Man Brutally Attacked by Two Pit Bulls in Bronx

Man Brutally Attacked by Two Pit Bulls in Bronx

On September 11, 2015, a man was attacked by a pair of dogs who tore him up until he was sitting in a pretty sizable pool of blood. All reports I came across say the dogs were Pit Bulls. It’s hard to say from the video, but they could also be American Bulldogs.

62 year old Francesco Bove, an artist from Coney Island, said he was on his way to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Belmont Avenue and 187th Street in the Bronx when he was attacked. Neighbors, including the priest, quickly came to the victim’s aid, who was mauled so badly, the priest read him his last rites, because he through the man was going to die.

55 year old Cynthia Oliver, owner of the dogs, was arrested and charged with eight counts of assault and two counts of reckless endangerment, for allegedly releasing the dogs on the victim.

There seem to be a lot of pit bull attacks in the Bronx.

Props to Best Gore member @pesterofor the video:

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        1. That curiosity of the man in blue holding that little girl loosely shows what a fool he was right there where these canines were viciously attacking and went nearly mauling the man to death . What if they both had to go charging at the little girl .

          The funkiest story here is that the man that got attacked ,himself owns a female pit bull named Gina, .
          Bronx is a place where you will find people walking their pit bulls as though there always a dog show going on some where paying scant regard to the pedestrians or the general public .
          They were so viciously crazed that they didn’t go sparing the ones who came rescuing the man .

          1. At one point in the video the dog is chasing another guy and they run right by the man and the little girl. If I had a child with me my first thought would be getting them to safety especially seeing that other people are already trying to help the victim.

            The problem is irresponsible people get those dogs because of their bad reputations and think it makes them look tough and don’t take the time to properly train them. Any dog can cause damage but ones that are known to attack more and have the power to do a lot of damage should only be handled by the right people.

          2. that man with the little girl pissed me off far worse than the dog attack which was bad. If you’re seeing some shit that’s not safe and you have a child with you, get the fuck out of there.

    1. Quite literally, the woman’s picture was available on the net. FOUR hours ago. Typical evil lesbian nigger. Now the jew controlled internet has wiped it clean. Sorry I didn’t screen capture it and post it. Be vigilant. the jews are protecting their soldiers, much like the vampires depend on their werewolves, and vice versa.

      Too bad the jews don’t realize they are well past fucked by their “protectors.”
      She might be on an obscure English news-website. Evidently, in England it’s not racist to report crimes.

      God save the Queen. God save England. God save us all.

        1. @RedToker
          Do you own canines ?. If yes which breed are they?
          But whatever you say Pitbulls are known to be notoriously bite prone .
          And if they aren’t trained and kept disciplined they really can wreak a havoc . I am hoping you will agree.

        2. Agree with redtoker I’m in UK own a American bulldog cross pit! Go to end of earth protect me my nan that where he live good dogs plays nicely with grandchildren as young as 3 trust him 100% does not like other dogs mauls them same with cats but all in all he gud dog!

      1. I don’t know about something that extreme, but I do agree to a certain extent.
        Pitbull owners are always acting like the dogs get a bad rap, but every time shit like this happens it’s always a pitbull, or if a dog ever kills another dog it’s always a Pitbull. Maybe use your fucking brains and realize it’s better for humanity and dogs that you don’t keep breeding such a vicious breed just because you think they look cool.

        1. My roomate has pitbulls, and those fuckers can’t even eat without attacking the shit out of eachother, leaving me to play Street Fighter Michael Vick version in the cage for a good minute until the bonus round is over. Those dogs are fucking overly agressive.

    1. @antropomorphia

      Ha HaHaHaHa!!!!!!! fuck that’s an awesome treatment for the ones who get this reckless being dog owners. The lady walked the dogs so close that the canines thought their mistress wants them go after the man.

      1. Lol. Mine is a teacup yorkie/Maltese mix. He takes down flies, that’s about it. I think he weighed in at 4 pounds the last vet visit. Btw, it’s good to see you again. Haven’t seen your posts in awhile.

          1. @trainwreck

            Aww thank you you’re so sweet. I hope you know I think you’re awesome too and I’m glad you’ve joined in the comments…it’s so nice having good people around to cancel out the shitty ones. 🙂

        1. I also own a bona fide fly killer. He hates the pesky airborne shit eaters and has an excellent record for number of kills. He is a JRT, frigging crazy dog. Everyone in this town knows him, Jibber the Dog. He takes Prozac. But his fly kills are legendary, so I keep him

          1. @blayvier, no joke, he is on Prozac. When I say crazy, it is no joke. Vet gave a recommendation for him to take it, but I was afraid it would take something away from his personality. He is now 12 y., still crazy but not like before he was medicated. He is a handful….

        2. @blavier LOL !!!
          My Shepard will throw a bite at a fly but he tracks bee’s to the death…think it’s because he’s seen some of the younger kids and the wife getting all nervous around them. Funny as hell doesn’t mind being stung at all.

          1. @rayf
            That’s awesome your dog is that loyal to the family. I read further down on your post and I have to say, my hats off to you brother. Those dogs you have are beautiful and the level of responsibility is top notch.

    1. I had 2 absolutely beautiful chow shepherds. They were brought home as a gift to my daughter, and the second for the rest of the kids, as little puffball puppies, almost solid black. They wouldn’t attack people but they wouldn’t hesitate to fuck someone up if they caught someone messing with their people. They would fuck up someone who tried to mess with the kids especially. Yet chows get a bad reputation for territorial, which they are. But like any dog, the owner is the one who teaches them how to behave. My dogs would have gone after the terriers in the vid, not the man being mauled. They would have fought to the death, too. I miss those dogs.

      1. You have yet to prove even a bacterium will morph into another type of bacteria or in that matter, any way shape or form due to environment. Take a gander at Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species. Hint: Read the Forward carefully.

    1. @evilirish1

      I quite agree there with you .These Dogs too have their bondings and when its one of their own from the same mother you will see them going about together and when challenged you will find them attacking in unison .

      The Natural Life Cycle of a Dog is something that we as responsible owners should give a little thought to. Dogs are living beings like humans, and have a natural life cycle we need to be aware of. They are born from their parents, raised until the proper age, grow up to be mature adults, explore the world, and eventually pass away like us. They share experiences with their owners and fellow dogs ? hence they are social animals and need to learn proper skills. When raising a dog, proper training for socialization, discipline, and many other factors are very important to prevent unwanted behavior when the dog grows up.

          1. There is noway you can stop a pit bull in that manner .Its one breed which is as dangerous as the rottweilers and wolf hybrids.The more you throw yourself kicking around the more viciously you are attacked. .

  1. WTF?? Those dogs were fucking relentless in their pursuit…Most Best Gorians know I’m a defender of animals, but…these two might have to be put down…Don’t think animals possess the reasoning to consciously make a decision to attack someone unprovoked. Their cunty owner may have signed their death warrant…

    1. It saddens me greatly that these dogs were brought up in a manner where they would attack like that. The cunt that raised them made them this way. She sealed the untimely death fate of these dogs the second she taught them that it’s okay to be aggressive. I put this one on the owner, stupid bitch. She didn’t care about these dogs, either.

    1. Actually in all seriousness , the fucking cunt owner should be put in a pen with 2 pit bulls just like hers and have them chew on her fucking appendages until she bleeds out !!! JUST to be FAIR !!! An eye for an eye I always say !

      1. anywhere else most likely a slap on the wrist, but in NY there could be an issue. Most parts of NY you cant get a conceal/carry permit. The best you could hope for is a criminal to have been around, they have the guns

          1. I’ve often heard that when Pitbulls are in attack mode , their adrenaline pumps them up so much that even if they’re stabbed or shot ( unless it’s a killshot of course) , they do not stop attacking !! Powerful dogs man !!

          2. good to know if anything try and get to high ground like the roof of a car huh….or if your good at kicking soccer balls try and kick the dog head off, or even a HARD kick to the dogs stomach should slow him down no?

          3. @IRONGUT, I read a story in an antique style book on ‘dog men’ (pit dog fighters) one dog owner, during a dog fight CUT HIS DOG IN HALF! It showed the ‘game’ of the dog (it still didn’t let go)and he got a very good price for his pups. There was a time when pit type dogs were ONLY owned by the ‘dog men’, if any pit dog showed any human aggression at all, it was put down. Now there are millions of pits in public hands and any human aggression is tolerated and encouraged, these dogs were not originally bred to be pets. When they bite/attack a person it is often with a terrible outcome.

          4. a friend of mine has a pit and in his back yard a tree an on its branch a thick rope with a ball knot and his dog jumps to it and hangs for minutes on end no joke has some strong jaws! freaking scary

          5. @3rd i rotten, I had this set up for a pit-bull I owned a few years back, he would leap up and hang from a thick rope for over 15 minutes at a time, he’d let go and jump up and do it again. He could easy climb a tree if it had some branches growing out the side, but he could climb straight up 10 feet, nothing can escape these brutes.

  2. I hate dogs… 😐 And the dogs appears to be more interested on that guy than on anyone else… 😆 “Co’ da caps! Co’ da caps! Da dawgs awe attaken’ poppul’… Cowm quik! Am watchin’ da dawgs attakin’ a men f’om mah windo’, am scawed! Moo! Moo!” 😆

  3. a water sprayer? are you joking? fuck! If I was there I would put my twelve gauge pump action shotgun to good use, blasting the fuck off these fucking beasts, american are full of guns, why they didn’t have one at hand?
    Owner should be put in jail and charged with unintentional murder.

    1. A garden hose is a pretty typical way to stop dog fights, and was better than nothing. I’m surprised no one brought out a gun (or a baseball bat, or even a broom).

      I’m also surprised no one tried honking their car horns, or something.

    1. I think so too. This attack was savage. The dogs licking up the blood is another sign. I’ve been attacked by a Pitt named Cuz. Two days before my 19th birthday. Someone sprayed me with a hose and I screamed a little. I wasn’t aware I was that close to the dog. Cuz reared up and dug his claw into my ass and began biting me over and over. The most damage was done to the back of my left thigh. Ripped the muscle to the bone. This dog belonged to a man who I spoke about before. I won’t get into it again but let’s just say I wasn’t there by choice. I went to the ER and was forced to ID a different dog. But I still have no fear. Their beautiful crazy dogs. Most of the time theyre raised well. I am a lot more cautious now though

      1. @yneg, are you fucking kidding?? WTF! To me, the idea of being attacked by dogs is terrifying! Damn girl, I got all kinds of respect for you. I knew you were a tough broad!
        Do you own dogs?
        Thanks for sharing…can’t be easy to talk about.

      1. oh gnat for fuck sakes bro. Get a classy not trashy broad. put anything near my as s and you’ll be one sorry mofo. I told an old BF once that asked me if he could. I send bend over and let me do it to you first. Answers always no way. There’s your sign

  4. It IS the breed, all these heavy jawed pit-bull type dogs, including the American Bulldog, they can do much damage in such a short time. Yes pit sympathizers say little dogs bite the most, but little dogs (or most other breeds) don’t usually put a man in hospital, or worse 6 foot under. Pit types are responsible for over 70% of dog fatalities every year, approx. 30 people every year in the US. These dogs don’t training to attack, they need training NOT to attack. Have a look at for horrific dog attack pics/stories.

  5. You can see the wolf mentality that dogs desend from if they trained or used to attacking on command once that command is given they will take anything down they don’t distinguish between animal human / adult/ kid / baby and when they work together humans have no natural defence he was lucky people came to his aid if that had been in quiet place they would have wiped him out big animal lover talking here but these 2 are very aggressive dangerous dogs maybe a new owner in area less populated with kids is required otherwise bad shit will go down and a kid will pay or the dogs will be destroyed both options aint good ones

  6. The owner is the real culprit.
    If you can’t handle 2 dogs on a leash that might go nuts for whatever reason he should only be walking one at a time.
    When I travel and take my dogs along I only bring one out of the hotel room at a time. I believe I’m big enough to hold them back if I have to…but I don’t.
    It can turn into a I wanna shake the rag doll harder than you competition too easily when it comes to dogs. Around strange people they wear muzzles.
    Most people love their dogs…you have to protect them from protecting you sometimes.

    1. @rayf, where do you live where you can take dogs into hotel rooms? That sort of thing is banned in Australia, I mean there are special places you can stay with your dog springing up around the place, but it’s kind of a new concept, and they are usually private properties.

      1. @Tas in The U.S. a lot of hotels are pet friendly with a deposit “$15 at the chain I like to stay at”…I usually stay at a Hampton Inn or something like that my only complaint is it’s never a first floor room usually the 3rd or 4th floor so an elevator trip is usually in order I ask to take the freight elevator if they have one if not it’s muzzles and I try to wait for an empty elevator car. They are not social animals so I do take precautions.

        1. @rayf, you sound very responsible, especially with your insurance. 🙂 Also I agree with you, it’s up to the individual owner if you want to ‘socialise’ your dogs or not, with people or other dogs. You have to be aware of your dogs ‘moods’ at all times when around other people and dogs, you sound like you have them (your dogs) sussed.

    2. @rayf
      I agree with you what you’ve said about the mistress/owner being the real culprit . Imagine a lady walking 2 pitbulls on a leash undermining their ferocity and their strength where she is nothing more than a ragdoll Pitbulls are characterized as the most bite-prone breed after German shepherds, Rottweilers & wolf hybrids.

      What in the world was she thinking of . The video is indicative of her being a poor mistress as she had no control over her pets when they went berserk. There is a history of pitbulls attacking their own masters when they get frenzied or are thwarted from attacking their target . The dogs weren’t properly trained and disciplined by the bitch .

      1. @blucon People just have to realize the power of one of these animals when it launches and attacks. Bare handed humans are not equipped to deal with one let alone 2.
        These type of dogs can bite so hard people shit themselves.
        Just being stepped on by accident by one of these dogs and they can cut you to the bone with their nails…you have to respect them.

        1. @rayf
          am I bit hard on my cheeks and places that I don’t know why I have gotta shit that cozy bed of mine for ………….for ………………..??
          You mean the receptor to mauls bark and growls was a lady ? but hell all along my mind kept telling me oh fuck the guy is gonna be dead soon .
          Now I know and do understand why that bitch let the dogs out on another bitch .Perhaps between them they had some animosity

  7. I have nothing against pitbulls – and have known many sweet, gentle ones as well as many non-pits that have “snapped” or bitten someone – but, I will never understand people who 1) Get a dog they cannot physically handle, especially when they don’t take additional precautions to control the animal (for example, carrying a weapon to help prevent things like this should their dog attack, or going through extensive training) and 2) Keep a dog that is “vicious” like this, even if it’s a two pound yorkie.

    Why would you want an animal that is aggressive? And why would you want an animal you can’t control?

    Incidentally, growing up, my family had two sharpeis – basically, chinese pitbulls. They weren’t the wrinkled foreskin sharpeis you see on dog shows, they were big, strong dogs and they could tear into you if they wanted.

    The one was never aggressive towards people, and always very well controlled, but the other had been abused and “snapped”. That was it – the dog was gone the next day, after it tried to bite a neighbor.

    You HAVE to take responsibility for shit like that.

  8. this is why i hate MOST of dogs, expecially if stray.
    I’d kill them all.
    sometimes we should remember that an animal is not a man ,they have basic insinct , and we can get attacked by them.

    I hope those 2 pitbull are now dead
    can you imagine if they attack a child?? …

    1. @sKeleT0r
      Great sense of humor lol there I just couldn’t stop laughing there with your joke…….
      I know what your joke is about the guy watering them to see them grow as if he were in a cultivating farm where everything grows with water . Fuck if only they were some freaked out pitbullish canine plants they would have grown to godzillian size and half of the Bronx area would have ended up as dead meat.

  9. the guy with the little girl might be mentally disabled my only conclusion. There is a guy in a pinkish shirt with a aluminum baseball bat and he is doing nothing? you gotta take charge in those situations and SMASH the dogs backs until they cant walk , hit them hard with all your built up blacklivesmatter rage and testosterone. I would turn shit around.

    1. @browne123, sounds good. However the avg size med dog can jump 4ft high, this would not help that guy by going atop a car. Pits have been know to jump up over 10ft with a running start.

      personally I had a 110lb Pit that scaled my 6ft high stockade fence like it was 2ft high. when they have their mind set, its like trying to stop a train.

      1. @evilirish1, they can climb some trees too, I had a pit-bull years ago, he could dive under water (jump from a jetty, swim down under water about 10 feet under – no joke!) to fetch a sunken toy/stick. A 6ft fence is nothing for these dogs.

      2. @evilrish I have seen videos of people dangling a tire or rope from a 2nd floor roof…with a very small runway “that’s what between 12 to 16 feet” these dogs go right up the wall and they have a spotter / catcher waiting on the ground to catch them when they come back down…also I had a small terrier once Heinz 57 mix if you will probably weighed 10 lbs soaking wet it went over our 6ft fence no problem. But yea if you dangle yourself off a two story building they can snatch you off no problem.

    1. @Jack Doe
      To look at Pit bull s sure do look quite a fascinating breed of canines but Looks are one thing and taming ’em kinda breed takes a lot on the part of the master /trainer.
      Anyway if you like them I am sure you gonna keep them.
      All the best .

    2. @Jack, you can, they call them American Bulldogs or American Staffies in Australia (since the ‘pit-bull’ was banned) same type of dog – the heavy jawed breed that can kill a 4 year old girl in under a minute.

  10. Psst! You want to live?
    Stay away from churches, mosques, sinogogues or any “house of God”. You are liable to get killed in or around those places.

    This message is not intended for any Da Silvas. You’ll still get killed no matter where you’re at!

  11. The bystanders should’ve grabbed one of the dogs back legs and snapped it like a twig. Dogs have skinny breakable legs. Even if a dog has latched onto you, grab it’s front leg and break the fk out of it. I do rock climbing though so i have a death grip.

  12. this is exactly the reason that i do not feel any empathy for the dog when for example it gets shot down by an officer kind of videos, this is just a good example of what can happen if it does not get shot down, so for those kind of videos i am always with the cops, even how brutal it looks

    1. Dude, you don’t have a dog. My dog wouldn’t do that to anyone, yet he does look threatening. Why would you gun down someone’s beloved creature if it has no intention of doing harm? Everyone in that video except white cap is a bitch, how could 5+ people let two dogs take control of a scenario. Multiple people filming and standing from a distance, the coward norm of the every- day Americans. People just watching and calling the cops all the time to take any sort of responsibility away from them. Bitches.

  13. I don’t know if the operator who took that call was deaf or retarded, but how many times does he have to tell that street adress?, he is talking very clearly and although upset, I think he is very clear in what’s happening…

    Anyway, I don’t know if it’s just here I denmark where I live, or us it the same trend in your country, where every white trash little girl or wigger need two muscle dogs each, but they can never be bothered to raise them properly or control them, so very often one of these psycho dogs gets loose and eats another dog or person… And every time the idiot owning them, just more or less stand by and don’t know how to control their pooch!

    None of them have any idea of what responsibility it’s us to own a dog of that size…

    1. I was thinking the same thing. The caller was in a sense of urgency, which is understandable cause there was a man being ripped apart by dogs outside their window, but it seemed like the operator was playing dumb.

  14. I am a HUGE dog lover, but here is something which 99% from the people don’t know about the pitbulls.
    Within their skulls there is a little sharp formation.

    After each year this bone structure grows and eventually will poke their brain. Few pitbulls will remain after certain age, after the event (the brain damage) – will remain more aggressive than usual, but MOST Pit bulls will have such episodes of extreme violence.

    They will attack anyone, a kid, a baby. They get triggered more frequently than a SJW on tumblr.

    I am just mad at the Pitbull owners, they don’t know this shit…. So always be prepared.

    A man always should carry a knife for the PitBulls, Pit bull owners and Niggers. Just in case xD

  15. The “..maybe american bulldogs….” part of the write up, made me think of a question that i have (for some while) wanted to ask the north american/USA members and users of BG.

    Since the ban on “american pitbulls” in england (and the surrounding media frenzies), the “demonization” of the breed in england by the press(and therefore,the sheeple) has also extended and now somewhat “generally” included ANY bull-faced breed of dog (staffies, american bulldogs, english bull terriers, staffy crosses etc etc) athought these breeds were not part of the ban.

    i understand that APBT’s have not beenoutlawed in USA like they have here – but has the same demonization occured? and has it also grown (in the minds of the paranoid,”fox fed” masses) to include any similar looking animal like it has here in UK?

    P.S. Thanks for article/vic @Ate

  16. I was taught that, when it is inevitable, a dog attack is eminent….give said dog (or any animal) a target. GIVE them the arm, of the hand, that you do not write with. As they are happily occupied with their free chew toy…focus on their throat….and remove it…..with your teeth, if necessary. You’d be surprised at just a strong bit can do when driven by emergency and coupled with a level head.

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