Finger Bitten by Pet Gecko During Feeding

Finger Bitten by Pet Gecko During Feeding

Finger Bitten by Pet Gecko During Feeding

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @reptilegirl who got bitten on the finger by a per gecko:

I did something pretty stupid. I needed some tweezers in order to safely feed my gecko, but they weren’t immediately available. I was too impatient to wait, so I took a risk and tried feeding without them. The first time I used extreme caution and managed not to get chomped. But when I did it again, I wasn’t quite as careful and look what happened.

I like to remove any dead skin from a wound before I bandage it, which in this case meant getting rid of the flap. I cut the first, more easily accessible half with scissors. The other half was kind of hard to cut so I ripped it instead. I did this outside so there would be no talking in the background.

The next day after I took off the bandage to replace it and took the photo.

Thanks a lot for the pic and the video, @reptilegirl:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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156 thoughts on “Finger Bitten by Pet Gecko During Feeding”

    1. Fuck Man i did not know that a Gecko could bite so hard. I Guess i should stop running after the little fuckers, and trying to catch them when in Cuba, Mexico, Or The Dominican Republic ffs. 🙁

        1. @carnage-2
          And Yea Bud, the use gloves would have surely helped since i was bitten 3 times or possibly/probably, lol, it was a little more ? But i,ll have to check with others just to make sure! And Since This Post is related to Animal Encounters/Bites, and so on,,, i,ll share some of my Mishaps, Sheer Stupidity,and Crazy Animal Encounters. with my You, B-G Family.

          And Even Tough this might sound a Little Weird to Some Of You,s,,, My Wife, Ex Wife, and Myself have Taken Hundreds of Pictures and Video,s & Amassing This wealth of footage, and a Collection that both the Discovery/Comedy Channels Could Use To Make a Couple of 1 Hour Shows, or Documentary,s With, He, he! And all of These are of Myself, *The Dre*,lol, Just Being My Usual Total Fucking Idiot Self, lol, But At The Same Time Never Forgetting To Have A Big Heart While Playing,, Chasing,, and being Careful While Handling Them.

          I Do So By taking the time to Always Make sure that i,m “Gently Accosting” ,lol, and “Mildly Harassing Them” ,lol, Cause These Poor, but Sometimes Very Intelligent Little Land, & Sea Creatures have enough shit to worry about with Reef Sharks,,, Moray-Eels,,, And Boat Props,,, always trying to take them out, so they don,t need some idiot fucking with em Just to See what ticks them off, or How they Roll. I Just want to see how they React to Different Types of Human Interactions, by Utilizing Differing Sets of Tactics, & Circumstances When Bugging the Shit out of them.

          And with my many years of doing so, i cannot even begin to Stress Enough That when i persistently pushed them to the limit, but “Without Ever” Taking it too far, and taking Chances of Inflicting any Injuries on them, it took them a hell of a lot shit before they reacted in a negative way. And even then they only displayed signs before they ever tried to bite, or sting me. What most did instead was to make a false charge, (Very Similar To What Bears Do When You Get Too Close To Them) as i have purposely done numerous times in the past, Once while with my Wife stayed in the Car in Canada,s New-Brunswick,,, Once In Wolf Lake Quebec,,, And Once Two Years Ago With An Injured Bear That I Had Cornered Only 3 Blocks from our last House In Kemptville Ontario while i waited for the Cops To Arrive In order to make sure that nobody would get hurt until they arrived and took over.

          And once they saw me leaving they then quickly gave-up, & abandoned there attempts to scare me, lol, with their numerous False Charges,,, turned around, and went on there merry way! So even the wildlife in the forests of jungles for the most part they do not want to take a chance at injuring themselves and attack humans needlessly, they just want to live, feed themselves and their kids and run from humans. The hyped-up press are quick to denounce them, when 99% of the time in was the persons fault for getting attacked by getting too close to their young ones, and being careless in the woods, to begin with.

          And this led me to believe that most, if not all of these living breathing cool little creatures of our Seas, and Oceans also as with Bears,,, *Only Attacked* if their lives were in direct danger,,, or if they were, or felt cornered,,, or had been stepped-on by mistake, therefore proving to Myself, My Whole Family, my close Friends,,, and many others that they are Not,,, And Have Never, Ever Been,,, Monsters, *And These Evil Little Bastards* That These Scaremongering, or More Precisely, These Mainstream, Fear Mongering T.V. Shows, continue to Promote ,have Made Them All Out To Be. And Just because they do possess a poisonous Saliva,,, A Spike on their Tail,,,, Or because they have poison in them like that Cute, & Tiny Little Blue Ringed colorful Reef Octopus that i was playing with have venom in their saliva. For example, A bite from that tiny little (What I am now Sure Today) was a cross species of a Blue Ringed Octopus, can be lethal to humans, but only if threatened, Or purposely harmed and if so, they will usually choose to release this harmless type of Dye, making the water around it instantly cloudy in order camouflage themselves while they simply Fuck-Off, and giving them some time hide instead, of them resorting to biting you, and inject their venom.

          Some Species of Sea Urchins use chemicals, in tiny poisoned darts, or needles,, but again it is”Only” done as a last resort to protect themselves, cause they round up leaves, tiny little shells, and i have seen them also use small branches to cover their entire backs to protect them from Blue Herons Brown Cranes, pink Flamingo,s just to name a few of the sea birds, Seals, and other shallow water feeding predators from spotting, and eating them. The only problem with that is that humans often step on them thinking that they are just what they look like leaves, branches, and other harmless crap on the sandy bottom.

          So i strongly suggest that anyone not too familiar with the many species of marine life should always wear some type of hard bottom water shoes if frequenting an area known to have these Sea Urchins in them. I Have personally hand picked Hundreds of different Species of these Sea Urchins in Cuba but they were far away like a couple of hours from any resorts, and they were mostly among the Mangrove Shorelines, that mostly in isolated, off the charts and also had many Salt Water Crocks. I have footage of these Virgin Beaches That were only accessible by Small Motorbikes, (or Scooters.) And in All of my time doing this in Southern Tropical Waters i never, ever got stung once.

          But like i said a little earlier,,, if you are not careful and Mistakenly Step On One,,, You Will Hurt, and Burn Like A Motherfucker, as the pain from an Urchin is a lot like a Jelly Fish Sting. But if you happen to visit Parts Of Australia, or Southern Tropical Asian Countries, for that matter, many of their Mangrove Lined Tropical Shorelines Have an abundance of *Boxed Jellyfish* and these little fuckers mean business. But again,,, they do not mean to hurt you, they just swim around catching fish, and other small prey by simply having their tentacles rub against them, and these can easily kill a grown Man/Woman in mere minutes. And after rubbing against their almost completely invisible body, & tentacles, because their bodies are so incredibly small, so hard to see, you should seek immediate medical help. So for them,,, hiding from the winds,,, the big waves in the open Ocean, and the many predators that dwell in them,, Make absolute perfect sense. As these shallow murky waters protect them and make them less vulnerable and almost invisible to see, as their body on average is only about 2 inches x 2 inches wide.

          So if you are in the mangrove shores, and where they like to hide from winds,,, big waves and the many larger predators in the open ocean,,, than the murky shallow waters is where you would most definitely want to be hiding, cause you would want to also be almost completely invisible to predators also no?
          I Still Get very excited, even to this day when we get ready to travel Down South. And (This Winter 2019 will be be no different, except my wife has decided that we should go to the Dominican Republic and because i have chosen Cuba for the last 5, or 6 years,,, i cannot blame her for wanting to go somewhere else for a change. But since i have not done too much exploring In D-R i am very very curious at where i should check-out that is super secluded, and full of ocean sea life near shore.

          So just by having another chance, which could end-up being my last, before i get too sick to travel, and visit with my little marine buddies,,, I Am so grateful for this,,, as i have always loved spending some quality time alone while enjoying one my true passions in life, and that is to see, touch,, and feel all the wonders that our creator has given us, like all of these Beautiful, & Colorful Little Creatures that we get to Encounter, & Interact with while in this Tropical Climate,,, With Shallow, And Super Warm, Crystal Clear Turquoise Waters.

          So back to all these pictures and video,s. While we were Down South, And Doing all of That Yearly Tourist Thing, and my crazy self, and my Wife having loads of Fun while we were taking pics/video,s,,, It Actually made my Wife happy, as she now realizes just how many nice, and funny memories that she have of myself. And the fact that she will also be able to share hours upon hours of it with our kids,,, our extended family,,, **My B-G Family** my close friends,,, and so on also means so much to me. But i will in the next month, or two open up a forum page will all of this funny stuff for you,s to lagh at and enjoy! Fuck there is even one one myself doing a Chuck-O-Moon on A Cuban Resort Boardwalk, only meters from the Restaurants, and Main lobby, lol.

          It Also have a few videos of myself 1 in Nuevo-Vallarta Mexico running after these little gecko,s like a mad man chasing after a fucking chicken for dinner, lol.. I Got so close (within only inches) of finally grabbing a couple,,, and man It is hilarious to watch brother as i had a couple of stiff drinks and a blunt in me, lol.

          So once in 1995, while our family, & I were Camping/Vacationing for a week @ Kring Point State Park which is located in The Thousand Islands in New York State Park was bitten by one Pissed-Off Little Field-Mouse that i harassed for fuck,,, I,d Say an hour or so, before i finally got my hand wrapped around him/her ?
          And I Know that it might sound weird,,, but My Wife, and Ex Wife both have what must be at the very least 100,s of Pictures, and about 30, or so video,s of myself playing these Incredibly Intelligent little Creatures with (Marine Life) down South having load of Fun with Actually my wife has a few videos of myself 1 in Nuevo-Vallarta Mexico running after these little gecko,s like a mad man chasing after a chicken for dinner. I Got so close (within only inches) of finally grabbing a couple,,, aw man It is hilarious to watch brother.

          I Also filmed myself in 2006 Picked-up, and played with this Small, & Gorgeous Octopus that would change colors to a Pinkish Blue, & Bright Purple Color while he played with me right back. When i put him back down in the water, he followed me vigorously, and started using his little plungers to crawl up my ankle, and half way up my leg while squirting a stream of water about 8 inches long.

          Then, he would quickly go back down my leg to get more water, and would crawl back-up, again as it got more Playful, & Excited every single time that he’d squirt me with some more water, lol, lol. He was so cool bud, as you could clearly see it get all excited, while he did so. This continued for awhile until i saw this Stingray, and i rushed towards it. And while chasing this 3 ft. wide Stingray for about Ten minutes, being a total pain in his ass for sure while i filmed it all. And this was on this Beautiful Tropical Island Paradise Called The Jardines Del Ray in Cayo-Coco Cuba, where during low tide i was about a mile away from our resort, but you could easily walk out from shore for a couple of miles out in a foot of water. And he was quite cool this Stingray, but This Was Only After The Cute Little prick had had enough of me, and said Fuckk-You Dude. So after jogging after him until i got about half mile from shore, but still in about only a foot of warm turquoise waters,,, He slammed on the brakes,,, turned around, and fucking chased after me for about 5 minutes with his tail raised up in the air over his head, and pointing frontwards and just over it,s head as if to Say, C,Mon Now Tough Guy,,,, C,Mon Cunt, All Fucking Show You Ya Asshole, lol. But he could have Swam A Lot Faster If He Wanted To Do So, lol. But he did his false charge, and after he thought that **He,, This Time Was Fucking Scaring The Crap Out Of Me** And As Payback, lol, he suddenly backed off and surprisingly,,, slowly swam away Figuring That I Had Had More Than Enough, lol. 🙂

          So In A Couple Mts,,, I Will Upload All Of This Stuff On A Forum Page For Any Of You Who Might Be Interested, In Wanting A Good Laugh, Or Two, At The Dre,s Expense, lol. 🙂

          1. Damn, I actually read all that… The stingray turning around with its stinger up chasing you down made me laugh. Must’ve been thinkin’ to itself, this fuckin’ guy.. alright, that’s it!.. If that happened to me, the water would quickly be a mix of brown and yellow all around me. Shit, maybe that would help deter the angry bastard. 😉

          2. @carnage-2
            Lol, Brown, & Yellow Water??? Ok Dude,, (you fucking have got to be shitting me bud) lol, as i left that embarrassing part-out! But it is too funny that you jokingly mention this, and because of it,,, i just have to share it now, cause Honestly Brother, it is just too weird.

            While Nearly at The End Of the chase,,, I Instantly Got These Huge & Very Painful Cramps “From The Shock & Stress” i guess??? And Yeah Man,,, I Almost Fucking “SHAT” All Over That Poor, & Tortured Stingray. But Holy-Shit Brother,,, I Never, Ever Realized Until You Brought-it Up Now That If I Would Have “SHAT” Just Completely Unloaded On Him This Lightning Fast Explosion, & Flying Fury BLAST-O-SHIT All Over Him. Yeah,,No!!!

            Cause this Already Pissed-Off Ray already up my ass and Being So very Close to me,,, can you Just Imagine How Pissed He Would Have Become Then??? I Cannot Even Find The Words To Describe What He Would Have Wanted To Do To Me. Now Just Picture Myself Running Down the Beach Towards Our Resort,,, Completely Covered In Shit, with His Huge Stinger Sticking Out of My Forehead, And Asking For Help??? Yeahhhh I,d Much Rather Just Stay There, & Suffer In Silence Or Even Die, lol. Before I Would Have To Go Through This Bad Scene My Man!

            So I Did End-Up going for a massive, but quick **Flush-Out Type-O-Dump** Shortly After Reaching The Shore (Thank God) On This Deserted Beach Area about 1 mile, or so from our Resort. Now,,,Isn’t That Too Funny & Fucked that your joke ended-up being exactly what happened to me lol? 😉

        1. First of all, WOW. I had no idea they could bite that hard. I own three of them that I adopted from a friend and they’re all in the same cage which from what the local reptile dealer says is unheard of. But here I am watching them now. They’ve been together since birth. And secondly, my daughter got bit by one feeding it and she just laughed! No marks at all. Thirdly, we always just throw the bugs in with our geckos. Most of the time, twenty at a time. They like to hunt. Our geckos are very tame. And have never biten us besides when my daughter was stupid enough to feed by hand. And she was only 10 at the time. Knowing that they bite this hard is discerning to say the least. Makes me kinda sketched to hold them now. Lol.

  1. I got bite by a normal ass iguana and thats the last time. I don’t trust reptiles unless it’s a frog. I hoestly want one of those screaming ones to have arguments with.

    That was one good looking foot, congratulations.

  2. I remember when growing up. Our African traditional teachers used to tell us that once you’ve been bitten by a Gecko, you have to have sexual intercourse with your brother if you are a girl and vice versa. That was the only remedy.

      1. @refuse2renig, AIDS was created by the western world to depopulate Africa. Not every African has AIDS; and not every African with AIDS will die. There are strong herbs to curb this deadly ”African Cancer” you call AIDS! We are Africans will survive whatever you will come our way.

  3. LOL! Have you no sense? Why would you tear the skin off? Normal people wash the wound, bandage it up, go to the hospital to get treatment, an injection etc then off down the pub. And why would you play with the torn off skin and roll it about like you’ve just gone up your nose and picked the biggest booger? You lady have issues. 🙂

    P.s. Eat it next time. And yes it sure does look like a penis finger. Chop it off, KILL IT!!

        1. @masterplan
          That’s a nice looking one she has, high yellows ones are cool.
          I’ve had them as well, but never got bit by my leopard geckos though.
          I’d just leave jumbo worms and meal worms in a dish and they’d do the rest, but by feeding them with your finger tips, ya you’re asking for it.

        1. @hamburgerbob agreed. Although not the reason I got bitten, this guy doesn’t have the greatest temperament for a leopard gecko. I’ve learned how to not agitate him and he does alright, but will start to get that way if out of his cage for too long

          Yeah I’ve heard tokays are particularly aggressive, but I’ve never owned one.

  4. I have a leopard gecko and they do not bite like that. Definitely not hard enough to do that. They barely have teeth and the ones they do have aren’t capable of that. It’s obviously more of a turtle bite or something of that nature.

    1. Well there’s a bit of info I forgot to include that I wish I had.

      No, it doesn’t look like they have teeth but something is there because they can really do some damage in the right place and given the chance.

      It wasn’t a very quick bite. He had my finger in an iron grip and had enough time to shred. I was afraid of hurting him if I tried to detach him so I waited until he let go, which took at least 5 seconds. He also bit especially powerfully because he was being fed.

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