was been eaten by wildlife, but could be harvested too by some fucktards over there.
    About the blood, the body could have been moved, or dragged couple of meters further.
    I know i won’t be 100% correct either, but this is an honest calculated guess 🙂

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