Homeless Man Has Infected Foot Crawling with Maggots

Homeless Man Has Infected Foot Crawling with Maggots

The video shows a homeless man from Brazil with maggots crawling inside his badly infected foot. He appears to wear some kind of a brace, which looks like it was put in place by a doctor to support his ankle after a fracture.

The man, for whatever reason, probably didn’t follow up with the doctor, left the brace on, and the injury around it got progressively worse, eventually leading to the necrotizing infection and maggots infestation – the letter being good, considering the former.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Homeless Man Has Infected Foot Crawling with Maggots”

    1. “…. And now, next on our tour of beautiful Brazil, we have a typical homeless man. If you look closely, you can see the metal brace and the cavity in the heel of the foot with little maggots crawling around inside. You’re going to want to get your cameras ready for this one, and take some pix to post on facebook. Next up, we’ll tour the gas station where Ryan Lochte pissed and claimed he was robbed at gunpoint…”

      1. In some countries it just isn’t as simple as just going “to the hospital”. In the US, hospitals are required to treat (or otherwise stabilize those severely injured), regardless of ability to pay. Who knows what the policy is in Brazil.

          1. He clearly went to a hospital in the beginning because he has a brace of some sort attatched to his foot/ankle, so he must have been given a follow up appointment but he didn’t bother going back. It’s his own fault he’s now in this state, and watching the video he dosen’t seem all that bothered about it.

      2. Mr. Jim, your cup overflows with empathy… Have you considered that perhaps this homeless man cannot WALK 2 inches in front of himself? As for calling for an ambulance, I’m pretty sure that his ‘cellphone’ hasn’t been recharged since his unfortunate accident…

  1. No sympathy for his obvious idleness. Should have put in the effort to make the follow up appointment. Same as the doctor put in the effort to help in the first place.
    Having said all of that, maybe he lost a crutch !!

      1. Talking of which. Our new PM has a new policy in line for immigrants. Once the policy kicks in, any prospective immigrant will have to have a job in place to come to, otherwise they ain’t getting in. And that’s just the start of it.
        I’m liking this new way of thinking, for the moment at least.

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  3. its not easy in 3rd world countrys as either dude couldnt pay or get a ride. its not so hard to vision from the custom living conditions a fine roof over head, the sun and like magic by night the moon lights his home, he paid extra for that. he has a system for greeting new friends like facebook except he doesnt need to text or call his visitors are snakes, mice and birds of prey and even a king may stop by to dine upon him. you feel jealous? heck if hot the flys cool him down with there wings and when tired they rest in his foot. in truth its easy to say why or why not, do or dont yet we are not in his shoes i dont think he likes maggots on his foot? in the us civil war they used maggots to eat infected areas of wounds from battle im shire doctors controlled how long they fed. this poor guy got hurt probly runing for his life and tripped and some one took him to a clinic open for a few hours and they set broken bone. if violent conflicts happen clinic shuts its doors as doctors fear getting killed, who could blame them? these clinics dont always have antibiotics or pain meds he got drove home after surgery. this guy cant walk yet has no car, bike etc. he could do little to change his outcome except another taking him to get his foot hacked off or die from infection and he might be knocking on deaths door now who knows? id hate to be in his shoes.

  4. I don’t know what this guy is saying, but from how the homeless Osama bin laden is laying, I’m pretty sure it’s along the lines of “YES!! Hold it there, I’m going to paint you like one of my French girls”

  5. poor maggots, they have shit reputation but in this case might just save this man’s foot. maggots are used in modern hospitals all over the world to remove dead tissue that otherwise might turn to ganggreen or otherwise hinder the body’s natural healing process. they can do the job better and cheaper than a doctor with a scalpel. maggots never touch living tissue and rarely carry diseases.
    they are also one of the world’s most nutritious foods you can get and are considered a delicacy in asia, south america and australia. (but makes lousy pets.)
    i think the world will be a safer and better place for everybody if america had a maggot as the next president considering the two other options we have today.

  6. ketil, very informitive i knew in civil was they used them yet i didnt know they still do. i have doubts of this guy not diein from infection but there is alot of dead tissue there so time will tell if he lives and i wonder if any of his foot will survive. as i said great info on maggots.

    1. hi tim, it is the same with leeches, they can also do things that modern medicine can’t. it is called biotherapy but they taste
      real bad and makes lousy presidents. they be like the rest, just
      suck you for all you got while you think the sun shines out
      of their arse.

  7. Maggot’s In the wound will actually help heal the infection by eating the dead tissue. Although..That is quite a hole in his foot/ankle and hopefully is on some sort of anti-biotic. If so, between the anti biotics and the maggot’s. He should be healing up fine!…….

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