Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage

Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage

Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage

I have no idea where the video is from. It shows a man standing outside a lion’s cage and teasing the big cat with his unworthy presence. Eventually, the idiot sticks his hand in the cage and the lion instantly responds by biting the intruding limb.

The cat’s reflexes were amazing. That’s why you don’t fuck with the king. Unfortunately, as if keeping the majestic animal caged was not bad enough, it likely was the lion that got punished for the actions of the idiot.

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the video:

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287 thoughts on “Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage”

    1. in a correction…

      Lions are NOT like big cat.

      Tigers , panthers and else are, but not lions.

      why ? because like cats, panther, tigers and else will NEVER attack you in front and would always attack you by surprise.
      at the contrary of all of them, lion and lioness will not give a single fuck and attack you straigth frontal without even trying any sneaky technics.
      also reasons is because all the others (including domestical cats) perfectly know that humans are powerful and dangerous.
      while a lion would NEVER consider a human powerful and wont be scared of them at all. (with reasons, thoses beast are like 2-3 times the mass of a human… between 350 to 500kg)

        1. loved my lil’ cat (may he Reast in Peace)

          when i was just walking in the house and he jumped sneak attack me on the ankle… 1 or 2 punch with the paws (no claws out) and then running away like if the whole house was on fire LOL.

          i sometime knew he was going to attack and i just stop moving and do a quick twist, he was like “dafuk he knew ?” XD

          noticed that on all big cats except lion. we see for exempl, a tiger killing a men in india in a zoo (video is here somewhere), we can see that the tiger is not attacking but playing with it and then he attack the men when he didnt look at him but put his head between in legs.

          felines are sneaky bastard XD

          oh, and i m good :D, got a bad flu recently, but start getting way better now

        1. kind of :P.

          felines hate when you look them directly in the eyes.
          if you have a cat, you can do it yourself, you just stare at him in the eyes…

          50% chance he will just look away
          50% chance he will start to sneak move on you to punch you with his paws 😀

          they are cowards, and .. more importantly, all felines HATE to run against their prey, they give up easily, even the fastest one, they give up fast if they dont catch the prey quickly, that’s why they all sneaky except the lion who is used to not hunt (lioness do) and just go for it (and fail most of time lol)

  1. The IQ of an african turd is so low that the stupid retard stick his hand and then was stupid enough to complain about it, the lion should be rewarded and the black cunt thrown into a river

  2. dont know what kind of shit country use zoo like this, but i’d never go in there…

    guess this lion would eat much kids hands in his life lol.

    here its impossible to see the lion correctly tho, you got a 10 feets deep and 7 feets large pit between peoples and the first metal bars of the lion zone, then another metal bars zone in it .
    filming an animal in zoo here is like impossible unless you plan to make an video about the architecture of metal bars. lol

  3. Oh my DAYS!….I almost peed myself laughing at this clip.
    The guy is clearly an idiot. The lion was hungry and alert….look how it ‘barked’ at 14 secs in the video.
    That’s a warning shot to show that it doesn’t like being pissed around with.

    I like how the guy squeals like a stuck pig when its jaws clamp on his arm. That will teach him.
    He is very lucky….these animals have been known to bite arms off completely.
    I think it let him go after a while. Hope so, anyway.

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