Finger Amputated After Being Bitten by Dog

Finger Amputated After Being Bitten by Dog

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @sweetpsychosis, whose brother had to have his finger amputated after it was bitten by a dog:

Hi there,

I’ve been a regular BestGore user for years, but I never thought I had any content to submit, until I remembered an injury my brother sustained a few years ago whilst out posting flyers.

My brother was 19 at the time, and was doing odd jobs to generate some cash flow. One job he took, was posting flyers for a company. The flyers were to be posted through letterboxes in people’s houses.

When he reached one house, he pushed his hand through the letterbox, only to be attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier on the other side, who bit and locked on to his finger.

He eventually managed to pull his hand free, but his finger had been well and truly destroyed by the dog, and it eventually had to be amputated.

The gallery shows the finger at different stages through the hospital process and finally the finished amputated result.

Nothing overly stomach churning, but I hope you enjoy!

Thanks a lot for the pics, @sweetpsychosis. Those are indeed great. And your brother has a cool story about it to tell. Most people whose fingertips are missing lost them in some form of workplace related accident, but not your bro:

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      1. I should have mentioned that we were in a hunting trip. Said dog apparently caused trouble with other hunters as well and its owner agreed to the killing as he couldn’t contol it from going after other peoples game and attacking other hunters dogs. That’s a big no no in hunting.

      1. True… but probably it was one of those doctors that was feeling too lazy to do anything about it, so he decided to amputate it instead… Arthritis in your foot? Amputate it! You fell and cut your arm and now you need some stitches? Amputate it! You have problems “lifting it up”? Amputate it! …Just remember to not go to that doctor if you have an headache though… 😆

  1. So painful I have done similar work Lang time ago very painful some dogs sit very quiet beside the letter box waiting for fingers to chew on hurts like a muva fucker owners must inform posters to be careful a little sign is enough

  2. yep my daughter had finger cut off in a house i rented, i told the guy i was renting from to fix door differant as it had steel plate on door and jamb. i was working on a building welding structure i got told on radio my kid cut fingers off i told my wife to put them in a glass with ice water i drove well over a hundred mph and thankfully it was end of 1 finger they wanted to burn end of her finger. i demanded they sewed it back on, they said it would die i made them sew it. i went to a specialist and plastic surgen who said that was fantastic so he used the fatty tissue to rebuild her finger at a cost of several thousand dollars my part was around 5000.00. i never got a dime out of the guy i rented from i didnt pay rent he came by and shot at me it took police 25 miniutes to arrive they didnt arrest him i said he was black they said i wasnt possitive on who it was i had 2 recorded messages he left threatening to shoot me if he didnt get paid. ironicly i had several guns but not 1 bullet. crazy but true

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