Kid Has Maggots Removed from Gums with Tweezers

Kid Has Maggots Removed from Gums with Tweezers

This kid must be relative of this guy. Or maybe this one.

Kid with maggot infestation in her gums had the little crawlies removed with a pair of tweezers, and took it like a champ. No wimping, no crying – just sat there with her mouth wide open as dentist poked her in the gap between the tooth and the gum to pull those pesky maggots out.

While typically associated with bad hygiene, maggots can be a result of a mosquito bite, who infect their host with botfly eggs. Breakouts can occur in the most unpleasant of places.

68 thoughts on “Kid Has Maggots Removed from Gums with Tweezers”

        1. I know what you went through @ilovemygramps.
          I once had an employee that had breath so funky that I could’ve testified in a court of law that he ate a shit sandwich without the bread everyday at lunch time.

          1. I know bro but this little girl really looks like a sweet little girl. She’s probably the product of a third world country with poor dental education and treatment. But how you let maggot get under your gums is a mystery to me??

      1. Thanks guys, you made my day lol
        But oh. My. Fucking. God…That poor child. How did she even get these? It must hurt or tickle so bad. I can’t imagine what she went through. Talk about post-trauma. Damn…
        At least, that tooth is clean, now (the maggots did all the job, the dentist doesn’t get any credit). lol

      1. P1nkfl0yd

        that was a good one man, i remember another one on the net that was like: Yo homie, we heard how much you like doughnuts, so we put a doughnot inside your doughnot. And then with a little picture of the mini doughnot inside a bigger one lol. πŸ˜‰

        1. That is gross. I don’t care if it is food to some cultures. It’s still sperm. Animal sperm. I’ll stick to my typical American diet. As laughable as that may be to more “cultured” people around the world, at least I can’t imagine it swimming down my throat in white snotty gobs.

  1. A water pick could have flushed those nasty buggers out. Even if she swallowed a few – no biggie, she’s probably swallowed some already while chewing food. As far up as they were digging they’d better check her nostrils as well ! Yuck…

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