Man Approaches Elephant to Take Picture, Elephant Attacks Him and Tramples Him to Death

Man Approaches Elephant to Take Picture, Elephant Attacks Him and Tramples Him to Death

On a road through a wilderness near the Gorumara National Park in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, India, a man was attacked by a wild elephant and trampled to death after allegedly getting too close to the animal take a picture.

Identified as 40 year old Sadik Rahman, the man was on his way to a bank in Jalpaiguri where he worked as a security guard. He was in a car, but decided to get off to approach the elephant for a more intimate photo. But the beast did not appreciate a human getting in his face and struck back.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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110 thoughts on “Man Approaches Elephant to Take Picture, Elephant Attacks Him and Tramples Him to Death”

      1. He was happy to lay down his life for the elephant. Hindus consider elephants sacred animals so they won’t bring any harm to it. If they do have ill intentions then they’ll feel the wrath of one of their gods. Ganesh, an elephant-headed deity who rides atop a tiny mouse.
        So no worries.

    1. Heya rayf: yes I agree 200%. I heard that african elephants are smarting up to the poachers and rich american hunters who slaughter them for tiny profits and trophy tusks by becoming nocturnal – mother nature will always outwit us dumb as shit FV…..

    1. Not to worry…

      There will be a local committee meeting followed by a statewide committee meeting. Then it goes to the central government that is too busy trying to consolidate power and misses the appointment, and all will be forgotten until the next quarter.

  1. When creatures like elephants, whales, dogs, wolves, horses, cattle, get needlessly annoyed or fuked with by stupid humans and the animal reacts like the elephant did I cheer!
    I have always loved elephants and fee the fool got one back for all the abuses human do to your kind.

      1. At that moment, everything is perpendicular. Blue sky with a screen guard covering a lovely pattern of a million radiating lines. The audio response with a dissonant trumpet blare overriding the duet of human and mechanical release can be edited for YouTube.

  2. Indians have no sign of respect of dead people or dignity in any shape or form. Seriously, the most valueless and disgusting people on this planet, driving past the dead man and pointing the cam at him like it’s nothing. Please, if anyone here on BG is Indian, please livestream your death or kill yourself, you MUST realise that you have absolutely no value, a three legged street dog with infested wounds is worth more than you and 10 entire decades of your past and future family.

    1. Regarding such name calling, this was the lay of the land in my Mafia….. maternal grandmother used to say, “You know, there isn’t any difference between us (aborigines) and them (Indians). We’re all mongrels”. Grandpa would add, “Not to judge, but a million is dearer than a billion.” My Brittany-Irish paternal grandpa would retort, “Statistics are for losers.” Gram, the Brit, would conclude, “I married into this. I guess that makes me an American.”

      I’m not going to be the first judge in my family, but I do have thoughts, @KT.

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