Guy Shoots Himself Trying to Whack Fish with Gunstock

Guy Shoots Himself Trying to Whack Fish with Gunstock

This video screams “fugazi” at me real loud, but even if it is, it won’t hurt anyone having a bit of laugh at Best Gore every now and again.

The video, which is apparently from Brazil, shows a man trying to whack a fish with the stock of a long gun. As he whacks, the gun discharges, hitting him somewhere near to the crotch area.

I guess it’s possible a gun owner would go fishing with his gun just because, which would explain why the gun was loaded, but decide last minute to go Rambo and take out a helicopter with a pebble, I mean a fish with the butt, because that would look much cooler than shooting it on video. But I still have my doubts about the genuinity of the footage. Does anybody know more about it? Do you think it’s real?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the vid:

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85 thoughts on “Guy Shoots Himself Trying to Whack Fish with Gunstock”

  1. Could be real but i’m not sure. The fish that survived the attack seemed very real. Hard to say on this one. But from personal experience, I have had a shotgun once go off, from the butt of the weapon hitting my knee while walking with it. But it was a very old single shot shotgun, and it was cocked and ready to kill crow.

      1. My thoughts exactly
        I also had a 410 that’d go off if you even jiggled the stock of the gun. I’d step in rabbit holes (gun held as if marching) while walking and it’d shoot in the air.
        This is definitely small caliber, if not a break barrel pellet gun. It sounded like a spring snapping which is a pellet gun sound.
        BG4L…. I love all yall.

    1. What really happened here is the guy brought the gun down on the fish but the fish was too quick; it sidestepped his strike, stuck its fin out of the water and shot him with his own gun. I know I’m right because it was a Triggerfish. πŸ˜€

      I’ll get my coat πŸ™

    1. My favorite lure was always the “frog n spin” I used to keep like 10 of them in my tackle box. Great memories fishing with my dad and grandpa, frying up some fish and grits. Anyhoo…enough rambling….. Off to the rifle build!

  2. I think it’s fugazi, but am not 100% sure.
    No sane man attacks something with the dangerous end of a gun pointed towards him.
    Personally I’ve always hated guns and would be fearful of the muzzle pointed at me even if unloaded.

  3. Looks like Benghazi,,,, Oooopsy,,, “Fugazi” is what i meant to say instead! (I,ll TRY THAT AGAIN)ok?
    This looks Fugazi because A Shot Gun, would have totally kicked those legs out from underneath him,
    and landing him face first in the Dirty-Drink, with that Catfish in his mouth, me thinks.

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