Extraction of Botfly from Lip of Man

Extraction of Botfly from Lip of Man

Extraction of Botfly from Lip of Man

Got the video without any backinfo, but to me it looks like an extraction of a botfly from a man’s lip. Obviously, if there is one botfly in this man’s body, there are probably more. The suckers were implanted as eggs into the bloodstream by a mosquito.

Seems as though the first step toward the extraction was to apply some kind of hot sauce on the botfly’s breathing hole, followed by an unspecified oily substance. Enough of the parasite’s tail protruded afterwards to grab it with a pair of tweezers and pull it out. Nasty.

Props to Best Gore member @adem47 for the video:

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      1. I need those tweezers after they finish !
        I need to take my dick out of my jeans for a hot date tonight !
        Also high praise to Alex, high maggot on the scrotum yes,
        and even honored us by having not much to say and wasting ‘cyberspace’ like I often do
        Nobody does it better …

          1. I can’t believe I’m saying this but…. I have actually thought about this very intensively for a long time. I ‘cared’ for a 19 year old ‘man’ in Surrey (UK) I lived in. He had a devastating illness and the one morning (he’d like to bath at 7am every morning) he asked me if I could ‘help him.’ He was definately showing signs that he was more than ready…but I panicked and laughed it off. I approached his mum later that day and told her that I felt uncomfortable. She said that she ‘EXPECTED’ that ‘service’ from a live in nurse.

            I left the next day.

            10 years later. Having ‘nursed’ many, many other patients, young and old in the UK, I fully acknowledge the ‘DESPERATE NEED’ to feel that part of ‘humanity’… which you cannot do on your own. (On their own)

            I am thinking that perhaps it is something that I’d be… willing to try out.

    1. It does, but the Bott fly larva prefers flesh to palm leaves and wood.

      Rhynchophorus phoenicis and Rhynchophorus ferrugineus are, apparently, the most consumed insects in the world; the fat content approaches 70% making them more energy rich per gram than honey.

      Another bonus is that the grubs are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic and α-linolenic acids, which are essential for the healthy neurological development.

      R ferrugineus, the sago grub, is described as creamy when raw and sweet when fried.

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    1. And I don’t understand why they had to put huge ‘droplets’ of clear cum over the hole in the lip, or were they hoping to spill some in his hungry gay mouth?

      Why didn’t they just use a scalpel, and slice that maggot out ?
      Oh, I guess then they’d have to sew his lip up, but it needs a good scrub out anyway, after having that size maggot living in it ..

      1. The first liquid applied is Iodine solution which is an antiseptic and, also, appears to be irritant to Bott fly larvae.

        Application of the ‘goo’ (possibly KY gel or lignocaine gel) obstructs the ability of the larva to breath, and the reflex mechanism is for the larva to extend the spiracles (breathing tubes) out of the skin puncture site to access air where it can be grabbed by a pair of forceps.

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  3. They travel through the ‘BLOOD STREAM’ and affect different parts of the body!?

    What utter CRAP!


    Research this topic for yourself and do NOT listen to people who are creating ‘unnecessary’ anxiety.

    Get the facts.

    Don’t believe every stupid person out there. Look it up for yourselves.

  4. You must feel instant relief, when having something, (an infected lump) of that size removed. The release of the pressure itself from his lip must have Again,,, Felt So, So Good. 🙂

    And we all know how so painful a tiny little white head, or (mini-pimple) can hurt so badly on your lip being so sensitive. So imagine the relief that he felt when this one 100x bigger has infected his lip for so long,cause this did not grow to that size in only a couple of days!

  5. How low on the asshole ladder do you have to go to let something like that get full term in your lip. Like the kid with the maggot colony in his mouth, I mean, come on, teach the little fucker oral hygiene and buy him a toothbrush for christ sake.
    And, @thedre , not only relief of pressure, but don’t forget that fucker was eating lunch in there also.

    1. @Dilbert Doe
      Yea,,, True-Enough my man. Cause every time that you would open your mouth to have a bite to eat,,, talk,,, yawn, or even smile it would of had to hurt like hell no??? I Dunno Man, cause if it would have been myself,,, that rude little fucker would have been long long ago driving me completely nuts man! 🙁

      1. @thedre; Bott fly larvae secrete a number of proteins that significantly reduce the inflammatory response and the potential for secondary bacterial infection. Essentially, the body doesn’t recognise their presence, unless you spot one visually or by noticing a lump.

        Once the larvae pupate and drop out of the skin the vacated hole heals in just a few days, usually without any complication.

          1. Another interesting fact; the adult Bott fly doesn’t have any functioning mouth parts. It lives for only 4 – 5 days with the sole purpose of mating and laying eggs to create more Bott flies.

            Kind of weird.

            The Polyphemus moth (Antheraea polyphemus) also lacks mouth parts.

          2. @nastypersuations

            o this thing was on it’s way out and close to death anyways right? Now what would happen if it did die inside it’s host? wold it just then rot in there and then give him an infection??

          3. @thedre; No the larva would have extracted itself from the lip, dropped to the ground and then pupated. The adult Bott fly emerges from the pupa and, then, engages in frenzied sexual activity for 4- 5 days whilst laying eggs and getting ever more hungry.

            mmmm …. Canadian truck stop breakfast (not available to Bott flys).

          4. @thedre; If a dead larva was left alone it’s likely that it would be recognised as a foreign body after the inhibitory anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial proteins ceased to be produced.

            A typical response would be to create an abscess, with discharge, or absorbtion of the dead larva.

            The only serious potential outcome appears to be attempting to squeeze the fucker out, which may result in an anyphylactic response.



  6. Botfly larvae are not injected through the bloodstream from a mosquito, it’s not even physically possible. Do your research people!
    A mosquito carried the botfly eggs on its underbelly or thorax, whatever you want to call it, which human body/host heat loosens the bot fly eggs up dropping them on to the flesh of a host. The bot flies than able to burrow into the Flesh of its host for up to 6 weeks until it is fully healthy, which will then eventually fall out and burrow into the ground becoming a full grown bot fly oon After.
    Again bot fly eggs or larvae cannot be injected into someone’s bloodstream buy a mosquito! You’re thinking of malaria! Lol! Wtf?

  7. His girlfriend left him shortly thereafter. Apparently she felt that he lost interest her and when questioned why, she said “he used to be the best french kisser ever and now it’s just not the same”

  8. jeez poor guy.

    i wonder how long it takes for the maggot to get that big? it must be pretty quick as i would want that thing out ASAP. Imagine how good it felt to have that thing out of his lip

    1. No squished brains or beheaded heads here, but this video had twice Eeeww Factor of
      far more bloody fare. When ol’ Doc grabbed that sucker and pulled, I expected to see something tiny emerge, perhaps something barely visible to the naked eye. But it just kept coming until its hugely fat midsection was exposed. I wonder how much time elapsed between diagnosis and removal. Imagine finding out that this weird feeling of having something alive in your lip is due to your…having something alive in your lip. EEEWW.

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