Guy Gets Gored by Bull at Las Fiestas de San Antolín in Palencia, Spain

Guy Gets Gored by Bull at Las Fiestas de San Antolín in Palencia, Spain

Guy Gets Gored by Bull at Las Fiestas de San Antolín in Palencia, Spain

During a bull running event at las fiestas de San Antolín in Palencia, Spain, a young man got gored by a bull who noticed the guy’s stinky ass farting around a fence.

There seemed to be a lot of horses and only one bull in the picture, but the beast knew right away that beta guy was out of place and needed to get gored. The guy seem to be alive when taken away, though.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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165 thoughts on “Guy Gets Gored by Bull at Las Fiestas de San Antolín in Palencia, Spain”

  1. Gore and gored lol
    We had a bull in my grandpa’s ranch in Mexicostan. I tell you we’d refer to them as “satanás” or Satan in English for a reason. Speaking of animal encounters anyone ever seen that donkey rape man video?

    1. Wonder what he whispered to the bull’s ear to finally leave him alone?
      I feel we need these kinds of bulls in Washington DC, a lot of them.
      Imagine we release thousands of them in the UN HQ, and of course capitol hill. That would be fun

  2. Pit bulls were created to subdue bulls. Now that most of the “civilized” world doesn’t need them anymore, and they lash out at the “bull” that society has become, it’s time to ban them. A properly utilized pit bull could have saved this guy’s life. Pause your video game, and disagree with me.

    1. Just like humans, it’s usually the training and environment that lead to over-aggressive behavior. I have seen awesome pit bulls who were incredibly gentle and well mannered, so it’s not the breed but the owners that makes them problematic.

      Ask Mike Vick if you need more clarification, lol.

      1. Yup! I’ve only had positive enounters with pits. I love ’em, and they’re so purty. I love all dogs, cats, ‘coons, rodents, all critters. People? Not so much. Refer to the young ‘uns as shark bait, snake food, burrito filling, potential pot roast, bien for comida, what ever.

        1. This was near my city. The bull will die this afternoon. That is sure. The man is in Valladolid, in the hospital, in serious condition. He’s still young, 27 y.o. and will not die, but his life will never be the same again. None of both will have his best day today.

          1. @sweetiecandy : Not all Spaniards are stupid. In fact, most of the Spaniards do not agree with this. The same happens in Mexico, Portugal and other countries that have the same traditions. Also in the USA, the police have the tradition of killing innocent people but we can not take for granted that USA is stupid for that reason or assume that they agree with it. Is USA stupid? No, they just have a lot of stupid people, just like in Spain and the rest of the world.

          2. I know I know and I’m sorry for saying that, normally I don’t come angry with all the population… But I hate when men kill an animal only because injured another man, but a man who kills another man go only in jail, and not always.
            I’m sorry, I love Spain and I know the most of all don’t like this.
            Scuse me again 🙁

  3. Well. That answers all the questions I had about latinos. They come by their peculiar brand of idiocy naturally.
    The spaniards do seem to be a little better equipped, I’ll give them that. I didn’t see a single pair of flip flops.

    1. Maybe because Spain is in Europe and they use same currency as Deutschland you know cuse they’re all white over there hence no flip flops? By the way only Braz’iw uses flip flops. Shit they even have a luxury brand there.

    2. There was a lack of flip-flips, but only because the victim is barefoot. And I agree that spics have their own brand of natural retardation. Hispanics are the worst disease on the planet. No bull.

      1. hahaha, is like me saying that fat ugly trailer trash whites are the worse of the planet, the problem is the AREA WHERE YOU LIVE(example:some parts of Miami where all those whites cracks or white opiod adicted live or in Missouri where there are a ton of trailer parks ) which USUALLY you are PART OF too (so you will be same too), I have friends who are black, Hispanics, whites, and they are very smart and also will never act like that, the problem is that YOU tend to see just the lowest of the low, so in general you will judge by YOUR SORROUNDINGS which makes YOU PART OF THE PROBLEM (or solution)

        1. I choose to live in a trailer and drive a 9 year old SUV with leather interior and 4 wheel drive.
          That way I can retire early.
          I make 135k in salary with 5 figure bonuses every quarter. My net income is just over 200k a year.
          I live on the side of a mountain on 14 acres with a river as one of my property lines. I also have 2 springs feeding into my huge stocked fishing pond and a creek.
          Tell me again about how whites are stupid if they live in a trailer.
          As the great Sammy Jackson says, “What’s in your wallet?”.

          1. having money means NOTHING, you will be just a stupid dumb ass with money or a douchebag, what you are saying is exactly what I see with some black people who live in the “hood” they drive very expensive cars, loads of cash on hand, own a lot of guns, etc, and same for any other race, I always wonder WHY they still there and keep being part of the problem, (same with trailer trash, you can have a huge trailer but still a TRAILER and also a WAY OF LIFE that comes with it), as someone else said:you can NOT take the “hood” or “trailer trash” out their heads. those people STILL DO LOTS OF CRIMES like in the trailer case: raping their own family members aka pedos, dealing crack, etc or in the other case still selling drugs, robberies, and dealing guns.

    3. you have to understand the culture and even the area weather, just like in Alaska they will not usually wear sandals, BRAZIL is a very humid and hot place, so walking around with nikes, adidas or any enclosed shoes makes no sense, same in india, but don’t get me wrong some of those sandals might worth more than your prada shoes, or your Jordan Nike “special edition”, but thinking that for the clothes or shoes someone wears is less of a human than you is just stupid.

  4. I’m not a fan of bull fighting, or any of this shit. However, bulls in the bull fighting arena get to live if they incapacitate the bull fighter. They run with their bulls, and some of them get fucked up. What do the rest of us do with “our bulls”? There isn’t the same kind of outcry, because the brutality is hidden behind closed doors. Really think about it. If given the chance, which would you choose? To be a bull in Spain, or a bull in a country like the U.S.? I would choose Spain, because at least I would have the opportunity to take some motherfuckers out with me.

  5. I hope the guy wasn’t too surprised when the bull inserted its horns (firts the left and then the right) right up into his anus. Bulls aim for there and are aroused by the smell of human feaeces. If it had a minute longer it would have fucked the guy right up his anus with its big bull cock.
    Great video.
    Love the gay Spanish and their love of horny bull insertions. You gotta love a country like that!

          1. It also explains the Gay Anal Bumming Prisons of Mexico and Brazil. Brazil was colonised by Portuguese but the Portuguese love the bull running too. Though if you watch carefully there are always one or two guys who are not running too fast at all and are usually sporting a red handkerchief in their back pocket of their skin-tight denims or buttock-clenching, white bell-bottoms.
            Once you notice it… you can never un-notice it. You suddenly realise that a couple of countries are totally into homo-gay, anal bull-horn insertions. Their whole culture revolves around it.
            Their love of bowel-loosening chillies and hot tamale sauces is purely to keep their lower bowel clear for any random bull-horning or a bit of anal from a passing bull. The guys also like wrapping their mouths over enormous bull-cock sized Chimmichangas and Burritos and that is all based on their fantasy of being spit roasted by two horny bulls.
            Strange but true.
            This free exchange of information and the deep bond of brother and sisterhood within BG is where we all learn, grow as individuals and hopefully make the world a better and more understanding place.
            Go the Latins!

  6. A few observations:

    I counted 32 seconds from contact to rescue… what were the other 200 guys on horseback doing that whole time, picking their asses?

    Speaking of, at 1:08 the man standing next to the guy who successfully jumped the fence yanks out a wedgie.

    Oh, and the guy who jumped the fence? Let’s see, his clothing has a blue and white color scheme and he’s wearing an ascot… Holy shit, Fred from Scooby Doo did NOT age well! (Still a pretty spry li’l fucker, though.)

    There’s apparently an auction for the soon-to-be-dead guy’s stuff just before the two minute mark. I do believe the second winner even got a matched set of shoes!

    Final round up (couldn’t resist) leaves us with one of the ‘rescuers’ shutting the car door on El Slowpoke’s foot at 1:49 and there’s a brief trot-by of a second bull at :26.

    Let me know if I missed anything good.

  7. so today i kicked a pigeon, which is an incredible feat that ive been trying to do for years… they have such quick reflexes they have always avoided it before today…

    so i posted this on facebook, just said i kicked a pigeon, and some fucking kawaii fucking little slut reported me and ive got banned for 24 hours.


    zuccs team are a bunch of fucking faggots..

          1. Because some people eat pigeon, so someone wud hav to Kill the pigeon first.. all i did was kick it

            Only fools breed doves.. animals are fuck all, they dont give a shit

    1. I accidentally ran over a rabbit with a lawnmower, did not react because shit happens, terrified my parents, then was forced to go to therapy for 2 months.

      Another time there was a tiny rabbit underneath a leaf and I crunched it accidentally. I casually told my mother about that experience and she screamed at me, called me a psychopath, and lectured me about how life was so “valuable” (keep in mind that this is the same woman who bought wine to celebrate the death of a woman she knew a long time ago and disliked for buying her the wrong perfume for her birthday because the one she wanted was sold out).

  8. Upon watching this again I noticed a few things:
    The man who appeared to be pulling out a wedgie was actually just rubbing his asshole, probably because he got moist when he saw the victims new asshole(s).
    The bull didn’t stop mauling his victim until a horseman rode past and poked it in the ass with a spear, whereupon the bull suddenly remembered that it had more important business elsewhere.
    One man can be seen writing on a clipboard. Was he judging what he saw, the victims performance or the bulls? Was he a reporter? Was he just writing a letter to his boyfriend about a new sex game he wanted to try?
    Several men can be heard yelling ‘toro, toro’ were they cheering the bull on? Was the victims name Toro? Is toro what Spaniards yell when they see a man getting butt raped? Were they just arguing about lawnmowers?
    The whole thing leaves one with more questions than answers.

    1. They are not screaming: ¡ Toro, toro! … they really scream “quitádle al toro”, in English it would be: ¡take away the bull!
      Obviously the message is addressed to horse riders, who should have intervened quickly and did not.
      For the rest of the questions I have no answer.

  9. I agree anybody fucking around with a wild animal with Horns attached to their skulls isn’t a bright Apple.
    Surely deserves an honorable mention in the Guinness Book of CONSTANT IDIOTS THAT DO DUMB SHIT, CONSTANTLY.

    1. Well, you could say the same aboult skydivers or bikers. Many of us do dangerous stuff for thrills and glory.

      Those bull abusers, however, are fucking with a living being, hurting and killing it in the process, so fuck them, I enjoy seeing their suffering.

      1. You gotta admit, you can’t compare this shit to Skydiving and Motocross Biking, Mountain Biking, X-Treme sports because they don’t compare.
        These are IDIOTS who aren’t even Athletic for that matter, trying to be Athletic against a two ton Animal.

  10. That puppy’s gonna go straight for the matador. I love vids like this, bein’ I collectively like animals better than the human race. Sooooooo, after they silly sausage casin’ gives up the ghost, are they gonna serve him to the poor? It’s only fair, huh? The bull won.

    1. I haven’t yet, but maybe I should. All water is sold out, and everything else is soon to be. People tend to over react to things around here, but this might not be one of those times. Everyone is out buying supplies, and I’m trying to buy a pit bull. You know, priorities.

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