Human Remains Pulled Out of Huge Slain Alligator

Human Remains Pulled Out of Huge Slain Alligator

The attack occurred in Amapá, Brazil. Witnesses allege that a man jumped into a river, quickly disappeared under the surface and has not been seen alive again. 2 days after his disappearance, the villagers killed this huge alligator and already knew what they were gonna find inside of its stomach. Can you name each body part as it’s being pulled out? Poor gator, though. He just had himself a nice extra large meal and they fucked him up before he could even digest it.

Also – what is the very first thing they pull out of the croc’s throat? Kind of looks like penis, no?

The video is 17 and a half minutes long, but pretty interesting:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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68 thoughts on “Human Remains Pulled Out of Huge Slain Alligator”

    1. Announcer: Michael Phelps (I think he’ll be there for it, if not insert other Olympic swimmer here) is about to win his 23rd gold medal and….. ohhh! He has just been consumed by a crocodile, he is the seventh Olympics swimmer to be eaten by a crocodile during these games.

      1. xD I thought flip flops were useful underwater, apparently they dont make you a good swimmer either. I wonder which flavor the crocodiles prefer, I guess they are used to chocolate mostly, now they will have vanilla and coconut as well.

        1. When I click on a video to watch it it gives the details about the video but no video. This happens 6 out 10 videos. I can watch some but not all. Any suggestions anyone???

          1. they do occur naturally in the Pantanal region (around the center/western part of Brazil). Read the first post I already stated that they do occur just not in Amapa

  1. 1) Yes, first object looks like an uncircumcised penis. WTF?

    2) Looks like the machete is sharper than the Mexican narcos use!

    3) One of the dudes retching in the background… Priceless! (Not sure I’d do any better, however)

    4) @ 9:47 Seriously? AN EYEBALL??? Truly indestructible as we’ve learned!

    5) What? No flip-flop? That would have made the video complete!

    1. So by looking at your avatar, you must be one of those guys that drive around during the day time, jacking off to random women that you see. And you probably even make sure they can see you doing it. I knew a guy who did that….now he is in prison because of it. And I have a had a couple of men do it to me. Once on the freeway at night, with his dome light shining on it. I sped up, he would speed up. Over and over again. It was a disgusting turn on for him. I finally was able to ditch his ass at an exit off the fwy. And then another time when I was 8, in a day care van going on a field trip. A man was in a car looking up at me in the window with a smirk on his face. I could see exactly what he was doing. Fetish maybe to these guys….but its gross, no one wants to see you playing with it.

    1. Senor piggy, you had an avatar of a guy smiling like 2 months ago, could you tell me where you found it? IT was fun to look at him, hopefully it wasnt yourself, otherwise I would not appollogize anyways

    2. Apparently you dont know Adriana Lima, she is one of the hottest women alive, and proudly brazilian. Now, if I were a crocodile, I would have animal sex with her, and then I would get rid of the evidence.

    1. I’m not disputing that is isn’t an alligator, it is a gator (I was born in the bayous). I’m talking about how alligators are not normally found in Amapa, they are found in the Pantanal area of brazil.

          1. careful you wouldn’t want to get foot mouth disease! lol. Don’t worry about it, I did not think they were there either until I looked it up.

  2. Killing an animal for doing what comes naturally seems wrong. If someone is attacked by a shark, dont hunt down the shark. If someone is killed by a reptile, don’t hunt down the reptile. They’re just trying to survive the only way they know how, and the only way nature intended.

    If you can’t accept that, it’s fine – but don’t go in the ocean, and don’t live in a fucking swamp.

  3. Gahhhhhh! WTF??? Those idiots took forever taking out those body parts. And they spent a little too much time displaying that penis like it was a trophy! Then at the end they show all the guys involved. I was expecting them to take a bow and give an acceptance speech. Blah!!!

  4. I don’t understand why we have to go out and kill an animal that killed a human being. I understand if the animal in question is rabid or something else to that extent. But why the hell punish a wild predator for something its hard wired to do, kill and eat prey. Humans make so so fucking mad sometimes.

    1. Human egotism states that we’ve got to be top predator, and thus we kill anything defying this notion. We did the same to wolves. I think we’re the only species with this megalomaniac disposition, and look how well we’ve done.

  5. The guy jumped into the water, it’s not like the croc came out and got him. FFS, why did they have to kill the croc?! It’s not gonna change the fact the guy is dead. Can’t blame a croc for being a croc. It pisses me off when animals are killed just because they’ve killed a human. There are far too many humans on the planet anyway, and if you are going to put yourself in their domain, you deserve what you get. 😛

  6. fucking gross how they walkin’ around with no shoes on around everything…dirty, dirty brazilians!! i think it was quite stupid for the guy to jump in the water in the first place! didn’t he know that was a death sentence waiting to happen?! although he did jump in like an idiot, i would have killed and cut open this croc/gator to make sure hes in there. wouldn’t YOU all want to know if that was someone dear to you? (but dumb too) i hate crocs and alligators so more power to ’em!!!

  7. I would’ve killed the villagers and fed them to the alligators. If the guy’s dead, let him be dead and let the alligator keep his meal. Vengeance killing on animals is a very stupid, asinine concept.

    1. You clearly don’t understand the laws of the wild…kill before your’e killed, eat before your eaten. and when your time comes, get killed and eaten. that’s what happened to croc and victim alike.

      1. I agree. Pointless and stupid. They’re just screwing up the ecological process. The dude that got eaten had no business being in that dangerous area anyhow. Some people just aren’t very bright.

        And Crixus, you clearly don’t understand Grossman’s response. Those humans only killed the crock cause he ate their human friend

    2. I agree. Pointless and stupid. They’re just screwing up the ecological process. The dude that got eaten had no business being in that dangerous area anyhow. Some people just aren’t very bright.

  8. at 10:20 proof that the nigh indestructible eye, really is indestructible…not even the potent digestive enzymes of a croc could do it in!! LOL. damn when I die, I want to reincarnate as an eye!

  9. If that was a Gator, which only range in the Southeastern US, it must have been on vacation… What kind of luggage would a Gator carry anyways?
    I worked with American Alligators and they’re amazing, intelligent, creatures regardless of what anyone says. Sorry, not too much experience with Crocs though.
    Anyways, not tryin’ to be a dick. All in good fun… Enjoyed all the posts here.

  10. What was the point of killing the alligator to take out the deceased and dismembered, partially digested dude? Did they think they were going to save the guy?

    The alligator was just doing what it was designed to do. No pity for the dumb ass that went into a wild swamp in the wild and got eaten

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