Eye Infection Caused by Scratch from Dog

Eye Infection Caused by Scratch from Dog

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, @musickness666. He and his dog had an unfortunate mishap in bed one morning ( πŸ˜‰ ), but I’ll let him tell the tale:

My dog, Dante, jumped into my bed to wake me up to let him out. When he jumped up into my bed and on top of me he pawed my eye just as I was opening it. His nail tore into my eye a little. I didn’t think anything of it, I just screamed like a girl because its my eye and I ran and rinsed it out. Saturday I spent the day wearing huge grasshopper sunglasses and sitting in the dark. Sunday i woke up and I had to peel my eye open. I went to the hospital…something I really should had done Friday when it happened. Turns out…My beautiful Staffordshire terrier scratched my cornea. My eyeball is infected but its not leaking anymore.

Lesson learned… cut my dogs damned nails.

Eww… I mean, thanks for sharing. And sorry it took me so long, you got lost in the shuffle, I’m afraid. :/

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      1. That is the ‘stuff’ they put in your eye at the hospital so they can ‘see’ the damage through a special eye machine. I know this because I too, recently had a corneal abrasion, it sucks and is very painful, it feels like you have sand or worse in your eye, but you can’t get it out!

        1. It was ridiculously painful. At least you know how it feels…its like at first it feels like you got an eyelash in then…then you rub it. And it becomes a vicious circle…WHen they dropped the drops i was so happy because i knew the pain was going away.

          1. Makes me want to blow my nose. But it’s understandable, if you have an infection in your eye it can easily spread to your sinuses.

      1. How long have you let that mother fucker leach out fungus before you realized it needed to be wiped away? Well, if you left it for the oozing puss effect then, thank you for the Gore. It’s so thoughtful and hygienic of you. Cool however….. BLECK! How does it smell? (Never mind).

        1. I had just gotten in from the hospital and he shoved the camera in my face and took and picture and told me to post it on here. when he took the pic i cleaned it again.

          Your more than welcome for the picture. *grins*

      2. I got an ulcer on my cornea and couldn’t even open my eyes to see it hurt so bad. And light? Fuck light. That shit hurts! I never want to deal with that again. But you? You just made me realize that an uninfected corneal ulcer ain’t shit. LOL. Keep posting, your pic literally made my ass clench into a decimal point.

        1. Haha yeah…I reference Him, and O.G. Mudbone a lot when it comes to pain. It only makes sense….And people say porn stars cant act….? I beg to differ…they dont all like it…haha.

          Yes, my vision came out just as crappy as it was before he scratched my eye…..and you HAVE to have a sense of humor about it. Funny…when it happened and i stopped screaming, I remembered a video from here with that soldier who gave the thumbs up after his face was blown off…I very quickly stopped crying.

          1. These days mine are more green but when I was younger they were almost always blue and of course I wanna hang out!! So I can crush your balls, my feet are small so it might take a while πŸ˜‰

          2. I’m a very patient person πŸ˜‰

            Mine usually lean towards the green side as well , when they’re not demonic red from the “marihauna” lol

          3. @little-foot
            Yep, they get way more blue when the whites are red.

            On a side note: who in the fuck made you cry?! Am I going to have to call up some hard pipe hittin niggas with their needle nose pliers and blowtorches??

          1. Signed and dated. Don’t worry, bro. You won’t ever catch me putting a finger in your sugar bowl. I’m just a sucker for some pretty little feet. πŸ™‚

      1. For this eye infection ……in the US…..many Dr( on demand or not!!!) would prescribe oxicodon………
        They would give it to you just because your hair hurts…!!!!!
        Thinking of their next vacations in the Pacific or Indian ocean ……graciously offered by big pharma Corp…..
        Ethics are flying low these days….

      1. Cats are like humans if you take that into consideration. You dont expect to do whatever you want from someone either… πŸ˜€ Dogs are like large dumb submissive creatures that are used to be slaves or something just to get affection, and they can snap from one second to another if pressured…

          1. @mamason01 – Yeah i talked to my sister about it and we’re saving for that.

            @brokeback – I dont know what kind of cat you had for it to release odor like that, but you better take it to the vet ASAP… 😐 None of my cats dont release any odour when they are in heat…

  1. The resilient eyeball. Scratched, but, never (hardly ever) broken. Hope it heals well and you have no vision problems. Even the smallest scratch can interfere with vision-I know from experience.

  2. I like your hair and your shirt. Trade? I have a Vader one, a Punisher and a Batman one. Lol! I can’t give up the Batman shirt, though.

    But seriously, though. I hope your eye heals well. You know that the eye is nigh indestructible, right? πŸ˜€ I’m glad you still went to see the doctor even if it is a bit too late. Hey, better late than never!

        1. I could not look away…I want to put bleach in my eyes. The most disturbing part of it,
          The part that really confused me was the odd look on her face at the end and the other guy randomly yanking his weenis. I thought the star treated his co-star with the utmost respect, bringing her an only slightly used paper towel to freshen up with…

  3. Wow thanks for sharing your story. It almost looks fake if you didn’t know it was the real deal. I also have a pet dog, and a pretty big one at that. Will be very cautious around my boy Teddy whenever he’s excited from now on.

  4. @musickness666, Dude! I know how you are feeling, I had a ‘large corneal abrasion’ not long ago myself, in other words a scratch across the front of my eye. It happened to me AT the hospital, I was put under anesthetic for a very general procedure and when I woke someone had scratched my eye. I can see in your photo you have just been at the hospital and had your eye ‘checked’ mine looked the same, it’s the solution they put in your eye. I had to have mine checked 3 times! Can I tell you – it gets better, it doesn’t feel like it at the time but it will get better!

    1. At the hospital? wow what a considerate place. Yeha i just got in and my roommate just had to get into my face. The best part was i was literally in and out of the hospital in 27 minutes. The doctor looked at me when he came in the room, cringed and instantly put pain killer into it. In the end the doctor was happy it wasnt as bad as it looked or how it was discribed from the triage.

      1. @musickness666, they tried to deny responsibility, tried to say it was a hair! A hair in my eye, I don’t fricken think so, some bumbling nurse or doctor scraped my eye with their fingernail or ring? When removing the pads they put over your eyes when under anesthetic? I complained like a bitch, to hospital admin. etc. but I got nowhere fast. A very bad experience at a brand new, state of the art hospital (it only opened approx. 6 months ago) 120 million dollar hospital. I had to have my eye checked 3 times, with that mustard boogie stuff on your cheek, I was scared I had permanent damage. I hope yours is getting better. Are you English? It’s just that you said your “Staffie” done it.

        1. I am not a smart man, you can clearly tell that by my lack of grammar, punctuation or even spelling anything right…..but…WHAT!!?! That just trips my balls right out. i literally just tried to scratch my eye with a hair and all it did was piss me off. lol. My eye is back to the crap shape it was in before this happened…which sucks because I miss the two different coloured eyes. I am actually from Medicine Hat Alberta. I refer to him by his actual breed name instead of a pit-bull. The name as such a nasty, negative reputation. But he is just just a wound up little retard that is my best friend.

          Im rambling hah!

          1. @musickness666, don’t worry I ramble too, Staffies are a very popular breed in Australia too. The English Staffordshire Terrier. They are not know as biters at all, even though they are a heavy jawed breed. They would be in the top 5 most popular dog breeds? Anyway I think they are chill dogs because most Aussies are (chill). I have never, ever met an people aggressive one.

  5. @musickness666
    You might wonder where in the world blucon disappeared without a whisper or a sound not being courteous enough asking friends & folks what’s gone wrong .
    I’d call it a bad happenstance but then again when you have animals around like cats and dogs .you can’t rule out getting clawed or pawed once in a way . Well thanks for keeping your cool and not hitting back at boy Dante .
    He sure musta felt like waking you up to go easing out but tell me if its just you and him in the house .
    Never mind this one odd setback ….. you seem like a cool dude
    I am wishing for you to recover fast and be back to seeing some hot chicks and as for Dante ……………he needs a bag load of goodies ………..just pat the boy for me .

    Great Heavens ,for once I thought its Mr Mark .

    1. Thank you…I bounced back quick. Dante is a good boy. There is no point hitting him…or any dog for that matter. They dont have the ability to know what they are doing like you or I. He stuck to my side like glue the whole time. He is a really good boy. I gave him a good back scratch for you.
      Its not just Dante and I in the house…I was just up late the night before playing Batman arkham asylum and I let him out before I went to bed at 5:30 and my roommate did a day shift….He also has a beast of a dog himself. So between him and I the dogs are usually out every 2- 3 hours.

      Welcome back by the way

      1. @musickness666 Oh Good God you are just like me
        were we brothers before who got separated ………….Jesus your face is reminiscent of my own Darling Brother .

        Get well my man and here again for Dante walk him good and feed him well meaning a grand KFC or the McDonald treat.
        Post his pic to see who that naughty Dante actually is

      1. Sorry about your uncle my good man. That reminded me of a joke. A guy walks into a bar and tells the bartender “If I can touch my eye with my tongue, you’ll offer all the drinks I want tonight”. The bartender laughed and agreed. The dude removes his glass eye and touched it with his tongue. Angered, the bartender says “alright, alright, i’ll do this, if you can bite your own ass, you’ll have free drinks for life here.” Smiling, the dude takes his denture out and says “i’ll be back tomorrow”.

  6. He was a healthy dog too..? I’m just wondering because my fiance, says that it must have something wrong with it.. I’m sitting here arguing over this subject with him because our retired Service Dog, Bella, who is also Staffordshire has to get $300 antifungal shots every other month, because she has dermatitis at 10 years old.. and I’m sitting here saying that you live in a nice house so obviously he gets bathed and checked up regularly… ours does as well but she’s constantly itching, and rolling around kicking us, with her long nails so…yeah…. I was just wondering like does he have any skin problems or anything like that… because if he doesn’t then I won the conversation by saying that we can get it just as much as you got it… that and maybe since she only gets one dermititis shot every two months instead of one every month he’ll get intimidated enough to get one every month.. lol… it’s sad to say that dogs can ruin relationships and I mean I was up all night with her licking and scratching and shaking my nearly 40 ft… so yeah idk but it gets annoying to see my dog she herself till she bleeds.. he doesnt stop her either… he gets pissed at me because Im constantly nagging for her to quit.. so idk. But i dont like pits anymore.. via my opinion… that and seeing all of them chewing the faces off of their own owners and shit.. blahh.. i look at mine and shes sweet… but will attack someones dog when they are being walked (hasnt happened, but I brought a husky puppy into the house and she literally bit a chunk of its hair out of bis neck, so I had to get rid of him, and that was the only dog we had at the time besides her) She wont let my little sister play outside…she will literally jump a fence if she saw my little sister running and drag her to the ground… or if she wants to go tree climbing in a small tree Bella will still jump up and drag her down… I mean I walked into a relationship without rules for their dog…and seeing all this doesnt make me like them more.. I mean we’re constantly arguing everyday.. over our pit…. not the Chihuahua the Chihuahua is sweet… he doesn’t bark he doesn’t chew on himself he doesn’t itch.. hes normal… bella is like mentally traumatized by her own skin… constantly chewing and licking herself… I’m sorry I mean I’m not saying that I f****** hate the dogs and I wish they’d all die or what not but… shit happens.. and > cant stick around for 5 to 6 more years and grow a family with her around a….myy** newborn baby.. he thinks she’s fine but she’s not.. lol sorry I blew up your post. I just had to get that out.. I don’t think whisper would let me type this much either or I do it completely anonymous lol.

      1. Oh, you were being serious?
        I mean, you were being serious?!
        I’d kick my boyfriend out of my house if he didn’t like how my dogs are, and believe it, they are fucking horrible dogs, so I’m surprised he hasn’t left on his own accord..

    1. My dog doesn’t have dermatitus. He may have the slight affliction of being a complete retard sometimes. But, he has always has a clean bill of health…i just neglected his nails longer than i should have…chalk it up to being baked I guess. I bathe him twice a week….if I dont he reeks like a terrorists nutsack. Other than hes good…..so you were right and he was wrong.

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