Feisty Snake Refuses to Give Up Human Prey Without Fight

Feisty Snake Refuses to Give Up Human Prey Without Fight

Feisty Snake Refuses to Give Up Human Prey Without Fight

I can’t reliable tell from the language in the video where this is from, but could be somewhere in Africa.

The video shows what looks like a man who was choked to death by a constrictor type snake. The flip flop wearing future snake meal is cozily in a gutter, surrounded by villagers who try to free his lifeless corpse from the grasp of the animal. The snake, however, is not willing to give up his human snack without a fight, and gets really feisty about fellow humans trying mess with his prey.

Props to Best Gore @predator911 for the video:

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    1. Well an anaconda is in the boa family. Now an Anaconda vs a African Rock python is 50/50 if the fight is in land the anaconda would lose with no doubts in my mind. In water the anaconda would pull the python down and easily overwhelm it. Anacondas have the strongest constricting power out of all snakes. Many people killed from anacondas often have several broken ribs and various other bones from the pressure. Same happens with large pythons but no where near the severity as an anaconda.

    2. It is highly likely, given the size of the snake that the victim was either asleep or drunk/disabled when the snake attacked. Typically it takes a much larger constrictor often dropping from a tree or suspended heigh to take down an adult human. Without the back story we won’t know for sure but my money is on opportunist attack on disabled. It would be one in a million that a snake that size choked out a healthy upstanding and alert Male, but by no means impossible. I’m open to correction.

      1. snakes didnt attack him, he put it around his neck, snake wont attack what it cant eat, there smart they dont waste there energy, and no they dont “attack” from trees especially af rocks, you’ve watched too much movies lmao

        1. Snakes will indeed attack what they cannot eat, especially if they feel threatened or cornered. The snake in the video looks to be maybe a species of rock python and would have no problem killing a fully awake and aware adult male if indeed it managed to get around the neck as seen in the video. The snake has every intention of trying to swallow the man as it is behaving in a manner suggesting it is defending a meal.
          A snake of the size seen in the video is VERY strong and powerful, and someone would be unable to pry the snake loose once it got a loop around the neck. There are many documentaries you can watch showing snakes smaller than this one being maneuvered by several people because they got loops around an arm or managed to bite and had to be pried off. They have mouths full of received teeth so prey cannot escape.

          1. I keep watching the video because it is difficult to get a good enough look to identify the snake. The more I watch, the more I want to say it is a reticulated python rather than a rock python. If anyone can identify definitively, please comment.
            Also, please note I say the snake intends to attempt to swallow the man, not that the snake will swallow the man.

          2. af rocks are nasty buggers, i really do think the guy purposely put it around his neck, there was a video of some hindu with a burm and he put it around his neck and not 15 seconds later he got choked out, any constrictor over 8ft has the capability to do that, i have burns,retics plus vipers, i know what they do, you got a gaboon? or just like em?

    3. Snakes DONT eat people! Yes this is Africa. That is an African rock python they are known for their nasty tempers. I keep them and breed them. The likelihood this snake killed that guy is less than 1%. The animals size just doesn’t make it realistic as well as the fact he would have had to been holding the snake close to him and that snake doesn’t want to be held.

      1. I used to raise them too. Smartest fucking pythons. They will watch your every move. I found that they were the only snake I’d get that wanted to kill me when I first got it, to knowing And learning I wasn’t a threat pretty quick. Never had one even try to bite me after that. But damn are they fast and I do believe if you took a wild one and held it behind its head while you tried to put it around your neck it would absolutely throw a coil. Not trying to insult your intelligence but those snakes even at that size are insanely strong and will not released a coil unless you are able to pull it off quickly. It takes less than ten seconds to pass out cold once the blood is cut to the brain. I promise you this mans blood was cut to his brain, he passed out, and then died from suffocation.

      2. I was thinking the same thing the size of the snake it doesn’t make realistic scene to me that it would have killed this guy. Wouldn’t we have seen some foam by the mouth area of the deceased from respiratory distress? This is one video I am not sure about.

    4. Boa constrictor is not among the biggest snakes. It gets to 10-12 feet max. The green anaconda however can reach 20 feet or more, and is extremely heavy and muscular, so constrictor is no match for it. The only snake that could challenge anaconda is the reticulated python which is the longest snake, sometimes reaching almost 30 feet, but less heavy and powerful.

  1. Maybe this was a suicide? A snake that size shouldn’t have been able to kill a man like that, the fact its around his neck is suspect.

    1) he died of other causes and the snake curled up for warmth.

    2) epic suicide.

    3) guy was on drugs/drunk

    4) murder?

    5) appear to be a constrictor but are there poisonous varieties? My snake knowledge has declined since my school days.

    6) were all getting trolled?

        1. Snakes often will grow large enough to consume their prey. There are tons of articles of snake owners who let their snakes roam freely about the house where the snakes grow to be gigantic. It’s so they can eat their owners.

          This snake, given enough time, could potentially eat this flip flop flaunting fucker.

    1. It doesn’t take a large snake to constrict and kill some one. It could have been a pet, wild caught or maybe he was fucking with it trying to show off and it killed him. Even snakes 3,4 or 5 feet long can be a pain it uncoil especially if they are scared. I really doubt it was actually trying to eat him.
      If he was already dead and it was seeking warmth it would more likely be under him or in a coil on his chest so there is more body to heat source contact.
      The drunk or on drugs while messing with it is the most likely scenario.
      Given the squared body I’d lean towards a boa but the color pattern and probable location a young rock python wouldn’t be a stretch either.
      There are very few (2 or 3 I think) snakes that are actually poisonous but theres about 3300 that are venomous. The majority of venomous snakes don’t hold their prey or coil around it.

  2. Wow, that snake is ruthless!
    At first I was like just grab it off stop being pussies, but then the snake just flew up at the by standers like it was spring loaded.
    Must be one hungry snake! Your not you when your hungry lol

  3. May be the guy was zapped and fell off in to the gutter or prior to that may be on his way back home the unsuspecting flip-flopper encountered the Boa who suddenly went straight for his neck and felt that basking around a human;s neck is much more warmer than being out in the sun.
    Although this serpent appears to be a large bodied one but the ape around whom its constricting ; is even more larger . Though left
    suffocated to death this ape isn’t gonna be Boa’s meal , cause if it tried ingesting ; which looks next to impossible ;the Boa still will hiss out ; serpentine rhymes , triumphantly.

    After asphyxiating chances are, it might just crawl away in fear seeing those white colored jandals back to foraging on a tree top with a vow to never show up its red tail again .

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  4. African Rock python munching on a negro, no the snake has to be at least 20 ft to consume a adult human, Af rocks aren’t really known to eat people but retics in indonesia eat people a lot more often

  5. Ok I see no one here knows shit about snakes. The snake here is a African rock python and smaller one at that. I’m pretty sure this is a wild one. That said this particular type of python has one of the nastiest bites in the python kingdom. They have huge knife like razor sharp teeth. I can not see any blood which leaves me to think the guy might had picked the wild snake up from behind the head and underestimated how strong these guys are. I’m willing to bet while he was holding the snake behind his head he put the rest of the snake on his shoulders. That is a rookie mistake with wild caught snakes. From the looks of it that snake threw one coil over his neck and it was game over. These snakes eat fucking whole impalas in the wild when they are full grown. This man was too big for it to consume. These snakes in the wild and in most cases when captive bred and born are almost always highly aggressive. I’ve owned three of these over the years, by far one of the most intelligent snakes you can own. All you idiots out there that keep saying an anaconda it’s not. Anacondas are part of the boa family and live in South American.

  6. apparently, this dude owned the snake and used to handle it and allowing others to do the same for money… eventually, it said “fuck you, am tired of yo shit”and then proceeded to choke him to death

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