Maggots Feast on Necrotic Hole in Lower Leg

Maggots Feast on Necrotic Hole in Lower Leg

The guy has a nasty necrotic hole in his lower leg, and it’s crawling full of maggots. I could almost smell the stink through the screen when the nurse took off the bandages.

I wonder what she poured on the wound. It couldn’t have been alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, cause those would likely kill the maggots. Maggots is all he wants there, to clear the wound off necrotic flesh.

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  1. I can say firsthand those kinds of wounds smell awful especially one as bad as this. The maggots may have helped with the smell since they eat the dying flesh but I don’t know how much. I’m guessing they poured saline or distilled water on the wound.

        1. @PD, you would be surprised how quickly this type of infection spreads; it can go from the size of a pin prick to the size of of a quarter within 12 hrs. I have not had necrotic infection, but I have had an infection that progressed as fast as the time frame I mentioned above.

    1. @PD, How indeed.
      Even if this guy is homeless, how can it reach this point? I’m sure this guy keeps really busy everyday day but treating a maggot infested rotting hole in his leg should at least make his top 5 list of “things to do”.

          1. Good to hear @boozer…

            Hey @Dutchy… I think boozer is referring to the ‘Starfish of David’… πŸ˜‰

    1. I had a brown recluse bite once. I thought it was just a bug bite at first and just kept it clean and bandaged at work. I used neosporin and gauze and taped it down with duct tape as that’s what I had handy at the time. 4 days later it looked like I had put out a burning cigar on my arm. A hole the size of a quarter and 1/2″ deep.
      Also, smaller holes began to appear where the duct tape was. The Doc told me that pulling the duct tape off was pulling the venom to the surface and causing more damage.

      1. Yeah them bites are no joke. We dont have many were i live now, but down in ft. Jackson were i was stationed last, those things were everywhere. My buddys leg went from what looked like a pimple to basically what the guys leg in the above video looked like, in about 5 days. He was hiding it from our NCO because we were training and he didnt wanna be held back. Wrong move.

      2. Omg that sounds awful! Both my grandpa and aunt got bit and they didn’t react well. It took about 6 months for them to recover. I’m afraid my body would react the same way and we have them in our house. We’ve tried multiple things but I think we’re gonna have to pay a professional.

    1. Usually the maggots will be removed from the wound once most of the decayed flesh has been processed; Checking regularly to ensure they’re not left here longer than need be is a crucial role in the healing process of these type of infections.

  2. Aww he wants to have pet maggots on him… Who doesnt want to have pet maggots on them? πŸ˜† You can sleep with them, you can walk with them, you can feed yourself to them, and they just keep tickling you… πŸ˜†

  3. I’ll give credit where it’s due. He’s got a leg up on becoming a bloated greenie and he’s not even dead yet!

    I think this is myiasis from improper wound care and not maggot therapy.

  4. That awkward moment when you realize the worm therapy ended last week πŸ˜€ I would love to see one of this on hd also I still wonder if maggots make some noise? that would be awesome to hear

  5. Damn that looks crazy nasty. I feel the pain since I just had a scooter accident yesterday and busted up my foot.

    I knew I had to be more than just a lurker after my first thought as I was lifting the scooter off my foot was whether it would be gory enough to submit to best gore?! Haha

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