Gored Bullfighter Pisses Blood from Ruptured Femoral Artery

Gored Bullfighter Pisses Blood from Ruptured Femoral Artery

The best part of this video takes place at a 1:00 mark when a victorious bull enters the camera view with that awesome look on his face. All one would need is a text bubble to display bull’s thought. I think it should say something like: “Yo dawg, you messed with a bull, you got the horn, bitch.”

Bullfighter’s name is Jesus Marquez. The bull impaled his right thigh almost 8 inches deep, rupturing his femoral artery which resulted in very rapid blood loss. You can see Jesus’ blood pissing out of his thigh in the video.

Doctor Ramon Vila who operated on Jesus Marquez said that blood loss was so significant, by the time his body was delivered to the infirmary, he was almost completely dry. This made it difficult to stabilize him and at times it seemed as though he was already on the other side. The doc managed to save his life, though.

The bull should get the medal.

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112 thoughts on “Gored Bullfighter Pisses Blood from Ruptured Femoral Artery”

        1. I third. I mean if you’re going to stab a 2000lb animal and provoke it to charge at you, don’t be surprised when he takes those horns that were made for goring things and adds your ass to the gore pages here at Best Gore!

    1. a funny fact: the people who most hate this “sport” (i don’t like it either) are the same americans that eat the most big amount of hamburgers…just saying that if they want to defend the bull, they should take care of the bulls wife too :3

      1. It’s a little different, bro. While a slaughterhouse isn’t exactly “humane”, the animals are generally killed quickly and not to satisfy sadistic psychological appetites. Those animals are killed to put food on peoples’ tables.

      1. If they wore some better looking cloths and swapped those fruity looking spears with a sword or 2H axe, that would be worth watching.

        But that is the sport people, stop taking crying, the bull as you can see is not defenseless, To me these guys have more balls then any of you do. Furthermore, its better than killing a cow for meat while its chained up, at least this bull has a fighting chance before getting nom’d upon =]

        1. No the bull does not have a fighting chance because even though this bull won that fight they kill it anyway so it has NO chance to really win. Plus these are lame bulls they use. I would like to see them go up against some of the really crazy aggressive ones that just attack and attack.

      1. @KatieMatie Everything on this earth deserves to die. Because that is the way of life, i would rather see everything die, animals and humans. I want to see animals kill humans and humans kill animals, because that is true reality, it pure raw life in its self and im a vicarious SOB. XD.

    1. The bulls take so much shit, and one measly bit of goring and the matador gets whisked off to be rescued. If they want to continue such a barbaric tradition it should be a bare knuckle fight to the death for both of them. The bull gets to fuck all the cows in town if he wins, too.

  1. disgraceful ‘bloodsport’, killing animals for fun is a very out-dated activity, the bull ALWAYS dies, even if the matador is injured, and the fight stopped, I read somewhere that they NEVER use the same bull twice!? You would think the fuckers would use him for breeding (he’s proven to be a good match for the matador?) but any mistake is the matadors fault NOT the bulls skill, (cos he’s never faced a matador before)

    1. They dont necessarily kill every bull If bulls doed really good in the ring they are spared and get to live on ranch fucking cows for the rest of there lives, some would argue they die noble deaths why we farm raise cows and slaughter them for meat these bulls are the gladiators of the animal kingdom some bulls become very famous in a way think that’s more noble than living on a farm waiting to be killed and turned into my #5 super sized combo

      1. these bulls are bred for the arena, big, black scary brutes, they can’t just put them in with a bunch of cows on a ‘beef’ farm, the average beef producer couldn’t handle one of these bulls, it sounds like a good outcome, but it would be a very lucky bull that survives the arena.

  2. That’s what you get for fucking about with a dangerous beast. He is lucky to be alive and what’s stupid is that he will probably be back in the arena to continue bullfighting as soon as he is recovered.

  3. hahaha! i love when these assholes get pwned by bulls they fucking deserve it also makes me smile that’s what they get when you mess with an animal 8x times your weight besides poor animals should be in a farm or pradera running free fucking cows eating grass enjoying life instead of getting killed by these fuckheads i have more sympathy for animals than humans hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Score a perfect 10 for the bull. Never liked bullfighting anyway, animal cruelty. That bull probably knew if he lost, his balls were gonna be breaded and deep fried and served over a bed of lettuce in some restaurant in Mexico or wherever this took place.

  5. Bull still died a slow painful death probably.They should have gave him some respect and turned him loose in a pasture full of green grass and 1000 hefers.Guess I’ll go ahead and mention a few breed of bulls have cum worth thousands of dollars too,in case ya didnt know

    1. yep, sperm from top quality bulls gets shipped around the world, a bull in US can impregnate a cow in Australia, or visa versa! cost’s 1000’s $$ for spoof, and 100’s of $ to ‘ship’ it here, or there! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. well i dont feel sorry for him , those kinds of entertainments are sick

    shame that poor bull didn’t finish him off .
    sick bastards , and those bloody tourist at the back are just as bad for paying the entrance to watch it as far as i am concerned they are just as bad as him

  7. Made me laff, but what was most funniest was he got up and was just pissing blood from his leg. Actually giggled at that (yes, I’m a terrible person).

    Say what you want about the guy though – his artery’s been pierced and he’s still running with nary a limp. Hardcore..

  8. Bubble over bull’s head should be like, “Next?”
    Matador got matagored. That bull is my hero for the day. I wanna take him home and let him fuck my heifer of a sister, then I’ll take him around and let him gore some of these tight-wearing queers at the mall. They’re all achin’ for a stabbin’ anyway.

  9. I caught bull fighting on a spanish channel and decided to watch it -thinking that I would understand the attraction. It was not the slitest bit interesting at any point.
    The people that enjoy this crap must have really pathetic minds. Maybe That crappy music they listen to puts them into some kind of trance.

  10. Nice shot bull!
    Too bad he didn’t die, although, if he did, they’d probably fuck up the bull.
    I love the one where he was got up the arse.
    Oh, and…

  11. They always honor the matador as such a brave man ,yet as soon as his ass gets nicked and the tides are turned he prances away like a pussy and 20 fucking people jump in there to help him. We systematically kill cows by the millions every year, why do these people need to pay to watch a barbaric spectacle to figure out which animal is superior?

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