Indonesian Teen Impaled Through Neck by Needlefish

Speared Through Neck by Needlefish

Indonesian Teen Impaled Through Neck by Needlefish

In Southern Indonesia, a 16 year old boy was impaled through neck by a needlefish, who according to the teen’s own words, jumped out of the sea and stabbed him.

Identified as Muhammad Idul, the teen was reportedly fishing with family, when the impact of the needlefish threw him from the boat and he had to swim to shore with the fish embedded in his neck and thrashing about.

Props to Best Gore member @zebool for the pics:

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97 thoughts on “Indonesian Teen Impaled Through Neck by Needlefish”

    1. i was almost sliced when the Sailfish i had hooked jumped into the boat i was fishing out of but thankfully it flipped itself back into the water before i got hurt. but he will have one hell of a fishing story to tell after that.

    2. I dont know man… It sounds to me like the guy made up that shit rather than confess how stupidly he probably got stabbed in reality. Kid might have been fooling around or mishandling the fish and then Squeeshh! Neck-stabbed.
      I dont know, I just cant get over the idea of the fish jumping onto a boat just like that. But hey! Fishapocalypse sounds pretty damn dope.

      1. Are you insane? We can’t eat the captain, he’s too funny! Besides, I don’t like male flesh. Also when I said I would love to have you for dinner, I meant that you were gonna be dinner…

        1. Yeah, I know Jack. I understood what you meant about having me for dinner. The Captain is more than willing to partake in the festivities or just sit back and watch. Either way, it’ll be one dinner party no one would want to miss.

    1. I’m glad you brought up Steve Irwin, so I can tell the Americans here that he was NEVER popular in Australia. He was export shit, like Fosters. Malcolm Douglas was the real deal, but unfortunately he’s dead too.

      1. Both of you are absoutely right. I loved Steve’s enthusiasm and charm but Malcolm was the real deal. Yes! Poor bugger died of a car crash ,can you believe it. I thought he was immortal until then.
        Steve fit the myth ; golden with blond hair whereas Malcom was like old leather bu t still Aussie! Haha. Do you remember his trusty mutt! Love it!
        Very bad luck for Steve but he knew the risks he took and they caught up with him. I caught a stingray once , like ten feet across on a normal rod. I cut the line quick and lost good sinkers and hooks and all! I’m not risking getting pulled in !

        There is some handsome tanned dark -haired, blue -eyed guy all the Americans love now who wears a cowboy cap. Don’t know his name.


    2. Steve Irwin died as a result of a fatal hit from the barb on the rear of a stingray thus piercing his heart and killing him.He had a habit of being overfamilar with deadly Australian animals like crocodiles and snakes.Unfortunately for him this time he pushed his luck too far and departed this world at a young age.I enjoyed his shows and he was also a good surfer.RIP Steve Aussie Legend.

  1. One thing ’bout a needlefish they got lifeless eyes, those black eyes, like a doll’s eyes…when he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin, til he impales your neck with his needle, and those black eyes roll over white, then you hear that annoying high school girl-like high pitched screamin, your t-shirt turns red, and in spite of all the bitchin and whimpering, they all come in and stab ya to pieces….

    1. I’m with ya there! I have a legal agreement with sharks: I don’t swim in the ocean, they don’t swim in my living room. It’s served us both well for decades.

  2. If a sand nigger can’t find a sharp fence to fuckin’ body rape himself on. Then with 0 effort he will have NO fuckin’ problem getting a sea creature to do it for him. How the fuck does shit like this always HAPPEN to these dune coons??

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