Girl Bitten on the Leg by a Shark in Florida

Girl Bitten on the Leg by a Shark in Florida

Twenty-Two-Year-Old Jessica Vaughn was inner-tubing in the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when she was attacked by a shark that had been swimming unseen in the murky water. As she swam towards an inner tube, she said she felt like something had suddenly punched her in the leg but when she looked down it was a shark clamped down on her leg. It only took one bite before it swam off, smacking her indignantly with one of it’s fins, but that one bite was significant.

A nearby boat managed to see the trouble and got to her in time, hoisting her to saftey and calling 911. They wrapped her leg as best they could while they took her back to shore to await paramedics. The wait apparently only lasted about five minutes before she was picked up and rushed to Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale where she was also treated for shock. And her rescuers and her doctors both noted how calm she was about the whole ordeal. The wound was a significant U-shaped gash that the doctors were able to stitch easily due to the lack of shredding. Had the shark bit several times or tore the chunk out, she would have been in much more serious danger.

Wildlife experts are speculating that the culprit was a Bull Shark. A particularly dangerous species as it has been known to eat people. It’s big and aggressive and has the ability to leave salt water and swim in fresh water. Bull Sharks have been spotted in the Mississippi River on occasion.

She’ll be left with a big scar but I don’t think it will be anything too damaging to her self esteem. Besides, she has a cool story to tell for the rest of her life and by being such a champ about it, I’d say she’s earned some Bad-Ass points.

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  1. Hey that’s a pretty good picture very colorful makes me want to eat some watermelon,it must be a small shark cause a big one would just eat half body,girls rock yay!!!! πŸ˜† mom want to go on vacation Brazil sounds nice

          1. No more links I guess πŸ™‚ btw I always wanted to know how it looks when you’re upgraded to contributor? It’s something different? can you remove every comment you want?you can see what we are typing? It’s just curious πŸ˜†

          2. Thanks,but I have read it several times and it’s pretty funny,I haven’t blame the gnomes cause it’s been a long time since somebody did it πŸ˜†

          3. It simply happens form time to time to everybody. If your comment is meant to appear later, it will. But if you keep whining it’ll start happening to you more often cause gnomes will feel irritated with your constant whinery and will chew you up more.

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  2. I got bitten in Fort Lauderdale too, in the wallet by a greedy hotel who took full advantage of the whole chuffing city being crammed to the rafters … some regatta or other. Stayed one night and effed off out a there pronto in the morning.

          1. Oh that’s real good news bud, chuffed for ya, phew, now you can chill man. I’m gunna sink a double and hold up my glass and toast to you mate , cheers to you fella , bottoms up. πŸ˜‰

          2. @ny.

            Now that I am sober.

            I know it was looking like you were going to have to do some time and obviously you were really pissed off about it, so to hear that you dodged the bullet is really good bro, as you say, that must have been such a weight off your shoulders.

            I supped way too much last night and can’t remember all that was said, but if you didn’t mention it already, I hope all goes well for you in your tug of war with the ex too mate. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yep, stay away from Ft. L, but the gulf coast especially Longboat Key is awesome! We stay fairly often at the Silver Sands (5841 Gulf of Mexico Drive). The units have kitchens so you can enjoy beverages and make your own meals if you desire. Salads, veggies and fruits make it easy just to lounge around. It’s not a crowded high rise, in fact only 2 stories.

          1. I was going to go to longboat key but we changed plans, which is always the wrong thing to do I’ve found. Looks really nice there, and a quick boat trip from Sarasota I believe.

            You like musicals mama? , I can’t sit through a musical to save my life, almost got to the end of le mis once though.

          2. I prefer more serious theatre but I have seen a lot of musicals. Must say I walked out Les Mis, and the Phantom of the opera, I just couldn’t take them.

          3. I’ve got to be honest, I’d rather sit and watch a coffin warp than sit through all of that lovie crap. Although The Rocky Horror Show was entertaining.

  3. Sharks dont usually “eat” people by nature. They simply bite to taste their blood so they can check if its a seal or sea lions, or another similar animal, since they cant identify them by view due to their limited vision capabilities. The only situations where they would eat a person literally would be if they were starving to death.

          1. I had a horse step on my foot too once in a field in the middle of nowhere. I was youngish 21? and I think the horse did it on purpose like it has exerting its presence. I wanted to run away but had to walk off slowly.

            i made up for it later by chasing sheep and jerking off in the stream.

  4. One of my best friends got bitten on his arm by a 4 ft. bull shark at the Jersey shore when he was a teen, now he never goes near the water. We call him Chum. Don’t forget, next week is Shark Week people.

      1. I was being totally serious @Zion, he got bit on the back of his upper arm or triceps. Just like the girl in the post the shark bit and let go, he still has a scar like 20 years later. We really call him Chum too.

        1. Thanks for sharing that. I love hearing about shark attacks, never stopped me from going to the beach. Been to the beach 1000 times, never had a close call with the animals. Beach always makes me happy.

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    1. When I was a kid I would spend a week in Sarasota every winter with my parents. I spent most of my time collecting shark’s teeth at the beach and to this day I proudly display my big jar filled with hundreds of teeth I collected. Most are relatively small but I have about a dozen or so that are quite big, serrated and still sharp. I forget how many teeth a shark goes through on average but they regrow teeth faster than you can say sh…sh…sh…shark!

    1. I think that’s cool, they don’t apport nothing good to society,they’re bad you can see in their deep black eyes they don’t have soul or feelings and they don’t have tv so maybe they don’t even know we are eating them and they’re ugly

      1. Haha… Hanabi, my dear; you had me at “their deep black eyes” but you lost me at they “don’t have tv”. And “they’re ugly”. Sharks are fucking beautiful animals… and even though I’ve never met a living one, they have my respect when I venture in their territory… respect is a good thing, when it is truelly due. And the recognition of beauty is too. Speaking of which… putting up a current pic of yourself would be nice πŸ˜‰

        1. I totally agree about sharks being beautiful animals. I have been fascinated by them since I was a kid. I’m pretty much into all dangerous animals that deserve our respect and have the ability to end our lives if they don’t get it.

          1. Well they look kinda cool with theyr eyes and tooth and their violence I like more dolphins they’re cute and you can ride them!!! I mean the tv thing cause they can’t see the statistics of sharks being killed and eated,but like they say “if I have to explain the joke it mean it sucks” πŸ˜† btw is there a problem if I use a pic of a few years when I was 14?

  6. The sharks taken 1 bite and gone “ewe blue toenails, nasty emo goth chic” and spat her out ….
    Nothing wrong with smelly goth women apart from shaving their forehead, wearing 60 hole Doc Ms and having a sense of humour similar to a piece of Indian goat jerkey…
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    Lack of sleep = random post

  7. When the shark bites…

    I have an intact fossilized shark’s tooth, found on a river bank. It’s about two inches long and it’ll still slice the shit out of you easily from both edges. It’s comparable in sharpness to napped obsidian.

    Bull sharks do test bites and are very aggressive. She’s lucky. Since she undoubtedly punched, kicked, and thrashed about, it didn’t try to hold on, twist from side to side, and tear the chunk of her leg off.

    1. Yes, this species of shark is regarded as the most aggressive and most dangerous in many studies. More fatalities than any other.

      The reason being is they like to swim near the shore in the warmer waters where humans are. She was extremely lucky not to have lost a limb or even been killed.

    2. I think the test bite theory is a little thin,in nature many sharks bites a chunk of it?s prey then leave it bleed out so they can have a lazy happy meal.So it does with humans but we escape most of the time and the shark ends up like hey wtf wheres my burger?

    1. ” His name is Louis Suarez and his teeth are like daggers ”
      ….. clap and repeat ! πŸ˜‰

      Gutted he won’t be plying his trade in England this season , hell of a player regardless of the odd bite !

  8. I came within inches of getting bitten myself a month or so agao. I saw the shark swish just feet in front of me. I’d been slowly backing our from waist deep water to shin deep water.

    I didnt beleive the bloke that was shouting ‘shark’ as he was english and had a can of beer.

    That was at indian Shores in Florida, Clearwater St Pete area.

    I often go in the water on my won but this was an eye opener as if it wasnt for stupid face I might be in a similar situation.

    I think from now on i’ll only bath near yound naked girls that sharks probably think taste better than me.

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