Hungry Dog Eats Dead Owner’s Face

Hungry Dog Eats Dead Owner's Face

Man lived with his dog but died. Dag had nowhere to go and with no one to feed him, he turned to the flab of meat that gave off that irresistible rotting flesh odor. As is typical of dead humans getting eaten by animals, the dog munched on his former owner’s face, leaving other body parts intact. I wonder what it is that attracts animals to the face before anything else.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. look at that doggy in the bedroom the one with blood covered maw look at that dead man on the bed being chewed on by one he adored
        i feel that didn’t quite work out but hey i tried and i like dogs even this one looks quite funny

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    1. This is one of those subject, that believe it or not comes up for debate among the medical community, for various reasons, from time to time.

      Some have tried to speculate and figure out exactly what it is that causes this, as it is documented in many cases, with many different outcomes.

      I know most will say that the obvious answer is, the owner dies, the dog is not feed, dog smells owners decay, and instinct kicks in … end of story.

      And to some degree, I’m sure that is true in some cases, however there numerous other cases where the owner died, and when the animals were found, the corpses were untouched, and the pets close by them, as if guarding them, and the pets were in advance stages of dehydration and malnutrition, and in some cases, the animals were dead as well. Also there are many more cases documented where the owners were not even touched by their pets, than they are ones documented to have been eaten or even chewed on.

      So what makes some eat their owners, and some not? Other than the obvious, I think one explanation may be because the animals naturally lick the facial area while the owners are alive, as a sign of affection, devotion and social interaction and therefore after death, they may panic when there is no response or arousal of the owner and start by licking, clawing, and scratching, until they cause a wound, and then when hunger pains begins and they start to lick the wound, as they would normally to to aid healing in life, but coupled with hunger now, then instinct takes over, after all they are animals, and as we all do, they do what’s needed to survive, in most cases. But if they never break the skin (through frantic clawing or scratching) to make a wound, then they may not ever consider owner as food. Just an opinion ..

      1. Thanks @MedEx! That’s really cool and it never really dawned on me that things like this were possible results of dogs showing affection for the owner. Its actually extra sad when you think about it that way

  1. can’t blame the dog. i’d do the same if i found myself with no food and a dead fleshy virus as my only food supply. the survival of the mouse is paramount! hope the retard who took the picture also fed the mutt. poor doggie! my cats will eat me when i die. circle of life.

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  2. I think dogs do that as instinct to try and ?wake up? their owners. At first the dog would lick the face and then when the man did not respond, the dog would start biting to get him awake. Dogs are very smart. I saw a show where dogs were able to smell cancers on people. One lady had a cancer on her leg and her dog kept licking it to try to make it better!

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    1. This is true… My cousin found her friend dead. She was dead something like 3 days and the 2 year old girl was there trying to wake her mom up. Stuff like that really hits home, and is very sad to think the kid was alone with dead mom.

  3. I think there are two possible scenarios here.
    Either, the man was not dead, merely unconscious with very low vital signs, or he was dead and the god/dog was hungry. The serial killer Dennis Neilson said on a couple of occasions he realised his victims weren’t dead only because his dog kept licking the faces, it completely ignored them when they were dead. A dog would not try to revive a corpse, a god/dog knows when the fire has been truly exstinguished.
    Could this possibly point to a drugs overdose, suicide or accidental?

    1. opps, accidently hit the post comment button then before I’d finished my pontificating.

      The other option is that the dude’s light was already snuffed out and the dog merely saw his flesh husk as meat.

  4. OK, I think everyone got the story wrong, the dog killed the owner himself. Cause if you look at the size of the owner, the dog KNEW, it was just a matter of time before the owner ate him! Elementary, my dear gorgians, elementary!

  5. MR NORMAL says in death animals glorify their dead by eating them sometimes, this is a great sign of respect, it shows how much they care about their loved ones.

    On a More Sinister Note- Hungry Dogs are rampant in the world, please feel free to adopt them, and feed them, maybe then humans will be less futile

  6. Mark , sure you are Canadian ? You guys don’t FISH in Canada ? The CHEEK meat is the most tender & best meat on many animals, (including homo sapiens). That’s why a dog will eat the face first. Please re-watch “Hannibal”

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