Kid Sticks Hand in Monkey Cage, Monkey Bites His Middle Finger Off

Kid Sticks Hand in Monkey Cage, Monkey Bites His Middle Finger Off

I love kids. I love them so much I wish monkeys would just bite the heads off every motherfucking last one of them so people can travel in peace without these irritating shits screaming their heads off for 9 hours straight on a plane.

This happened in a zoo in Quipue, Chile. A kid stuck his hand in a monkey cage, monkey grabbed his hand and bit his middle finger off. His girlfriend 10 years from now won’t appreciate that.

There were signs warning visitors to the zoo not to get close to the cage but due to apparent parental failure, the kid did and paid the price. Kids grow up so fast these days, maybe he wanted to try what it feels like to spank a monkey early on…

The video is a bit chaotic, but it’s the deed that counts. Props to Best Gore member tonces for the hook up.

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114 thoughts on “Kid Sticks Hand in Monkey Cage, Monkey Bites His Middle Finger Off”

  1. Several years ago some idiot father put out a live trap and got a baby raccoon. He wanted his 3 yr old daughter to see the raccoon. So she did and got bit when she put her hands on the trap.

    Father brings trap and baby raccoon in. I had to euthanise the animal and decapitate her to send the head off to test for rabies.

    Animal was not rabid but dead beac ause of stooopid people. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!

      1. There is a part of the brain the pathologists look for the rabies virus. They don’t want you to mess it us and just ask to send in the whole brain.

        Not fun ever but this was obviously because of a super stooooopid person! :-/

    1. I am surprised the guy didn’t put up more of a fuss about decapitating his daughter for the rabis test. Wildlife rehabber humor.
      When we got raccoon calls, we would tell people “If you let your kids handle them, we will have to cut off their heads, if it turns out they don’t have rabies we can let the raccoon go.”

    2. If you’ve ever seen the nails on those little buggers, that in itself, should make one wary about approaching them….I saw a family of them just traipsing around Victoria Park, in London,Ont. one evening, and the growling sound they make should also be a good indication to stay away from them, and any other wild animal. That’s why they’re called wild animals, duh….Sad story when the animal has to pay for such a dorky move on the fathers’ part. Wow. Sorry for you too.

        1. Id prefer Beiber slowly faded out of the limelight, cant take it, starts doing crack, ends up really depressed and lives the rest of his life in misery, ashamed of what he used to be, i want strangers to kick dirt at him as he begs for change outside a mcdonalds. Then and only then does he have permission to die.

  2. Monkey wanted kid to stick his finger up monkeys arse. Kid refused and disrespected monkey in front of other gawping zoo visitors. Monkey mad. Monkey bite finger off and stick finger up his arse. Monkey happy.

    1. Somethings that are amazingly beautiful creatures people get the urge to wanna stick there fingers in or touch,…like you for instance 😉 i do the same shit all the time at pet supplies with them big damn parrots and other birds,they always snip at my fingers.yet everytime i go in there i do it again and again.My cousins neighbor had a huge white tiger and its just one of those things that i just had to touch cuz how often do ya get a foot away from a 300 pound cat.unfortunately i didnt loose an arm so i could have posted the pics on bestgore 🙂

    1. @itwasmeon! i don’t hate monkeys my self, However it was me there with my son,I don’t give fuck’ who is there, or who is at the zoo! I would
      break that cage up, to grab that fucking monkey!! and cut / remove each and every last finger, back off that dam monkey. all kids do things like this, kids will be kids after all!!
      poor lad!

      1. jacktheripper, I don’t hate children…I hate monkeys! Of course I feel bad for the boy too!! The child had no idea that it could harm him. I also have a son, and completely understand your point of view. But that’s a Baboon, have you ever seen the size of their teeth? They can be very aggressive, if you tried to grab it, it would naturally defend itself and attack you. If I were at the zoo, and it did that to your child, I’d help you, but I definitely wouldn’t go in the cage with it!!

          1. jack, Thank you. I wonder and hope so too. If I had to go in there with that Baboon to retrieve the finger from the cage, then I’m really sorry, but the child would only have nine fingers. I’d be too scared. 🙁

  3. When I was little I went to look at the monkey they kept in this store near where I lived.I would always go see the monkey when my Mother would do the shopping and talk to him because I always felt so sorry for him.Well one day I got just a little bit too close and that little bastard grabbed a hold of one of my braids(I had very long hair)and I had to fight like hell to get my braid away from him.All in all he didn’t really hurt me but, it sure scared the hell out of me!!!

  4. That was a baboon. In my book, the most baddest assed monkey there is. To me, kind of a cross between wild dog and a ‘regular’ monkey. Even a lion will not mess with a pack of baboons. They are rather short fused too.

    Another thought comes to mind:

    The parent’s ignored the “Do not feed the monkeys” sign on the fence somewhere.

  5. When there are sign that say, don’t touch, I don’t touch, it’s gonna teach him a big lesson.
    What a horrible thing to have eat your finger though, yuck, that’d stick in my mind eternally…..ewwww.

  6. damn….poor kid, I always have a fear of loosing fingers, there just so skinny and seem like they can pop off at any time lol but where was the parental eye and attention focused on? monkeys always have a vicious side to them…you can take the monkey out of the wilderness but you can’t take the wilderness out of the monkey.. :/

  7. I can’t stand monkeys (I live in Africa and they are a royal PITA; vicious, disease-ridden and dangerous) but I still can’t stand to see any animal caged.

    Kid got what he deserved, simple. Good luck with flipping the bird, moron.

  8. The monkey had probably been mistreated and underfed by the animal keepers, in it’s defense, and was just lashing out at an unfair cruel world. If you were that monkey you might have done the same thing, to strike back at the superior species known as Homo Sapiens.

  9. Kid fucking deserved it. Tired of all these faggot fucks who are like “Ohhhh, poor kid, the monkey should die!”. No, fuck that shit, the kid should be euthanized for being a stupid fuck. Or better yet, the parents. Not the monkeys fault if the kid was being a dipshit.

  10. I am a huge fan of this site,i come here almost daily and kill like 4 hours of my life span to enjoy the butchering,gore and abomination this site has so marvelously to offer.
    Sorry for not introducing myself earlier in the previous 2 videos,just wanted to catapult myself direct to the subject of the video.
    It is such a good stress relief to just have finally found a site where i can speak my horrible and mental holocaust of a mind i posses,sorry if it is not the best place to say all this stuff,but i didn’t know where to say all this.
    So keep it up guys,and mark thank you for creating such a heaven for “mentally unstable” persons like me. 😀

  11. This is a baboon, an ape, for some of you, and they can be mean little shits. A family friend has a few of them, and one put hand out the of the cage fo me to grab it. I didn’t.

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