Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage

Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage

Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage

I have no idea where the video is from. It shows a man standing outside a lion’s cage and teasing the big cat with his unworthy presence. Eventually, the idiot sticks his hand in the cage and the lion instantly responds by biting the intruding limb.

The cat’s reflexes were amazing. That’s why you don’t fuck with the king. Unfortunately, as if keeping the majestic animal caged was not bad enough, it likely was the lion that got punished for the actions of the idiot.

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the video:

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284 thoughts on “Lion Bites Hand of Man Teasing Him from Outside of Cage”

  1. Fuck I hate seeing animals treated like this. If anyone has seen zoo, tv series, then I wish all animals took their land back. We have had our reign. Time to step the fuck down

    Lol it actually march 25th 11.51pm in my time zone

  2. The lion could see it coming. The stupid coon could not. I applaud anyone there for NOT stepping into to save his dumb ass. Because like most mindless coons, they have the tendency to use the 2% space they have left in their nigger-nugget sized brains. The “Play stupid games win stupid prizes” quote MUST have originated from that black-skin species. Let’s give the Lion credit for feeding the dumb nigger a little more brain power on what happens when you fuck with the King of the Jungle.

  3. So funny…. O Leo used the old trick… “I’ll look away for a second” to see if you fall for that old zoo trick??!!!! hahahahaaaaa… guy fell for it like a bag of potatoes!!! Leo was good!!!

  4. More Lions in captivity than in the wild. They had enough of this human circus of exploitation, breed to be shot by a bullet to the highest bidder, then the bones shipped to China for medicinal purposes.. Even sold to be kept in a cage for life so retarded people can get close.

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