Hunters Kill Crocodile, Find Human Remains Inside

Hunters Kill Crocodile, Find Human Remains Inside

No actual backstory, but it looks like a couple of hunters (a hunter and a guide, probably) killed a huge crocodile and after they skinned him and opened his stomach, found pretty fresh human body parts inside. Poor man eater was only doing the Earth service by reducing the overpopulated fleshy virus. I wonder if we taste good to the crocs.

I don’t know what kind of crocodile that is, but the coloring on the skin looks the closest to Nile Crocodiles that as the name would suggest, live in the north eastern parts of Africa. But who knows, it could also be from the Australian outback.

Props to Best Gore member nericollins for the pics:

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71 thoughts on “Hunters Kill Crocodile, Find Human Remains Inside”

    1. The make great pets just like pitbulls. I always wanted a gator or caymen, I could put a spiked collar on and leash it up in the yard. It gets to cold during winter up here so I would have to setup an indoor habitat. I guess where your from the climate is perfect for ownership.

    2. The two men that have captured the large croc look very much like Aussies. Also the landscape suggest it’s probably somewhere around Alice Springs or Darwin! The body inside looks like it’s from aboriginal decent The thick leathery soles of the victims feet look are almost a dead set give away. RIP croc

        1. @alicatt, He couldn’t have said that because when it actually happened he was swimming and he pulled it out as soon as it hit him, which is the reason why he got killed, if he left it in there he could have had a chance to survive.

          1. @Baked I’m sorry bro, I just thought I would just answer the question. I am sure that would have went through his mind when it happened, other then OUCH!. But again sorry!

            @alicat it’s fine, it is sorta hard for an Aussie not to know the story. There is a lot more to the story but you get the idea..

  1. No, I’m pissed off. These fuckers hunt the croc for bullshit purposes- especially the big ones. Why the fuck would we want all the larger specimens hunted out? It illustrates the optimal power of the animal species. Perhaps we should hunt all the fat, obese humans, yes?

    1. it’s because the human race is a very violent species. all animals kill but they do it out of necessity humans on the other hand are one of the few maybe the only species that kills for the hell of it. we get off on the misfortune of others, why do you think we make up bogus reasons for war? we love being the dominant force.

  2. I didn’t think crocs enjoyed the taste of human flesh. However this knowledge comes from watching Nip/Tuck. When they disposed of a body they would feed it to alligators but first tied 10 large hams onto the corpse to entice them. Humans aren’t their cup of tea, perhaps?

      1. Haha I spent the summer of 2005 in Europe And saw two things there I was shocked by.. Crocs and a Smartcar. Both have invaded the US, sadly. I thought we were able to withstand such an attack but in the end nothing can protect against bad euro trends.

  3. It is unlikely that this is in Australia, because its illegal to kill crocodiles here, normally they would have to trap it and move it. But if the chances are that they were aloud to kill this croc it probably wasn’t the first human it had eaten.

    They do look like some aussies to me, even though one of them reminds me of Mario. It’s also possible that these guys were asked to go to Africa and kill this huge thing, I know that has happened before

  4. the black spots on the skin are common on nile crocs,australian crocs are a more even dark grey to brown.i just assuming their south Africans that have gone hunting in the African part of the nile. def not an aussie croc anyway.

  5. That is indeed a Nile Croc, Mark πŸ™‚ Shame it got killed for no good reason. Cases like this happen a lot in Africa, especially in countries with significant war (so basically, all of Africa). Many wounded or weak fighters stop at rivers and bodies of water just because obviously, they provide water, but also because they’re about the only landmarks that can guide one home. The Crocs sit on the banks and pick them off like child’s play. African Croc species are relatively infamous for the affinity for human. Hell, just watch the movie Primeval. Gustave was real, even if he wasn’t quite shitty-horror-movie-sized.

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