Jaguar Attack Leaves Man Ripped Apart, Decapitated and Partially Devoured

Jaguar Attack Leaves Man Ripped Apart, Decapitated and Partially Devoured

I didn’t get much backinfo, but it is my understanding that the video is from Brazil. It shows the remains of a man who was apparently attacked by a jaguar in the rainforest. He was decapitated by the cat, ripped apart and partially devoured.

It seems like a group of rangers with guns are on a hunt for the man-eating beast.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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97 thoughts on “Jaguar Attack Leaves Man Ripped Apart, Decapitated and Partially Devoured”

    1. I think you are correct, if you pause it , when the camera gets a close up of his foot, I noticed his foot is tied up with green rope,
      Sorry folks, but this man wasn’t tied up by a JAGUAR
      He was obviously beheaded and then partially devoured by the local critters

          1. These things are beautiful and very special, but they are like sharks. If you also love other animals I guess you have to choose between them. And unlike other cats that choke you to death, they literally like chew your face off!

  1. Kitty chewed 90% of the guys face off right up to his forehead! Left the top of his head and his hair probably because the cat had enough of his own hairballs to contend with and doesn’t want to be shitting and vomiting up Brazilian hair also! On a serious note may the dearly departed Brazilian rest in pieces of jaguar shit at the bottom of a river bed. Owe and may the rest of him the jaguar could not finish be eaten by the crocs so that none of him shall be waisted as the circle of life is completed! There I just wrote the mans eulogy. Your welcome

    1. Ahh, very observant of you! But what you failed to realize is that this is no ordinary putty cat we’re dealing with here. It was Mr. Whiskers himself that set the snare for this cat toy!. Impressive wouldn’t you say??

  2. They’re telling a story during the film.


    Once upon a time… They said they found a male corpse partially eaten by a Jaguar, then they lighted a fire hoping the jaguar would be afraid of the fire and not eat the body but it returned again and ate a bit more of the body. Then they left the body in that cabin with electricity on all night long but the jaguar returned again and dragged the body into the darkest depths of the rainforest and that’s where they found the body again and filmed it.

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