Finger Injured by Cornered Dog

Finger Gash Caused by Dog Bite

Finger Injured by Cornered Dog

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @bklynjay814, who got his finger injured by a cornered dog:

There was a lost dog running around my neighborhood. He ran onto the highway so I gave chase to help and ran onto the highway after him. I stopped traffic and cornered him with a friend. I grabbed the dog’s collar and then he snapped at my finger.

Dog was saved and was brought to a shelter.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @bklynjay814:

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67 thoughts on “Finger Injured by Cornered Dog”

    1. .. Say what you will, but this guy’s a hero in my book… If you ask me, anyone who would risk their life to RETRIEVER frightened, wayward animal BASSET against highway traffic deserves AKITA the city…Anyone who sez they wouldn’t is feeding you a bunch of BOLOGNESE…!

      Pomeranian…. I just wanted to say this

      1. @asskingforanal @JadedCunt We wouldn’t have heroes if there wasn’t some sort of stupidity involved. I believe putting yourself in some sort of peril for another life defines bravery and heroism. I believe as well that the dog bit him because the poor K9 was probably frightened to death however, for a dog to run onto a freeway is not normal behavior. I would have kept my distance for fear of rabies.

  1. I was told by a vet one time that if a dog attacks you to stick your finger in its ass. There was no hanky panky like that goin down like that, was there?
    Come on now, you can tell us, you’re among friends here.

          1. .. Thanks Docsby… Y’know I think I’ll hit the Maltese coast instead , if you don’t mind of course.. I’ll call ya when I SETTER in… Oh ,and can you be a chum and look in on my place while I’m gone? … I left the back door unlocked and the KEESHOND the kitchen table… Chim, chim, churry…!

  2. I hate seeing dogs running loose. People are so irresponsible and fucking retarded as well.

    Most people don’t deserve their pets. Also, people who don’t care about their animals if they get loose and are killed by a vehicle deserve to be thrown in front of vehicles.

    I was driving to the range yesterday and this tiny tiny dog was running in the street.. I slowed and let it cross and this asshole hick in a truck didn’t like that I stopped for the dog so he goes around me with an attitude, fat fucking billy bob probably was getting hungry for more fat guy food and was in a rush to get home. Little dog made it into a fenced in lot, so I don’t know if he belonged to someone there but I think the truck cunt behind me would have ran the little guy over if I hadn’t had slowed down to let it cross.

    Most humans deserve to die so it’s okay to hate on the fat hillbilly for being a self-centered cunt hole.

  3. Thanks @bklynjay814 for coming straight to the point in cutting a long story short. Well I gotta say I really got moved by your kind gesture in rescuing a canine who probably would have been knocked down, ran over or died of hunger , if it weren’t for ya.
    Worry not ,as all good deeds don’t go ignored by someone who’s seated right at the apex level .
    As I write to ya now I’m hoping the sutures are healed and ya’re back to your humble self .
    Here’s hoping nothing will deter ya from carrying on with the good work.
    Best of luck.

  4. @bklynjay814

    That was really cool, and brave of you to do on a highway brother. And It’s Too Bad that you got bit by it, and hope that you heal well from this unfortunate situation. *KUDOS* And Major Props My Man For Not Kicking The Dog In The Face After Being Bitten, like i’m sure many people would do once bitten by it.

    But Because you are Intelligent enough to know that the poor dog was afraid of being hurt, it just tried to protect itself from what he though was an imminent treat to his life. And because of your swift action and calm head “YOU” My Good B G Brother Most-Probably ended-up saving its life. And i say this partly because since he had a collar,,, his owner/Master will surely pick him up at the shelter 🙂

    ****************YOU FUCKING ROCK MY GOOD B G BROTHER*******************

    1. You on your part rock the day ,rock the night @thedre ,dear. And ya’ve just said what basically need said concisely ,encouragingly and more importantly ,what a wise man with a calmest ,calm head would have said.
      This guy @bklynjay814 though bitten went out of his way in rescuing the dog ,although as ya said most people either would have had left the canine to its own device or simply would have scared him to death by hitting or kicking him even further ; but this plucky guy cared not and persisted as he owns a kinder heart .
      I’d say he is a ,HERO here in on the Best Gore and deserves a standing ovation.

      1. So Incredibly Well Said, “As Always” And From An Incredibly Good Guy With A Huge, And Caring Heart Himself My Brother @blucon

        And This Is But Only One Of The Many Reasons Why Since The First Tme We Met/Spoke I Knew That I Was Dealing With Somebody Special, Meaning That You Were, And Still Are Kind,,, Very Sincere, And Very Honest. And That Is Something That Are Rarely Seen Today.I Have Always Loved Ya Like A True B G Brother My Man. But Of Course (No Gayness) Bro, lol 🙂

        1. Oh Jesus !, if its all coming from @thedre ; then I’m already
          gone over the moons of Jupiter and there’s no time soon I’m gonna come back .
          Well thanks Bro as always purity of your heart and mind is forever ingrained in the realms of BG ……. hence the originality of written words always exhibit your sobrieties , niceties with a heart like the mirror that never lies .
          Ha , on a funnier note though , Gayness is a word non existent for guys like us . Its the lissome lasses we’re after .What say ya?
          BTW thanks for leafing through your picture album to post the current one which is just as fantastic as ya’re.

          1. @blucon
            Your Kind, And Sincere Words Have Always Been, and Still Are Greatly Appreciated, Especially When We Live In A Very Cold Society, & World That Is Becoming Worse By The Day. And because Of The Worlds Establishments Being Hell Bent Through Their Schools Of Indoctrination Teaching Our Kids To Be Selfish, To Think Of Themselves Only, And Consume & Consume, Anything/Everything That Will Give Them Instant Gratification Whether Morally Correct Or Not.

            And Therefore making them Completely Addicted to Expensive Little Gadgets That Take All Of Their Time And Attention, To Make Them More Happy Than Taking The Time To Look-Up At Someone, And Simply Thanking Thanking Them For Holding The Door, or Elevator Open For Them.

            And If At A Bus Stop, Or In An Elevator, And You Dare Start A Conversation, Or Attempt To Make Small Talk With Them They Look Up From Their Precious I-Phones And Look You Up, And Down Like You’re A Retard, often Ignore You, Turn The Other way, And Pretend That You’re Not Even There.

            What Happened To Us Brother ??? 🙁

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