Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage

Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage

Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage

I have no idea where the video is from. It shows a man standing outside a lion’s cage and teasing the big cat with his unworthy presence. Eventually, the idiot sticks his hand in the cage and the lion instantly responds by biting the intruding limb.

The cat’s reflexes were amazing. That’s why you don’t fuck with the king. Unfortunately, as if keeping the majestic animal caged was not bad enough, it likely was the lion that got punished for the actions of the idiot.

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the video:

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287 thoughts on “Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage”

    1. That lion could smell niggers of course it’s pissed off. It also proves beyond any doubt that the coon is not human but a degenerate creature that has failed to evolve to any significant degree.

  1. Notice how many ran in to help his ass? No-one.
    I mean, yes he deserved what he got, but believe me,
    people won’t run in to help you whether you deserve
    it or not
    It’s a sick society we all live in ..

    1. help his ass from a LION? its called self-preservation, fool. Those people were smart not to mess with that fracas. All it takes is one swipe and a “rescuer” would be in far more trouble. Ever seen a lion’s claw?

        1. Another variation of that I’ve heard is that, while a fucking worthless piece of shit was virtue signaling to the entire office and anyone within earshot, “if he really needs the money I’d be happy to loan it to him.” after hearing that another employee couldn’t afford to drive to his own mother’s funeral.

    2. I know better than to even get close to a animals cagr after seeing a vid of a lion reaching his arms through the bars and grabbing a janitor while he was cleaning and the lion litterally folded the guy and pulled him into the cage

    1. Jokes aside ,this man is not dumb ,he is mentally ill. He isn’t the first person to jump over fences to go cuddle lions ,tigers,bears or gorillas and be torn to shreds. Happens all the time.

      Some insane autistic bitch in the Netherlands made the dominant gorilla smash through glass walls and terrorised a whole zoo after ripping her face off. The insane bitch went in every day and just stared into the gorilla’s eyes every fucken day ’cause she thought they had a connection . Anyone with a brain knows you never stare into a gorilla’s eyes as it is interpreted as a challenge ,hostility and death from a fight will result. Lol

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  2. I love the way these big cats react with their lightening reflexes ;
    not wanting to waste a second ; saying “Just remember, I follow the Tit for Tat.” ideology
    The teasing mother fucking ape outside of the cage can call himself Lucky for he’d managed just in time in pulling his arm off , a mighty split seconds before the lion could’ve gone snapping it off between the bars in to two and left it eaten too .

      1. @brokeback Get his cock between the bars to try and have anal sex with a caged male lion? That is possibly the worst idea I’ve ever heard. I mean first off there’s the fucking problem of getting woody in a really nerve-wracking situation. I’m talking major stage fright here. A fistful of Viagra wouldn’t coax my Throbulous up and out. And even if this guy could get his corned-beef fencepost rearing up like a horse’s handbrake… how the fuck is he going to get grown-up Simba to go fucking gay, lube-up and walk backwards onto his shaft? Repeatedly…

        I think you are dreaming here my friend. An interesting dream, but I think it stays firmly in the Land of Make Believe. Where you shall forever remain the King of Wishful Thinking.

      1. a virus could change that. And don’t forget the fact that these smelly invaders brought the contagion to your nation. Bash on sight, regardless of age or sex, and drive this invasion force into the English Channel

        1. That’s a bit rough @deadvector. Kill the politicians ,employer -group leaders and pro-open border ngo managers first. Your way leads to total breakdown and law of the jungle ,mate. Good for you but not most soceity.

          In Australia ,fuckwit PM Howard turned back only one boat and it all stopped. I hate the cunt for many reasons and his motives in doing this but it did stop headchopper unskilled labour coming in. However he duped the Aussie population because he still allowed 250k headchopper engineers ,scientists and doctors to FLY in a year thus gutting the middle-class in Australia and the average Joe’s here were so stupid they didn’t and still don’t see it coming!

  3. The lion was enticed by the lingering smell of the Colonel’s secret recipe wafting from his general direction and just had to take a bite. Finger licking good.

    It no doubt let go though once the smell of grape drank and muh-dik reached its furry nostrils.

          1. A boursin cheese spread, thick butter knife scraping all that thick curdy, man-cheese… talking about a 15 boursin creampie, followed by a 24 hour wait for cheese to vagilate, then spread, and serve.


  4. I hope they don’t fuck with the lion. I also wish that dip shit dindu whatever would have gotten pulled into the cage by the lion and ripped to shreds.

          1. @No habla inglés

            Yeah this is sad for this lion and meanwhile the negroes go free to commit their horrible crimes against, our women, our race and our blood

  5. My favorite part, aside from that fleshy virus getting exactly what it deserved, was How the Lion would act coy promoting his Ambush attack on that pesky bastard.
    His house cat cousin would only have been able to manage paw-pushing a glass off the table.

    Such a more poignant approach to solving the problem

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