Guy Brutally Gored to Death by Bull

Guy Brutally Gored to Death by Bull

I don’t know much about this video but it looks like it was filmed at one of those Running of the Bulls events. The bull picked on one guy who was unlucky to stumble and fall. The bull kept goring him and goring him until the guy stopped moving. I don’t think the guy could survive having been pinned against a wall with bull horns multiple times and ragdolled around like slimy booger. Brutal.

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      1. I was screaming allahu akber troughout the video with the bitch that was screaming in this video and it did not help, allah did not want to save.

        But i still got money, money make the world go around, i still got my money, all i see is singns, dollar signs.

        1. The girl can?t help because she was watching in a safe place, a window in her home, porbably a second floor. She was screaming: the drunked boy, the bull goes to him. An at the end she is screaming: ?help him please….the guts, the bull has ripped him…the guts are out…I-m filmming all….the guts…omg he?s dead?

    1. Don’t these people have Video games or internet? Their hobby is to fuck around with a damn pissed off bull? You mess with the bull you gonna get the horn… you’re fucking ass. Stupid idiots need to realize this shit is no bullshit.

      1. It?s funny because the most accidents occurs with tourists from other countries XD
        This kind of parties only taken place a few days in a year, usually the village party (1 or 2 days in a year). It?s called ?encierro?. People runs leading the bull, in the midle of the main village Street to another place.

    2. no actually the bitches that are screaming are saying first ” a lot of dudes there, the drunk , the drunk, (mean the guy that jump in front of the bull was drunk) laughing, oh my god , oh my god,look look look, scream, he is killing him , he is killing him, take him out!! Mary Mary he is killing him, guts look at the guts !! is Raul , is Raul , look at the guts , gross
      for the accent this video is from Spain. and i dont think she was really that scare

  1. Holy shit he got fucked up..poor guy..i hope he died quick and the bull was just playing with a lifeless body..Ehh maybe he deserves it for all we know..karma is a bitch you know…maybe dead guy earned this exit……… =/

      1. Right…smh i don’t see the fun in fucking with an already pissed off and scared animal…fuck with a narco and lose your head for us on one of them narcomundo videos..leave the bulls alone tho…or visit the monster trucks..those look like rip roaring fuuuuun….lolz

          1. urrgghh! that didnt work out well now did it?? lol

            so basically what i was trying to say with such top notch quality graphics is….im not a dude…unless something has changed in like the last 10 seconds…wait….nope pretty sure im a dudette

  2. I kinda don’t even feel sorry for this dude. They abuse the bulls before they do events like this. And they wonder why the bulls wanna beat the hell out of the first person they can. I like animals way more than i like people.

  3. Are Spanish or whatever culture this is actually fucking retarded? What kind of fucked up down syndrome retard thinks its a great idea to let a enraged bull run down a street while people run away for ‘fun’. What the fuck are they thinking???

    1. This is their tradition. They get wasted, and run from enraged bulls that they themselves pissed off. They somewhat, know what they’re doing, and know the consequences. But, as long as they “have a good time.” All is well within their cosmos.

  4. Meh, I don’t have even the tiniest bit of sympathy for that guy. He knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he went dancing around in the street with a pissed off 1 ton animal that’s nothing but muscle, hooves and horns

  5. That was far from ‘Best Gore’, I’m afraid. Fatal? Perhaps, but best? Not so much. After all, we know best. The bar has been set fairly high here. It’s hard to beat our matador friend Julio Aparicio, who was gored through the throat and out the mouth…

    To paraphrase Dean Wormer,

    “Fat, drunk and slow is no way to run with bulls, son.”

  6. J’aime ce genre de vid?o, tout simplement parce que les gens sont des abrutis finis. C’est bien de les laiss?s dans la rue, c’est leurs vengeances pour tout leurs potes qui meurt en ar?ne comme des moins que rien.
    Taureau t’es mon pote 馃榾 <3

  7. here he have the useless human in all its glory ,even fully grown they have no sense of morals or immediate danger despite a huge fucking beast goin crazy in front of them and abusing it even further they think somehow it wont be them ,well guess what fucktard you just used your last darwinian brain cell and now as your tiny atom spirit floats off into the next dimension and you look down at your lifeless body are you now thinking ‘ well errr my gaaaawd cleeedus ,me thinks that wartni too murrch ov a dang guurd eyedea now huh ‘ . what a fucking moron who the fuck trys play dodge the bull with huge horns .goodnight dingus.

    1. Haha! That was good. Of course his poor sense of direction among the living may have also played a factor in his spirit finding greener pastures. He’s probably still floating around somewhere in the void trying to find the path and hopelessly lost.

    2. Haha! That was good. Of course his poor sense of direction among the living may have also played a factor in his spirit finding greener pastures. He’s probably still floating around somewhere in the void trying to find the path and hopelessly lost.

    1. I’m pretty sure this guy has no designs on suing the bull. Blame is irrelevant. Those present saw first-hand the dangers of alcohol. The weekend matador was truly a victim of el Toro’s ‘Best Gore!’

        1. Why? Because they can! It’s really a great bonding event for the community. It’s also much more practical than the lottery system for determining who will be sacrificed. The weak or most foolish are plucked from the herd and the remaining community becomes
          stronger and more closely bonded for having triumphed over the evil intruder. Carpe tauri!

          1. Haha, yeah, I guess that’s true also. Why can’t people just use drugs and kill themselves by using them. This is just madness! What happens to the bull after this? Cute little pal for a loving home… lol

  8. The person filming was saying “His guts, his guts!!” I assume he was talking about the guy being gored. I never understood these stupid running of the bulls crap. Everyone is just putting their life on the line. For what? Tradition? Fuck that dumbass tradition.

    1. Shoot the bull? With what? Whatever arms these people may own would not stand a snowball’s chance at bringing down that beast. They would be more likely to:
      1) Further agitate an already-distraught killing machine.
      2) Miss and cause collateral damage or harm/death to on-lookers.

  9. I’d always figured the running of the bulls was their moment to shine, after all the hundreds of bulls are killed in the rink (ring?), that it was their time to shine for a change. There’s nothing sad with this happening, unless you’re a bull.

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