Grandma Mauled by Pit Bull – Family Pet Kills Old Woman

Grandma Mauled by Pit Bull - Family Pet Kills Old Woman

An 82 year old woman named Lillian Bunsee, a great grandmother of the family was mauled to death by a family pit bull. The woman suffered Cynophobia – fear of dogs, because she’d been attacked by one in the past. Ironically, what she feared the most ferociously tore into her until she died.

The incident happened in La Seiva area of Maraval, one of the northern suburbs of Port of Spain, capital city of Trinidad. Trinidad is an island in the Caribbean Sea where parents seem to know how to deal with kids turning skanks. The pit that attacked her was one of several canines bred by the woman’s relatives as pets and as guard dogs for sale.

The video shows the dog biting the elderly woman until someone threw concrete blocks at it from atop a nearby roof. When the video starts, the woman already seems dead. According to the autopsy report, the woman died as a result of asphyxiation consistent with strangulation.

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    1. I kill pit bulls all the time, they are useless nigger dogs with absolutely no redeeming value. I love to here dumb ass white pussies who say they are loving pets, at least the niggers and spics know what they are good for…killing. I think ive killed at least 20 of the nasty things in the last 5 years. May favorite way is to run em over, like to here and feel the squish!

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      1. You, Mate, have the right idea. These fucking dogs are bred killers … And the nigs LOVE them: “Iz gotz me a pih-buhhh – hez bite yuz azz…”

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        1. While I am an avid animal enthusiast and appreciate all animals (except humans) regardless of their nature, I think dogs like this mother fuckers deserve more of those bricks.
          I know pits can be awesome pets, given the right upbringing.
          But ones like this are garbage.
          The way it just keeps tearing at her dead body, and she probably was just giving the dumb fuck some dog food.
          But, she herself was a fucking moron. Why the fuck would you even OWN a dog if you’re scared of them?
          Karma ‘ s a bitch…

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    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Some coon strangled her black ass and let the pit take the blame. My pit is a big baby when it comes to my family kids and friends. Its always the pit that gets the bad name because of there retarded breeder. Pricks probably starved the dog so it would eat the bitch make it look like an attack.

          1. yep, i had an old english sheppard… a cute looking dog and he was a son of bitch, he attacked ke several times but i always fought him back, those fights were real bloodbaths, nevertheless… i loved my dog , the day he died was a very sad day. rest in peace Sir.Silvio Maximiliano Power Bu?uel… or Max cor the friends.

        1. You’re nuts.
          1 – It’s irrelevant if they sense fear or not. It’s no excuse for them to attack anyone.
          2 – It IS the dogs, AND the owners. These piece of shit dogs need to be put down and banned. There is no good reason for anyone to have one of them. Only shit owners would want such dogs.
          3 – You need to stop putting space before punctuation.

          1. Good luck with that, it’s already been proven that it is NOT the dogs. Even pits that have been savagely abused have never bitten a single person. For every single pit bull attack there is, there are 20 more attacks by completely different breeds. But media only covers the pit attacks, sensationalizing the ‘bad breed” trope, and dumbass meat heads like you lap it up, without a single clue about animals, animal science, breed specifics etc. instead you remain wholefully ignorant, lapping up whatever your told and spreading hatred. Sounds awfully like a christian. You wouldn’t happen to be a bible thumper eh oggo? Instead of following the stupid concept of breed banning. Maybe we should ban and put down willfully ignorant people with low IQs. My money is on the table that oggo is the first up.

      1. Mother loves the son, son loves those dogs, son wasnt there to feed those dogs, mother took up the responsibilty to feed out of love for her son despite all the fear hoping it’ll be fine but alas, shit hits the fan. Just perhaps…

      1. I don’t think they should become extinct, but you don’t think there’s any difference between a pit bull and a golden retriever? You don’t think it’s in a pit bull’s nature to be more aggressive than a golden retriever? They make me nervous being around them.

        1. They truly are great dogs. I have a pug and a pit bull. They are inseparable. I will say that they are very protective over the people they live with. But that’s the whole reason for having that kind of breed of dog.

          1. I see where you’re coming from but , by and large , those dogs are fine , in fact , I can also vouch that they are great dogs when treat right .

            Common sense is a big factor , and because the breed are powerful and hold that savage reputation , they attract dick head owners who like to be
            seen with a powerful dog . As @nybadguy says , the pits become stigmatized via their owners irresponsibility .

          2. Me too mate,the only dog in every dead event is pitbull involve,they are cute i agree,but after this videos i’m more aware of danger that they bring on,speak whatever you want but i still don’t want them close to me.

          3. Pit bulls are not the only aggressive breed of dog! Any dog can be a prick if raised to be that way or abused. And in a lot of cases Little dogs can way worse than large dogs. It’s all how they are trained and treated. You can’t just condemn a dog because it’s of a certain breed.

  1. This hits a little to close to home for me. Because I almost lost momma yeaterday. She almost died on me. She is home now she went home against Dr’s orders and left the Hospital bad idea… The Dr said she has fluid around her heart but that’s not what made her go out the way she did. The Dr wanted momma to stay at least a night so he can find out why she did what she did…’s what happened…. We were in south Sacramento two blocks away from the bus stop momma said bus is coming and we both starting running. I told her mom let’s just wait for the next bus after all Its Tuesday they come every 30 mins vs every hour on The weekends. She said no and kept running well we made it to the bus. Momma got on First and I lagged behind letting everyone else go First because I had a razor scooter well when I got on the bus momma was ughhh ughhh ughhh I can’t breath I said where’s your puffer meaning her inhaler she looked at me and went out. I started screaming someone call 911 somebody help her somebody call 911 I tried laying her down and he looked gazing up and turned blue around her mouth nose and chin and her eyes dilated right before my eyes and I was almost sure she was dead her face locked up turned white and she was so sweaty within seconds she was unresponsive I lost it. I was pounding on her chest trying to revive her I tried to check for a pulse I didn’t feel nothing I think it was Cus everybody was pulling me off her I was yelling Jesus please don’t take my mom. I was praying loud and I was determined to begin CPR I tried to still lay her down but they wouldn’t let me. people on the bus wanted her on her side. One lady was screaming too she has no pulse. I heard that and was freaking out. I was throwing myself around people said. But I remember I wanted to get her flat so I began CPR. I finally got her as flat as I was gonna get her and began CPR I did two breaths while pinching her nose and did to chest compressions nothing I went in again pinch her nose and blew & compressions and I blew in her mouth hard and she made a gurgling sound and slowly came back she was gurgling for a while and began vomiting all over. There were 4 plus the bus driver who called 911 & it took the ambulance 8 1/2 to arrive I hate Sacramento’s Response Team they suck. I’m so blessed my mom was ok. They did a MRI of her brain she still has something black on her brain Dr wanted to run tests on her but she’s so hard headed. She won’t stay in the Hospital. I even offered to stay with her by her side she refused. . I swear today was the worse Day of my life . No ones ever prepared to see there mother almost die. I was almost sure she died in that bus today. She had that look come over her. Ill never get that out of my head. I try to rest my eyes and I keep reliving this… Seeing her eyes do that… Its so scarry. I will never leave her side. I been checking on her every few minutes since.. P.s she just had gotten her dose of methadone and she ran two blocks and is 68 years old I’d kill myself if anything happened to her.

        1. That’s the world we live in unfortunately , people dig out the phone to get pics instead of calling for help …. messed up or what !?! .

          Glad those other folks did call for help , once they had their pics .

    1. Sounds like you were really brave when your mom went out. Fluid around the heart is very serious, and most often is a symptom of larger, more dangerous things to come. Also sounds like you got yourself a tough mom, probably one that’s going to do what she’s going to do regardless of whonsays what. Good thing, those types tend to outlive our expectations. Be brave. Listen to the doctors if you feel they are doing what is in your moms best interest. But never take on responsibility for your moms decisions. Sounds like you and her are in for a long ride in the healthcare system. If your mom is like this, or more likely continuing her normal noncompliance, prepare yourself. There will only be so much you can do. And you will probably put far more into her health then she does. That is natural. But try not to. When the end comes, allow yourself to be blame free. You will try a you ca. YouTo keep her safe, keep her happy. But You are right. There is always the next bus.

  2. Those powerful dogs do it all the time. All this shit about it’s owners fault. Do you think if this one of those hell hounds came flying at me I would be thinking ‘maybe it’s got a really nice owner’. Fuckeem. they need to be breed out, I’m not saying them all but stop them breeding. There’s no reason for someone to own them. For what, I need to protect myself even if they rip a childs off. No sorry, no one should have killer breeds of dog, we wouldn’t let people walk around with tigers.

    1. I, once again, have to blame the inferior culture that rap music created for this breed’s popularity. If it wasn’t for that shit, Pits wouldn’t be everywhere like they are now. The thugs made owning them look stupid cool / funky fresh to own. The kids followed. And the rest of us pay. What else is new?

      1. Try the world of dog fighting, not the world of “thugs trying to look cool”. It’s a bigger trend lately for “thugs” to get Malteses and yorkies. Seriously. And “thugs” also used to love Rottweilers. Why isn’t there an abundance of Rottweilers? Oh, because your theory about why there are so many pits is off.

    2. No no no w m . I know plenty of people , my grandfather included … he owned one for farm work , who have owned these dogs with no problems whatsoever . The msm got hold of it , as per , and made a huge song and dance about it, tarring everyone with the same brush .

      That ain’t the answer . Responsible owners are the answer , and education , educating people to not show hysterical fear , which can confuse and put them into attack mode .

      They have had a bad rap due to pricks wanting to act like the big man by owning such a dog .
      Fucking imbeciles .

      1. I know some guy who trains them for dog shows. The Fuckin dog got a 6 pack of abs. He let’s them walk around carrying a weight in its mouth to thicken its neck with muscle. Don’t get me wrong the dog looks like a beast. but in my opinion. its a disaster waiting to happen. Any animal treated like that will snap over time.

          1. It’s like the guy with the biggest truck has the smallest package,same with the guy having the biggest most aggressive dog……..!


  3. This is one of the reasons why I started carrying pepper spray with me. Not just to fend off human filth, but their dogs that they can’t seem to keep in their yards around here. I am not about to be din din for Fido like this old broad.

  4. When’s the last time you heard about a chihuahua attack. You can’t give the bogus line, “it’s not the dog, it’s the owner”. Of course it’s the dog. Pit Bulls were bred for bull baiting. They bite harder, have a hair trigger, and when they bite they don’t let go. You can look at the spca website, it gives all of the differences. It’s the breed, not the owner. You can read story after story after story of pit bulls killing babies, children, women, old people. Get a Golden Retriever. They are being banned city after city, good that the politicians are coming to their senses on this particular subject.

    1. I agree. I love dogs, but these fuckers are bred to kill. The owners are just usually retarded, or black (same thing). It’s the same argument as black criminals are just a product of their environment. Total bullshit.

  5. According to serial killer Issei Sagawa, human flesh tastes like tuna, but according to Armin Meiwes, it tastes like pork. Based on that info, both dogs and cats would have a feast. Just make sure the flesh is corked, cause animals can’t stomach raw pork due to all the parasites.

  6. Both of my dogs are schutzhund trained. There is a lot of discipline and training that goes into certification of these types of trained protection dogs. In fact the training never ends. Hard to believe these pits received any other training than encouragement for their aggressive behavior.

  7. Where I live they are all over the place. People get these dogs because they think it makes them look tough and macho. Most of the time they are tied under a tree with a chain with very little socialization which is a recipe for disaster! Tie up any big dog and they become ticking time bombs. Then they get out and bite someone and have to be put down. Most rental places here will not allow pit bulls. I have met some sweet pit bulls that were my friends but for the most part I would not get one.

  8. never get a pit cheap from an independent breeder…like these stupid niggers. always always always buy from reputable breeders that use dogs with damn good genes. they are naturally aggressive. i don’t trust these fucking things and i find them to be rather ugly overall. they are a mishmash of different breeds (you never know what you’re going to get) and are basically the fucking niggers of the dog world.

    1. Actually, these dogs have a noble history and purpose. Label any breed as a “mean breed” and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Idiots trying to exploit an erroneous reputation to look cool.

      1. I raised rottweilers, best loyal breed to protect your family. Female rotts when raised with children in a healthy environmnt and wwith a ell balanced dtiet take it upon themselves to become see of our rotts would never leave any childs side in my yard. ..

        She would literally sit a few feet away and sit and watch until they nd when they whined she would coddle them.

        I had chickens and rabbits (tried do the natural food thing :/) they would even let peck at them. Its all in the raising and breeding. Pitbulls are a disease dog. Bred for violence not protection or comfort or companionship.

          1. Rotts are awesome, but require a lot of work. definitely not a breed for a novice unless you want to shell out some major green having someone else train it for you. but fuck that. they can easily become a loaded gun but once you get them where they need to be they will defend you and yours with their life as well as their loyalty.

        1. My little dog will bark and run to me for protection. Once he is on my lap, he will bark and growl if someone he doesn’t know comes near me. Most people that get bit by little dogs came into the dogs personal defense zone.

      1. Smaller dogs may possibly bite and growl more, but how many babies have been pulled from there cribs and mauled to death by a cocker spaniel? Pit bull breeding should be regulated and people should have to meet certain qualifications to own them. ( like have enough space, time to get proper training, ect)

        1. Ah. Mire big talk from the silent majority. You havewhat it takes to murder a human being, sir? Ninety percent of you cant even watch video of animals or children dying. Butyou can kill a human bbeing justlike that?

          1. They are just gay porn watchers, and think that are something bad, by being on BG
            BUNCH OF SORRY SACKS OF SHIT! FUCK EM. I still hate niggers :mrgreen:

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  10. I just have to say this: I love BG. I love it. The best gore site on the internet, hands down. I had been a member for a bit before i even started posting comments recently, and as much as I love my daily taste of gore, if I get banned for saying this, then so be it.
    The one thing that I find absolutely nauseating, is the racist comments. They get so bad, just like the ones in this story, that I have to take a break from BG for a bit.
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    1. Sometimes its not what you say,but how you say it. Youre free to disagree but you if act like some asshole coming on with all piss and vinegar, then yeah, yore comment might get deleted for douchebaggery.

      Maybe just dont read the comments. You have to understand, this is the only true free speech website on the net (that you dont have to pay for membership) so we let loose.

      If youre not white then join in some bashing of your own. Like talk about how whites have the highest percentage of insanity out of all races or how whites have the highest percentage of pedophilia out of all races

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  11. Interesting autopsy result… ‘died of strangulation’. Could be a set up… Granny was whacked and then spread liver paste all over her….

    The pit bull attacks the corpse and the real killer is free and clear

  12. Anyways, Pits were originally bred by white people. Just like guns and other things invented by white people, abuses by sub-humans against and with pits is not the fault of the dog. Just like anything else, it’s the work that goes into it that determines the end result. I have pits and they are great. That being said, I would seriously hurt someone for fucking with my dogs. If someone even so much as jokingly suggested that I fight them would get their clock cleaned. I have a boy and girl who are litter mates, and a puppy that was the result of my homie not spay/neutering his pups. That’s one thing that falls into responsible dog ownership. Unless you run a professional breeding kennel, fix your damn dogs!

  13. Someone should have punched that dog in the face,just to catch it’s attention.
    Then someone would complain about animal abuse.
    New animal laws in effect make it felony crime to intentionally hurt or injure a problem animal.

  14. I thought I had posted that vid up there earlier. I don’t kno why it’s not on this site when I sent it a few mins after it happened. Check it peeps. Tony live easy bro
    Its that kenyan bombing that happened last month or so

  15. Pits have a strong “Pack” drive and unless the owner is strong as well the dog will take over. Her history of be afraid was easily seen by the dog and when she bought him that cheap-assed dog food….well he just snapped.

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