Hungry Dog Eats Dead Woman Killed During 1947 Partition of India

Hungry Dog Eats Dead Woman Killed During 1947 Partition of India

In 1947, as India gained its independence from the British Raj, the country was divided into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of India. The division, which became known as the Partition of India, left at least 10 million people displaced, and more than 500,000 dead.

In 1905, the Hindu-dominated Indian National Congress (INC) protested against the British plan to ease the religious tensions by dividing the state of Bengal along religious lines. Muslims responded by forming the Muslim League which sought to add the voice of Muslim into decisions that had effect on them.

When World War I broke out, both the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League agreed to send 1 Million volunteer Indian troops to fight on Britain’s behalf in Europe. Both were lead to believe that in return, the British will end their colonial rule over India and grant the country independence. They were both deceived when Britain offered no concessions after the great war.

In April of 1919, protests broke out in Amritsar, Punjab to which the British responded by ordering the army to open fire on the unarmed protesters. Over 1,000 people were killed in what became known as the Amritsar Massacre. The word about the massacre spread across India and millions of formerly apolitical Indians became supporters of either the INC of the Muslim League overnight.

In the midst of the melee, a man who were to become the symbol of non violent protest worldwide arose. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a big proponent of keeping the Hindu and Muslim populations unified, however not all INC members shared his inclination to join with Muslims which created room for the Muslim League to plan for independence from Hindu majority India.

When World War II broke out, the British expected India to once again send a large number of soldiers to fight and die on their behalf in Europe, but the INC remembered how they were hoodwinked the last time and refused to get fooled again. Because ties between the INC and the Muslim League have loosened by that time, unlike the INC, the Muslim League agreed to provide their soldier in hopes that it would garner Britain’s support for an independent Muslim state.

As the independence for Muslims became imminent, the country began a gradual descent toward sectarian civil war. Mahatma Gandhi called for all Indians, regardless of religion to stand united in the opposition to British rule, but tensions kept rising and so did the death toll on both sides.

The prospect of keeping India united became unattainable but additional tensions were created by the inability of both sides to agree on where the new border should be. Regions with mostly Muslims population were to become Pakistan, while those with mostly Hindus and other, less represented religions (Christians, Sikhs) stayed with India. The problem were regions with nearly even mixtures of Hindus and Muslims, such as the wealthy and fertile state of the Punjab that both sides wanted to keep.

Eventually, the border was drown right down the middle, forcing millions of people into displacement. The melee created by mass migration, coupled with rising sectarian hostility resulted in half a million deaths.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was founded on August 14, 1947. The Republic of India followed suit on August 15, 1947.

Below are a few pictures taken during the 1947 Partition of India. Most were published in the Time magazine, including the pics of the woman eaten by a hungry dog.

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  1. Empire , and the fall thereof . We’ve been paying for it since . The Romans left Britannia in approx 410 ad , I don’t believe the remaining populace mercilessly slaughtered each other , but then again there weren’t multiple millions of them , so it is different , but the fall of empire all the same .

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  2. Very informative @Ate. Thank you for this, as i truly enjoy reading ALL you documentaries. I have learned so much here, that no boring, drawn out T-V documentary could ever do! 🙂

  3. The British empire was a bullying bastard but it was not as bad as most people make out, particularly the patriotic variety of Americans around the 4th of July.

    The British empire ruled mostly by treaty, which they did enforce with an iron hammer when negotiations failed, but they allowed the indigenous populations space to expand and gain as long as commerce and taxes were maintained therefore the British empire was merely an older version of the modern day Europe Union, much like the Roman empire before it.

    Hong Kong became far more rich and advanced under British rule than under Chinese rule, same with India and when these places became free from British rule they stopped advancing and lost a lot of what they gained.

    In the Americas Britain negotiated settlements with the native Indians in a similar manner but when the American settlers decided to part ways with Britain due to tax disputes, “no taxation without representation” they tore up the previous treaties and they took the native Indians land and resources by force and expanded their own land ownership and in order to fund this expansion they increased taxation.

    Modern day America was created from treaties and violent expansion with the help of taxation therefore the idea that the split from the British empire was due to unfair taxation and cruelty of rule is a lie, in truth the newly rich land owning settlers merely wanted to become the new power structure and increase their own wealth and land ownership which the previously signed British treaties didn’t allow them.

    To get to my point, the poor are always the losers regardless of who is in power but western,(non religious), rule allows for some to rise whereas religious rule keeps everybody down, I suppose it’s a game of pick your poison.

    1. “same with India and when these places became free from British rule they stopped advancing and lost a lot of what they gained.”

      LOL, that’s a joke?
      could you please elaborate on what we (Indians) lost that we had ‘gained’ from the arsehole of British? 🙂

      1. @lavada lahsun,

        India lost the ability to put religion aide and advance their scientific culture, sure they have a space programme now but when you look at the lack of infrastructure outside of the main cities it is apparent, India is not advanced.

        India also relies on rich western companies sending all of their manufacturing and I.T sectors over there in order to exploit global wage differences, this has boosted India’s GDP via commerce, increased employment and the factory owning Indian middle class have increased their wealth rapidly.

        India is in the middle of it’s own industrial revolution and will see constant gain for a while but whilst the rich get rich, the poor stay poor and India will still show zero growth in it’s societal growth index.

        My conclusion, India’s society hasn’t changed at all, you still have social/religious lines drawn everywhere and this keeps society down, so yes, India did lose some of what they should have gained by now, that individual ability and wealth count for more than religious/social standing.

        1. I agree that India’s current growth is highly uneven.
          But you really believe that British helped put India “religion aside” and “advance scientific culture”. LOL
          Come on man!
          They actually drove deep fissures into Indian society. They would deliberately cozy up with muzzy leaders to irk the hindus, the creation of Pak and bangladesh on RELIGIOUS lines on both sides of India was their parting gift to India, oh so noble of them (read my comment in the end about it, in reply to Acneska).
          There was no scientific encouragement to Indians, where do you get your facts?
          They did open western style schools but only to produce cheap clerks to do menial jobs in their offices. Your history books are propaganda and far away from the real truth.
          Yes they created huge railway line but only to help transport their goods for trade not to help Indians travel on holidays, lol
          They trying eradicate India’s class divide is again hogwash to justify their cheap shit colonization of India. People who come to an alien land and use trade of addictive drugs (opium) to screw the natives will be least worried about the social problems of the society of the people they are screwing, that’s just common sense.
          Its like a rapist murderer walks into my house and destroys my family and gives me some lessons on house maintenance and fire safety and FOR THIS I am supposed to be THANKFUL to him?? HAHA, are you serious!
          They were assholes and should be called rightly so!

          1. @lavada lahsun,

            You keep going on about the past as if you were there when you were not alive back then, just the same way as a lot of black people go on and on about the slave trade, you’re carrying emotional baggage that doesn’t even belong to you.

            You don’t see white Europeans going on and on about how the Romans once subjugated them by force, you don’t see the Spanish going on and on about how they were conquered by the Moors or the English crying about how the Normans subjugated them.

            You can’t blame the British for your Muslim problems, you Indians created and swelled the ranks of the Muslims by treating the poorest,(the untouchables), worse than animals, you drove them into the arms of Islam because even the poorest were considered equal under Islam.

            India had gained western education and technology under the empires rule, I am not saying that the Empire was a good thing because obviously it was subjugation and therefore wrong but to dismiss the gains that you made just because you hate them is childish, the Roman Empire despite being a subjugator of many countries gave those countries a lot of advancement and I am not ashamed to admit that as a European person.

            My conclusion, hate the British all you want but don’t dismiss your gains from them because without the British you wouldn’t even have the computer you use to comment here or the ability to travel around the world.

          2. haha, same old expected answers.
            Yes we raped you but see its your problem that you got raped, a la yes we further divided your society but see its your problem that you guys got sucked into it.
            I keep going about the past? You were the one giving me the bull about how once British left and India started to decline!
            BTW that emotional baggage belongs to fucking me! Stop talking non sense pls.
            Own up to the cunning ways of your ancestors and stop finding excuses for them.
            You pretty much repeated what you had said earlier really. If the Brishiters had not landed here we would have been more peaceful nation than we are now and what makes you think Indians couldn’t have discovered computing technology on their own?
            If it weren’t for Indians you wouldn’t know how to count and would be using the shitty ROMAN numeral system that you are so proud of!
            Heard of hindu number system? It is the base 10 system that YOUR modern science uses today.

          3. I already explained to you what “western education” and “technology” India got from the British, why do you keep making the same argument again?

          4. @lavada lahsun,

            “Own up to the cunning ways of your ancestors”.

            I have already said that subjugation is wrong but why should I apologise for the actions of people that lived and died long before I was born?, am I somehow guilty by ancestry?, if that’s the case then I hope that you do not have any criminals in your ancestry because you will be guilty by default.

            “what makes you think Indians couldn?t have discovered computing technology on their own?”.

            Now you are getting silly, you cannot make such extremely unlikely propositions without some form of reasoning related to proof. You might as well also say that had India never been invaded they would have invented the telephone, television, aircrafts, trains etc, but then that could also apply to every other country as well. Had the slave trade in Africa never happened they might have invented the telephone, television, aircrafts, trains too.

            You seem to operate on emotional based reasoning and that is why you feel the way that you do towards the present day British, I expect from my responses you probably hate me too even though I am just some random guy on the internet who means nothing to you and your life.

            However, and I have seen this form of emotional reasoning many times before, I bet despite your hatred of British people and whites in general that you spend most of your time living in these countries and not living in the India that you feel so emotionally protective about.

            Someone who truly hates a country and it’s people would never go there, to be among the ancestry of those vile rapists that invaded their country, but the fact that Indians do go there proves only one thing, that they have conflicted egos and don’t really believe in what they are preaching, despite whatever excuses they might make to justify it.

          5. I am not asking you to apologize for the misdeeds of your people from the underworld. But when you declare that Indian quality of life has nose dived once the british left then I expect some objective proofs.
            Don’t compare Indian civilization to africans!!
            I don’t think TVs and computers are a measure of advancement of people, happiness and contentment of people and their spiritual advancement to raise their consciousness is what I consider advancement, so yes I don’t care if we didn’t have facebook and iphones.
            When the British landed in 1600s in India, do you think they had slightest of hint that over years they will be inventing the things that you mentioned?
            Then why is it silly that from that point onwards Indians couldn’t have done the same? We had the ground work, our own school of maths, astronomy and medicine completely isolated from the west yet highly developed. I can’t really type most of it here!
            This link will give you a glimpse.
            You guys are fed the ideology of British supremacy so well that even a mention of anyother race exceeding them in science is difficult to digest.

            Lastly, don’t get me wrong! I don’t hate current crop of Britishers! Infact I find them really nice people, and I don’t hate you too, LOL. 🙂
            Yes I have been to UK and loved how nice the people are.

          6. @lavada lahsun

            for fuck’s sake, man, take a chill pill already. You act like India is the center of the universe and everyone owes Indians a living.

            You talk about could haves and would haves, which only proves that you’re in the sphere of wishful thinking. India has a long way to go to get on the level with the European countries because of the type of thinking you are exhibiting here. Eternal victims, instead of doing something about your situation, we spend all your energy on blaming others for your own shortcomings. It’s a sure way to always finish last.

          7. @crybaby
            haha, you summed it up well, yes India was ans is the center of civilization and yes the world owes a lot to India.
            Every civilization reaches its peak and then declines, India (and china) reached its peak and then were pushed off the cliff by you know who.
            There is a reason why the population of India and china is extremely high, its not because we are extra horny! LOL
            Its because Indian and chinese civilizations have existed, advanced and flourished long before the rest of the world and the population has geometrically progressed since then uninhibited.

        1. But legally!! Unlike the stinking white asses who landed on my country’s shores and waged wars and committed genocides!
          Google, “Bengal famine 1770” and “bengal famine 1943”.
          Check the number of deaths and also what caused this engineered genocide. When you are taught about the glorious British colonies I bet you are not given explicit details about the above facts. And this just tip of the iceberg.
          I have legitimate reasons to hate these arseholes.

          1. We know more than you think . And I echo what @Judge said . If you hate us so much , what the fuck are you doing here !? . Oh yeah , that’s right , pilfering from our over generous system you prick.

          2. Just wanted to add, I don;t really hate Britishers!! I have been to the UK and found you guys really sweet!
            Its just that I don’t want to put a smoke screen on what your ancestors have done here. I call a spade a spade that’s it.

    2. @empty. The US as a majority has turned what was supposed to be “independence day” into fireworks day with billions spent on fireworks and millions spent treating accidents incurred while lame parents watch the children light even the most dangerous ones. It’s nothing for people to spend hundreds of dollars on a bag or two of fireworks.

      I live in a town of 70,000 people and one of the worst accidents I’ve seen was when some “professionals” set off a display and a dud went up, didn’t explode properly in the air and landed in the crowd. A small child died of severe face and brain trauma, as well as some others nearby getting seriously injured. Our biggest (busiest days of the year are the 4th of July, the motorcycle rally, county fair and rodeo days) and so, yeah, just another group of corporations getting rich and greedy while pretending to be patriotic.

  4. i can’t imagine the smell.. when the corpse began to rot..
    they don’t have the time to atleast bury their dead.. might be a very unpleasant debastating experience if you live in India the time when that photos were taken..

      1. @gentlenatureman.. yeah i do think so.. i just wonder why they are not bothered by that smell.. the water in that river might be poisonous.. ill just drink my own piss rather than drink on that river with alot of corpse floating..

          1. I like cotija cheese but only fresh cause sometimes it smell weird.have you tried tacos de barbacoa dorados? I admit that they’re great but my stomach explode every time I eat them 🙁

          1. Even if she don’t stop talking about anime and beheadings and gore things?and she’s pretty jealous and threatyour life all the time? 😆

          1. I thought he was cheating me but it wasn’t true he was so kind and nice to me,makes me feel normal but now he think I’m crazy and don’t want to talk to me i miss him so much 🙁

  5. What you have mentioned in your write up is the fairy tale British version of the partition of India. The truth is the partition and the riots were engineered (by R) to create buffer muslim countries (Pak and bangladesh) to surround India. It was known that India because of her wealthy resources will rise militarily to challenge the west. Thus these buffers would make sure that India is always held back with border disputes with these shitty muzzy ‘cunt’tries.
    But I guess all it could do it delay her rise, but she is ready to rise now.
    To read more google “mahatma gandhi vadakayil” and check out the first two links. If you want the direct links reply here.

    1. What you are saying contradicts the fact that India is the biggest Zionist asskisser outside of Europe and North America. When Israel says “Jump”, Indians replies with “How high?” You won’t find many countries with virtually every member of the public sporting a brown nose from kissing Zionist ass outside of India. The way I see it, India is a friend to world hegemony, not a threat.

      1. I don’t contradict one bit to what you have said. But the point of discussion in this post was the pre-independence India, times where Indians were trying to break free.
        Apart from creating those buffers, they also managed to place Jawaharlal Nehru as Independent India’s first PM. This was a controversial decision. Nehru remained in power for 17 years straight!!
        Why Nehru? He was complete a boy toy of Edwina Mountbatten (wife of India’s last British Viceroy Lord Mountbatten, a gay). Their affair is very famous, google it.
        Got the catch? Not yet?
        Edwina had R lineage. Most of Nehru’s decision had her influence. She made sure that India forever gets entangled in border issues with Pak and China. From 1947 to 1965, India ended up fighting 2 wars with Pak and 1 with China and guess who was enjoying the show.
        Later on Nehru’s descendants continued to rule India upto 2013. India has to cozy up with Israel to counter rogue/radical nuke ready Pak.
        Reason I said, hope is back is, in this year’s historic election, finally Indian Congress (current president is a Italian women!!) was defeated after almost 66 years of their rule and a nationalist party swept the elections with a single largest majority in the history of India. India’s current PM does not take shit from others.
        But India is always under a direct threat from her neighbours and therefore cannot afford to directly challenge the NWO. She first needs to secure herself.
        BTW India continued to buy oil from Persia despite US asserting not to. ( )

  6. Gandhi & Jinnah wanted Muslims & Hindus to be united but this fucker by the name of jawahar laal Nehru who had an intimate secret relationship with the wife of Viceroy of INDIA lord mount batten convinced him through his whore wife to give most of the land to India & he agreed ….then Muslims accepted it as the will of God & started migrating to Pakistan ……. But here is the catch >>>> Sikhs didn’t like the fact that Punjab is divided into 2 countries so what they did was the reason this mass murder took place….. they not only looted the trains but they kidnapped girls & women & raping them & killing them…..then they cut there breasts & put them in sacks & started sending them to Pakistan via any transportation system at available at that time…… when people of Pakistan saw that they started doing the same thing ……Now most of the Sikhs forced those Muslim women to change their religion & adopt Sikhism …….

    Sikhs thought that by living in the country where majority of the population is following Hinduism they will live peacefully with the Hindus but there imagination remain imagination when Hindu extremists used them to kill the Muslim migrating to Pakistan …. in the following years the Hindu rage against any other religion came to an extreme in the 70’s when the massacred the Sikhs & the Muslims who were living in India & claim it as ethnic cleansing in the name of there 10,000 Gods & Goddesses for example the Cow , the snakes, Shiva, Kali , & so on…… Sikhs then hid in the Golden Temple where Prime minister of that time Indira Gandhi sent the army & committed a mass murder under the name of extremism & calling the Sikhs as terrorists because they wanted an independent state of Khalistan ( mean the land of the pure ) ….lol…pure yea right…..anyways the Sikhs were regretting not to join Pakistan when partition happened…..

    moral of the story>>>>>>>

    don’t judge the book by its cover…..

    Today in Pakistan lots of Sikhs are living & have freedom to practice there Faith because in the constitution of Pakistan You have a right to practice your Faith freely… In Pakistan there is every religion including Christians , Hindus, Sikhs & even some Jews …..who celebrate there Holidays Freely…. But….. In secular India one cannot eat beef meet in most parts & can be punished just because Hindus are vegetarians….. Sikhs admit there mistakes & regret what they did in 1947 but its too late my friend ….You people followed the wrong side & you got served in 1970’s era …..

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