Infected Mosquito Bite

Unidentified Body Part with Depression Caused by Infection on Mosquito Bite Site

Infected Mosquito Bite

Quite frankly, I don’t even know what the heck I’m looking at here, but apparently these pics are of an infected mosquito bite.

It is a well known fact that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on the planet, responsible for more deaths than any other by a vast margin. However, the majority of the deaths caused by mosquitoes are a result of parasites (malaria) and viruses (dengue fever) they inject people with when they suck their blood. Causing a topical infection – that’s a new one to me.

Coronavirus has nothing on the mosquito born diseases, but hey… they wouldn’t work as effectively in causing fear and panic to the extent of the public at large begging the government to severely restrict their and everyone else’s freedoms, shut down and cripple small businesses, totally make it impossible to revolt by making assembly of more than a couple of people illegal, and force young men to the draft (Austria) to open the door to Martial Law and the New World Order.

Props to Best Gore member @wolfsend for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. @vincintomniaveritas hello Mark, i hope you are doing well, so being oringinally from Central America i am aware of such diseases like dengue cholera malaria and such, as a matter of fact I’ve been telling people there is nothing to be concern about, In Guatemala dengue florishes everywhere, yet they’re still freaking out about this hoaxovirus. In the midwest people are going crazy as well. I can’t believe people are this stupid and can’t see they’re just “testing the waters”

          1. It was my fault…

            I didn’t look at the settings tab. From there, I could’ve had more control over what to allow, and could’ve blocked everything else.

    1. No one makes me bleed my own blood lol if you can dodge a mosquito infected with Malaria you can dodge a ball. We are the Globo gym purple mosquitos and we will, we will rock you. Thank you, Chuck Norris -mosquito

  1. My guess is he scratched where the mosquito bit him and developed a staph infection causing cellulitis. That wound was surgically debrided /cleaned.The wound bed and edges look clean and if he has no secondary issues like diabetes it should heal well.

  2. I used to see Eurotrash in Indonesia with the same leg ulcers. from scratching infected mossie bites.

    Clueless they were in danger. Not a one of them ever thought to use a mosquito net. The equivalent of me touring Norway without a jacket

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  3. yeah its a forearm. we can see the end of the shirt.

    what the fuck tho… i got a similar thing many years ago when i get bite by a snake , and it wasnt that big tho and it was mostly because of an infection on top of it.

    they are no way a simple moskito bite will do that… its definitly an infection in addition, gangrenous or whatever shit is that…

    the only thing like this i saw before was from some drug junkies that used some kind of shit drugs that make their body fall apart like this .

      1. Scary indeed…

        The needle on that thing would be huge. About as huge, as the one that went into the cheeks of my ass, when I got the crabs.

        …the nurses’s hands were soft though, which took some of the sting out of it 🙂

          1. This was back before latex. However, since I didn’t use a rubber, she wasn’t going to either. (gloves stayed in Box. chewed on them anyway)

            Didn’t bottle crabs. However, learned to hate the song “I’m Burning For You.”

  4. Just based on my time working in the ER, I’d say that’s his left shoulder, and that the guy is one of those people who can’t stop picking at their skin wounds/irritations. Probably diabetic on top of all of that. I’ve seen a lot of those type of skin infections secondary to someone picking at them with less than clean fingers.

    If you get a mosquito bite or something that is driving you crazy, get some of that cheap sunburn grease Wal-Mart or some other ‘super store’ sells. It’s low content lidocaine. It numbs the area and allows it to heal.

  5. 原谅我不会英语,但我还是想问,各位都来自什么地方?如何找到这个网站的?

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