Hood Rats Have a Cat Fight Outdoors, Plus a Policeman on Bike Gets Hit

Hood Rats Have a Cat Fight Outdoors, Plus a Policeman on Bike Gets Hit

Very little of what’s going on in this video makes sense to me, but then again, this type of situation really isn’t something I wanna try to make sense of.

It’s a video of hood rats, some of them pregnant, having a hair pulling cat fight outdoors in East Oakland. It involves a lot of screaming and acting gangsta, and eventually a guy punching a girl.

As an added bonus, at the end of the video, a policeman on a motorcycle gets hit by a car.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day…

166 thoughts on “Hood Rats Have a Cat Fight Outdoors, Plus a Policeman on Bike Gets Hit”

  1. The glee the guy at the end showed over the cop was funny, but I can’t watch most of this video. I see this kind of behavior all too often in this toilet bowl we call a society. Idiots like this just deserve to be lined up against a wall and sprayed with machine gun bullets.

      1. this footage is at least three years old there’s a movie advertisement on the Burger King window for Eclipse why the movies for the Twilight serious that tells you how old this video is

        this site obviously have to get some ones approval before they post video even the news or media releases beheading videos and stuff before it ends up on this site

        1. It is a new video… They don’t release new movies in porch monkey-ville until the block-buster sells the DVD’s for a buck at the register.

          A bunch of animals and a main reason for the US’s demise.

        2. @Davidagarcia
          STFU. You wanna sit here and rag on the age of the content on BG, yet that “site” you run made my eyes bleed. I appreciate your attempts at humanitarianism but for fucks sake PLEASE run spell/grammar check before posting! Or let a literate person proofread it first! The page may actually help some of those victims then! But don’t come on here acting holier than thou when you’re linking back to your cesspool of a “news” site just because it’s YOURS.

          “Let he who is without grammatical errors cast the first stone.”

          1. HEY BBB , how are you cuz? Mate you would have NO problem moving here. You are white, under 50, speak English and are a top bloke so how could they say no? (Especially when they will let in 70 year old Chinese women who speak no English just because their relative lives here)
            Seriously, you should give it a go! I got a spare room or seven brother!!

          1. Excuse me bud, but I lived here since the day I was born ( funny enough) and I have NEVER seen women beating the fuck out of each other in my life.

            And if it happens in the UK, then I’m sure it’s the little darkies doing it over the too…..

    1. Not to try to hijack your post @Future Days. Just wanted to give some context to this incident. I grew up in the area so I understand what they’re saying.

      Apparently these are at least two separate crews of Prostitutes with their pimps. The crew in the van is from East Oakland while the rival group is from “Fillmore” street in San Francisco right over the bay bridge. The East Oakland group felt disrespected by the San Francisco troop and the fight breaks out. Needless to say its a bunch of low caliber people acting like idiots.

      1. Thanks for the info. I’m a big fan of the Bay Area. I currently live in Florida. Thankfully, videos like this can’t tarnish my view of San Francisco and Oakland. This kind of stuff goes down in my own hometown. Just people being stupid.

    2. Hahaha…typical ratchets. They get so overheated so fast. Yeah, good one, pregnant and fighting..getting kicks to the stomach or was she just a fatso? Remember this…Once you go black..you’re a single mom with a stretched out pussy.

    3. These ghetto bitches make the black race look bad. My gf is half black/white and man she got annoyed just listening to girl screaming “I’m pregnant!” “I’m pregnant!”, yea but she wasn’t pregnant when she was beating the other girls ass…

    1. …and they complain about how they are portrayed. It would be really be quite tough to show these people respect, especially if their actions make up for none of it. I’ve seen ‘gangsta’ shit, and I think the world will be a bit better off without it.

      These type of people do nothing productive and often counter that. They are, in my opinion, useless. They claim resources yet give nothing back. They do not help with the population problem and they tend to be the government’s problems. Not to mention, they add to the crime rate.

      Their actions astound me. I think they find it hard to care about their surroundings, as long as they do what they want. Very primitive. They could have wrecked a larger havoc, more people would have got hurt and those pregnant chicks could have had an early, unscheduled abortion with those kicks on the stomach. Individualism is good, selfishness isn’t. It’s about time these type of people need to learn the difference and that their actions reflect who they are, as well as the environment around them.

      Also, Happy Valentine’s Day to you Ate, as well as my fellow SOBs! 😀 Like what Ringo Starr says, “peace and love”. 😀

        1. Or don’t you wish you’d just picked it yourself……

          I mean seriously though, were your oldies really that scared of a hard days work?

          I mean pick the scenario you like. A) wake up in the country air, have some farm fresh eggs and get the horses ready for a days work in the fields, finish work, look back at the progress you made and go home to your family for a night around the piano. Or B) wake up in a bad mood after restless night sleep because the human beings you keep like dogs in the backyard were crying all
          night, oil up the whips and get your nasty hat on, show the dark side of humanity all day after dishing out punishments and screaming insults, punish and threaten beatings because the progress made is not good enough, and finish work and go home forever looking over your shoulder in the paranoia that one of these slaves you own is nit going to slit your throat while you sleep………

          Still it happened, so I suppose, the answer is B…….

          1. Hey numb nuts. It wasn’t our “oldies”. It was the wealthy elite of the time. Buying slaves as cheap labour, so they wouldn’t have to hire a white man at a higher cost. You watch too many BS slave movies. They’re all nonsense. Only the wealthy owned slaves.

          2. Shut the F____ up… I did not slave these animals.. either did my Father or his Father or his Father…

            You hear the Chinese bitching about working on the railroads, or being forced into China-towns? Nope… they made the best of it and continue to. Their kids excel in school and they keep their homes neat and clean….

            Now fast-forward to these wiggers… Still bitching… Still whining… Still failing at everything they do except smoking crack, robbing and f—ing up Whitey at every chance they get.

            Animals… I am sick of them

        1. To all : Nobody alive today did anything to anyone 150 years ago. Americans didn’t invent slavery when this Continent was being depopulated and re-populated the Colonizers didn’t play favorites even white people were brought over as indentured slaves .
          ” Didn’t have any credit card debt collection problems back then ” And at the end of it all cotton and other like cash crops were picked by black slaves…but that system was full of waste and unsustainable…it would have collapsed as un-workable.
          At the end slavery was about rearing slaves as a cash crop in itself.
          That no longer exists.
          Unless you count the fact were all slaves to our government….now.
          Good discussion guys 😉

          1. @everyone and all

            I’m sorry!!!

            Sometimes I wonder what going through my half wit brain at the time.

            I know no country is perfect and yes Australia was a pretty brutal place a hundred years ago if you weren’t Anglo.

            So I hear what you are all saying and I do apologise……

          2. @Dutchy We all need to learn about each other.
            Did you know many immigrants though mainly Irish came to this country during our Civil War ?
            They left their homes because of famine or war or a chance for a better life that they heard of.
            For many when they got here the only job openings were overwhelmingly military in nature as you might imagine if you ever were to research the death toll of our civil war.
            These immigrants never having spent a moment to enjoy the freedoms of this country walked off ships where the conditions may have been not much better than a slave ship.
            Straight into the meat grinder that was our Civil War.
            A lot of white people died who never owned a slave in their life to set them free.
            I believe the debt has more than been paid for the evils of slavery in our country by the death toll of that terrible war alone.

          3. No worries @dutchy.
            I looked at my comment I said to you and I do believe I could’ve got my point across without the “smart-ass” response. 🙂

          4. @rayf , no I didn’t know that. And I until I just looked it up didn’t even know what the civil war was about. So yeah, it’s good to learn these things about each other! It’s a pity the topic of this post were not able to learn and get their shit together. Having to live amongst that on a daily basis must be incredibly irritating and unnerving.

            No worries @gnat !!

          1. It’s just fucking ugly gutter garbage lingo coming out of some fucking ugly gutter garbage.

            I didn’t understand a single word and I really don’t think I would be any better off if could understand those freaks of nature’s fighting words.

            I wanna know, should one of these primates get a job, say at the zoo, and had to actually swap their pink Lycra boob tubes for a bra and ironed shirt, would their language change?

            I mean do they have a separate dialect for the ghetto on weekends to the office during the working week? Or is this gutter garbage it?

            Merica must be proud of those hard working education dollars. Maybe if they spent, ooh, let’s see, five trillion dollars a year less on butting into everyone else’s business / military budget, they may actually produce some graduates out of kindergarten…..

          2. @Dutchy I dunno I had an interview at a damn nice job and the black lady doing the orientation couldnt help but say “axe” instead of ask…you could tell she was trying hard to subdue the ghetto inside of her

  2. Why even bother commenting on those gorillas in the mist? Everyday same ol’, same ol’. National geographic and these sort of vids all have the same common theme. Gorillas fighting. Just let them keep on fighting and nature will take its course.

    1. The shit skins fighting in the parking lot is the next shift. An hour later, the BK employees working there were outside throwing monkey shit at each other too.

  3. What can I say, niggers will always be niggers (no offense to some hard-working African-American men and women)

    Oh America “land of the great”. They should deport them all to the Middle East and feed them to ISIS. The guy who punched the pregnant hoe must felt like a real man, fucking monkey.

    It’s funny the cops were standing around the corner all the time but they didn’t interfere given all the commotions. I guess they figured if someone suddenly takes out a gun and starts shooting, a few less niggers wouldn’t hurt anyone.

    Less for them to kill on the streets, lol

  4. Its funny, the same officers he was laughing at were the same cops that HE called when his fucking mother was getting raped!!!! Get a fucking life. whoever filmed this is a true work of art. Thanks black America for stereotyping your own damn selves. Ignorant.

  5. If I wanted to see this i could drive less than an hour to Compton … Just like everyone else has said, nothing to see her folks. Unless like most people on this planet, you live in a self-absorbed life where you live with no worries as to of whats happening on this planet( which is why most of come here; were not like most people) besides their typical every day routines or as we call in the navy your dailys. But besides this, I love this site! There’s just not not good gore like there used to be…

  6. The all new back to the motherland movement. The US government has agreed to invest 1 trillion dollars to repatriate African Americans to the motherland, Africa. Every black person gets 20 acres of land. Free SUV with spinners. Free cell phone with free service for 20 years. A free check every month for 50 years. All you can eat chicken buffet every Friday and Saturday for 20 years. Free carnival cruise vacation everything included with the last stop being the motherland. Full infrastructure to be built by Americas best construction firms. New universities constructed and free education permanently. Free healthcare permanently. One free vacation per year for 20 years anywhere in Africa. Join the movement today! Back to the motherland….Africa. Take Africa back!

    1. ” Here in the midst of the Oakland Jungle, live an underdeveloped species of ape … Africanas Americas. This devolved ape clan, exhibit an overtly aggressive behaviour and inexplicably, have learned to utilise discarded rags to cover their bodies ” ……

      ( David Attenborough Voice )

  7. Just another day in da hood. Going through the drive thru in a black neighborhood is just like going on safari in the urban jungle, don’t feed the primates and roll up your windows unless you like being hit with poo.

  8. american niggas show the sustained decadency and corruption of american leaders, permitting that a increasingly growing population of blacks are born and raised without proper education and values, becoming into failure citizens not worth of confidence or positive social integration, adding negative numbers to bad indicators in crime, poverty, violence, you call it.
    niggas have mostly chaotic personalities and need early and proper guidance.
    maybe if USA stop his nosy agenda and avid of natural resources claws around the globe, restraining his obsessive military actions and uses these money to wash the dirty clothes in their house, the problem will see a path to solution in a few generations, otherwise they are doomed to become a white minority in their country, surrounded by crime and violence, this ultimately can lead to a bloody civil conflict…

    1. @toloise,

      You?re right about the chaotic personalities but the educational theory needs to be looked at again.

      Blacks, whites and all others in-between attend the same schools in large parts of America and else where around the world and yet on average the blacks consistently do worse than any other race and the question is why?

      If we are all equal from the start then blacks given the same opportunities and education as everybody else, regardless of any home-situations, should average out the same as everybody else but they don?t.

      To fix the above ratio the government gave black people affirmative action in order to boost their status, which in itself was discrimination against every other race, and yet this too failed to fix the ratio of under-performance.

      Taxpayer money has been thrown at this situation time and time again without success and therefore we have to sit back and say to ourselves that if black people, given the same opportunities as everybody else, still can?t keep up then we are not all equal as the liberal minded keep saying.

      White privilege doesn?t exist despite what black people and liberals say, I do not feel privileged to work every bloody hour of the day just to be able to pay my bills on time and keep my car on the road and for the vast majority of white people it?s the same. Unless you are rich there is no privilege in being white or otherwise.

      My conclusion, either the failing of the black race is due to their own attitude towards life and study or they are simply unable to function at the same level as everybody else due to racial genetics.

  9. They are one of the many products of brutal wars some of our beloved countries have been waging on generations and humanity:

    Middle easterners with their backward, rotten ideologies have been killing each for quite some time now. Many destroyed generations and the ones to come. If they survive, they will carry the wounds, scars and stigmas of blood, gore, destruction and mayhem accompanied by the smells of burnt human flesh and rotten guts and bile and images of brothers killing brothers, smiling decapitated heads and bullet-riddled corpses into an endless future.
    They are royally fucked and wiped from within. Mission accomplished!

    Same can be said more or less about South America ripped apart by decades of perpetual drug wars that some of our intelligence agencies are or have been financing and supporting, abject poverty while sitting on a wealth of natural resources, grudges and ruthless, indiscriminate violence and ruled by corrupt to the core leaders and politicians.

    So they don’t seem to have a better future than their sand-rat brothers in the Middle East.

    This is while at home, brainwashed by retarded liberal propaganda, we cry wolf and bitch about the rapid surge in the number of immigrants, unemployment, foreclosures, poverty and racial conflicts and home-grown terrorism.

    It’s funny how we have the tendency only to receive immigrants from countries we are systematically and perpetually bombing and waging covert and overt wars upon. We have the tendency to collect and hoard the wastes and rejects from countries we like to invade, bomb and steal their wealth.

    And our dick-head general public gets exited and blames it all on the rag-head recently arrived immigrant who doesn’t know which hole is the mouth.

    Occasionally we see “heroes” getting all exited and shoot three innocent university students in the head at their doorstep with a .44 caliber magnum. What a nightmarish masquerade of a society we are offering to our kids.

    Same can be more or less said about the same old Eastern Europe and Balkan conflicts with visible dirty hands of our countries. Generations maimed and lost by ethnic cleansing and territorial strife.
    Today the bloodshed still hasn’t let up.

    Then we have these welfare junkies of chimps and coons on our home soils, polluting our streets and take away a big chunk of what’s left our moral and human values.

    Then we have a drugged-out to the core and hazed generation of looser youth raised on junk food and brain-killing video games and movies, easy to manipulate, control and own.

    And many many others to be found.

    So brothers and sisters, humanity is doomed to fall and and with its departure it may offer a chance to this Earth to be restored to its original beauty.

    As for niggers, I wouldn’t hesitate to take them out (if i can) the way as wouldn’t when it comes to Islamic terrorists, petty criminals and degenerate rejects if they trespass me.

    It’s time for every awoken human soul to fend for themselves and take action if they see any remote chance for our race to survive. Time is our biggest enemy.

    If you can’t cure the Frankenstein you’ve raised, bury the Frankenstein.

  10. What the christ?! You’ve got to keep your stress levels down while pregnant, ya dig what I’m sayin’? Too much cortisol in the blood stream and you’ll end up with a kid who grows up to talk Pimp to his phone or punches pregnant women. Word.

  11. These savages. No longer a “minority.”
    YOU are now in the minority.
    And it will get worse. They are reproducng many times faster than you are (“generation” is now 13 years, and a spawn is popped out regularly every 9 months thereafter).

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