Guy Bitten in Face by English Mastiff

Chill After Mastiff Bite Through Cheek

Guy Bitten in Face by English Mastiff

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @pineapplepuppies, who got bitten in the face by an English Mastiff:


I have been a huge fan of Bestgore for many years and have always wanted to submit my pictures.

I had agreed to babysit my dads full grown English Mastiff. The dog always had a sketchy attitude but my dad went on vacation and he needed someone to do it so I agreed.

Late one night I was putting the dogs food bowl on the floor when it bit me in the face out of no where. At the time I did not know how bad it was until I looked into a mirror and realized that the dog had ripped a hole in my face.

It was about 2 am in the morning when this happened. I ran outside and to the neighbors who were sleeping. I stand on their porch bleeding. When they answered the door I asked for a cigarette and to call an ambulance.

They really must have been puzzled.

Anyways it took surgery and a hand full of stitches to fix. It did become infected during the healing process. To make things worse the girl I was with left me during that same time.

Many thanks for the pics and your story, @pineapplepuppies. No loss there, though. You dodged a bullet by getting rid off your girlfriend when you most needed her. This type of woman would have used you as a doormat while Chad and Tyrone dicked the living hell out of her behind your back.

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        1. I’m a gook ! I don’t eat dog! I will never eat dog or rat cat bat or frog! I guess I’m a westernized gook ! I own 2 dogs 1 cat,and 4 parrots! Parrots can be even more sketchy than dogs due to hormone issues! Depending on the size, some parrots can send you to the hospital if they bite you! My African Grey can take your eyes out if he don’t like you…

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          1. Id take a bet My greatdane is at least as smart as some of the people on this site, considering they were both inbred for many many years, in order to achieve their current form. My dog is also probably a better listener.

      1. Cause you’re a retard.
        You clearly deserve to get bit in the face by your own creature, that you feed and house. It should respect you but doesnt.

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        SOURCE: Have two huge dogs, one is 80lbs, one is 110lbs, both are Great Dane Mixes, one is a dane/pitbull that would literally rip your entire head off because he is a dinosaur. They respect and know that i am their master because they were put through OBEDIENCE SPECIFIC TRAINING.
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          1. Unfortunately, I am vaping. I also chew the gum every so often. I didn’t pick up the vaping until a few weeks after I quit, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to bum my friends smokes while I’m drinking. Vaping is definitely way better, but it’s still rough on the lungs.

          2. Depends on where you live hk. People die here in the states from vaping due to poor government regulation of consistency in standards of production. I’ve heard it’s different regulation per region. It’s pretty haphazard in the United States in terms of consistency and attention to keeping impurities out but quality control is much more closely monitored in the uk so there are less impurities in the products. It’s worth checking out what’s sketchy and what isn’t.

          3. There is a shit ton of anti-vaping propaganda out there that pissed me off, but when I started vaping it really helped me a lot to quit. The last year I smoked I went between smoking and vaping. Then started vaping more and more, until finally I got sick of vaping and quit it altogether.

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      1. Since the time of antiquity, the only thing that any man wanted, young or old, is a cool eye scar.

        I’m jealous. Btw If a hot girl asks you how you got your scar tell em that you got into a fight with a rough pack of wild geese and one of em pulled a switchblade on you. Guarantee this will get you laid.

          1. You don’t understand. These aren’t normal geese bro. These are gangster geese and they don’t fuck around. The kind of geese that mother always warned you about. They live on the other side of the railroad tracks. They got greasy slick backed feathers and an itchy trigger wing. You’d best respect these geese. They don’t take shit from anyone. They’ll nip you in the back of the neck after stealing all your bread at the local pond. Then they’ll take your girlfriend and give her an atomic wedgie. I’ve seen this happen literally thousands of times and it’s the same story every time. Do yourself a favor there, Charlie.

            Beware the geese.

  1. My dog also attacked me when i got my face close to his, i had a very thick beard so that made the difference, just pain and some bruises, some dogs hate that, for them is a a sign of aggressive dominance, it´s specially worse if they are horny when there is a female dog in heat, which was the case of my male dog.

        1. Geez that dog had issues with close contact, Good thing you don’t have to deal with’em besides if you ever have another pet and its suffering, Word of advice don’t take them to the vet you be better off doing it yourself instead of them going to the vet because it would take longer and you wouldn’t want that…

    1. Right. And Cats dont bark all the time. Every Dog should be send to China. Chinese people got to eat, too.
      I once had a bengal cat. She was so intelligent, she sat on the Toilet to take a piss, and she pissed perfectly in the toilet, made no mess.

      1. I had a cat. She scratched the shit out of everyone that got within 150 feet of her. You couldn’t do anything with her. She was also a selfish, stupid piece of shit. Some cat’s are good. Most aren’t. End of story.


        there is nothing more irritating than the mutterings of an entitled cat owner. I’d rather have the emotional intelligence of a dog than the sneaky intelligence of a cat.

        Pss fuck you!

        1. Lmao! So true! Cats are fucking snobs! They act all cute and nice to some people and totally crazy to others! My cat acts like a princess to my girlfriend but if I’m around her she’s a demanding fuckin fur ball ! Only time she ever acts sweet is around feeding time! Once she gets what she wants- she goes back to bitch mode!

          1. Right?! Cats are a woman’s animal in the same way that poison is a woman’s weapon of choice. Sneaky lil shits. I think the reason I like dogs more is due to their sincerity. They are also emotionally available and always willing to give whatever love they are capable of expressing whenever they can. I have a dog now and she’s one of the best goddamned things in my life. She’s sweet, affectionate, playful and emotionally accessible. There is no cold calculation. No deceit. And if there is the dog can’t lie worth a shit anyway! It’s much easier for me to live with something that also loves me without condition.

            A dog will protect you with its life. A cat will open up the door to allow burglars in.

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          3. Look nobody cares what your name is.

            And yes, My dog IS one of the best things in my life. I’m sorry you’ll never know what that’s like but at the same time you aren’t worthy of that kind of love anyway.

            You and your cat probably have tandem poop-eating competitions, Catherine… or should I say Cunterine?

            Hey if the shoe fits!

          4. @kalamnity

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          6. Eh. That was pretty harsh. Sorry about that but cats are my arch-fiend. Mostly because of allergies, in truth.

            I also lived with 5 cats in a small house about a decade ago. Not the best experience. The owner didn’t clean their litter box regularly so the cats trailed their shit all over the house. My pillow became a target. Yay for toxioplasmosis. I attribute that to the crappy owner… the cats were pretty cool for the most part.

            For me to poop on !

    2. What about shaving scars? Are they sexy too? Asking for a friend and myself -LOL… I’ve got a few scars- got stabbed in the eye with a billiards stick! Fuck it hurt! I also have a scarvon my arm! You guessed it- got stabbed with a knife fighting, and few scars on my hand and knuckles! Grabbed a knife by the blade once fighting and punched a guy through a window. Too bad UFC didn’t exist earlier- I might have been a pretty good fighter… ha ha ha. But my girl never said I look sexy! She just ignores the scars!

        1. Darn. Well at least give me your motorcycle. It’s the least you could do!

          So I’ll go ahead and take that off your hands. You will make sure it’s filled with gas too. And if it doesn’t happen, Charlie, someone’s butt is bound to get whooped!

    1. Yes get 3 cats. That’s a good solid number. Then you’re gonna want to tie their tails together and throw them off the nearest cliff. They enjoy it. It’s good for them and it teaches you a valuable lesson and that is this.

      Cats cannot fly. Yet.

        1. Ok I’ll meet you halfway. Some cats are awesome. There. Happy?

          But I will also argue that this conversation is 100 percent serious business. You should see the determined look on my face as I write this completely serious and not at all tongue in cheek post.

          Anyways cats are like anything else. It’s kinda like humans. A few good ones and whole lot of shit ones. I’ll love me the fuck out of a cat if I find a good one. And yes I love sometimes. Anyone who has a problem with that can suck the log out of my anus.

          1. @kalamnity, well damn! look at us meeting in the middle despite our initial differences like a couple of grown ass adults!

            you remember that old nick cartoon catdog? that should be the BG mascot, to bring us all together in these oh so trying times.

            i have no problems with your post or follow up, only appreciation for our cooler minds prevailing! lucky for me, yes, no sucking of logs this time around! 😀

          2. Well In Goreland, they say, the best gore forums heart grew three sizes that day …

            Didn’t expect to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That might be the beginnings of Covid induced septicemia or maybe just maybe something more. I think most of us are probably smart enough to know that we’re not nearly as grinchly or cynical as our posts might otherwise suggest. Most of us are probably just here to blow off steam. Lol.

            I mean Everyone acts like an asshole here but I doubt we’re really like that when it comes down to it. As humans I guess it’s only natural that we occasionally seek the light however faint it may appear to be.

            There is commiseration and empathic possibility in the darkest inner recesses of the human psyche.

            It’s nice to have a moment and there is healing when we can share in the celebration of the things that connect us rather than divide us. Where there is light, there is hope…

            Except for Little Johnny who is a giant fag who enjoys fondling moose testicles!

            Have a good night!

  2. Not related to this video but I had no where else to post. I’m new to the BG community and I’ve taken an interest into the many different forums I’ve found. I’d like to interact and strike conversation with you all and become apart of this community I love. Every time I find a forum it always says I can’t comment on it. Even in the introduce yourself forum I can’t seem to start a topic. Anything I’m doing wrong and or missing.

    1. It’s like that for a lot of ppl. I think
      It’s because the bg leadership is afraid of attacks on freedom of speech in the forum so it’s pretty tightly regulated. I’ve been here for some time and I still can’t post on the forums.

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  4. “Many thanks for the pics and your story, @pineapplepuppies. No loss there, though. You dodged a bullet by getting rid off your girlfriend when you most needed her. This type of woman would have used you as a doormat while Chad and Tyrone dicked the living hell out of her behind your back”
    That is strong !!!
    Any way , i hate those dogs, why don’t you gonna buy a king size microwave
    Put the useless dog inside tied with zippers, on a low hit power and let his fossil brain to be puked out through his eye sockets ? And after that frizz it and serve your father with it , and only after that, tell him what was that…
    Cause you ain’t gonna forget that all life!!

  5. Anybody who keeps a sketchy dog of that breed/jaw profile needs a good slapping. The dog needs to be put down. It’s not the physical attributes here, it’s the Mental attitude and temperament that’s king. You can have a massive meat crunching dog, but if it’s got the correct attitude and breeding, it won’t attack anybody who’s feeding it or any human being out of hand.

    Dogs are subject to mental defects and the trick is to identify early and remove from the gene pool. When I was a kid, I knew a man who was a dog trainer. Once I saw him remove an otherwise perfect young dog from the group and “put it to sleep” it seemed cruel to me at the time. When I asked why, he said “sometimes they have bad minds Son, and you cannot correct them. Better for them and us if they go now”

    Amen and unfortunately applies to some people too!

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