Grandma Mauled by Pit Bull – Family Pet Kills Old Woman

Grandma Mauled by Pit Bull - Family Pet Kills Old Woman

An 82 year old woman named Lillian Bunsee, a great grandmother of the family was mauled to death by a family pit bull. The woman suffered Cynophobia – fear of dogs, because she’d been attacked by one in the past. Ironically, what she feared the most ferociously tore into her until she died.

The incident happened in La Seiva area of Maraval, one of the northern suburbs of Port of Spain, capital city of Trinidad. Trinidad is an island in the Caribbean Sea where parents seem to know how to deal with kids turning skanks. The pit that attacked her was one of several canines bred by the woman’s relatives as pets and as guard dogs for sale.

The video shows the dog biting the elderly woman until someone threw concrete blocks at it from atop a nearby roof. When the video starts, the woman already seems dead. According to the autopsy report, the woman died as a result of asphyxiation consistent with strangulation.

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  1. This worthless breed of dog needs to be put down and banned.

    It IS the dog, not just the owner. It’s ALSO the owner though.

    Only pathetic crap owners want such dogs.

    You can stick your excuses about how it’s the owners up you know where. Unless you’re fine with your neighbor having a lion, then shut up about it.

    1. I’m sorry I just don’t agree. Staffordshire terriers are not bred to be vicious. They are bred to wrangle bulls. They originally had a very sweet disposition but in time was fought and turned into the face of fear by people and in doing so, obliterated almost all optimism toward the breed. There are still so many terriers that are very sweet and stay that way throughout their whole life. Please don’t blame the dog. It is not their fault.

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