Man with Deep Gashes All Over Body Allegedly from Jaguar Attack

Man with Deep Gashes All Over Body Allegedly from Jaguar Attack

According to the info I got, the man in this video was attacked by a jaguar in Nova Ubiratã – a municipality in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil.

I’m not sure to what extent I want to believe that story, as those gashes all over his body look like machete slashes, but since I wasn’t there when it happened, I can’t know for sure.

What do you think? A victim of a jaguar attack, a machete attack, or something else yet?

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    1. Yea, exactly, lol. But to me, this looks like 100% made by a machete, due to the perfectly straight, and ultra-deep cuts, that he suffered throughout his body. A Jaguar attack, would have resulted in more chunk type holes taken-out of him. And his neck would have been the main target. Well, after viewing it a second time, you never know, i guess.

        1. i call this bulllshit on the jaguar part. Atleast thats what i think, my cousin is a military police man and is often send out to the jungle camps. He also used to organise hunting trips in the jungle since he is so known with this hard landscape. He also got attacked by a jag 1 night while they were hunting for jungle deer and other meat. They heared some noise in the bushes like something was crawling in the area and before they knew they got jumped by the beast. The jaguar left remarkable kind of wounds of the nails in my cousins back (it was at the same height around the shoulders so it could be). But after they paniced the shot was being fired everywhere initially as a natural scary reaction you start to shoot. But these wounds this guy has also on his head doesnt compare to a jag attack (or he chew on his head). anyways jaguares are very scary animals they dont come near to people they avoid people at any cost, but this one is thought to had some cubs in the area then they will protect their terrotory at all cost, if they dont have cubs they just move on.

      1. It’s a blade attack. I am a cop. As you say the slah wounds are straight where a bite will leave impressions from the mouth. If it was claws? Where are the other 4 lines at by the big ones? There are none. And no defense bite wounds on hands and arms. He was hit with a large blade. So question him a second time. His story will change. At that point jump on him like the big cat he claims did this….teeheee

    2. No way that was a jaguar. Not a single cut has any tearing. They’re are no puncture wounds on the back of the neck. And look at the piece of scalp that was just cleanly sliced off by a glancing blow from the machete. How exactly could a jaguar cut a circular slice of skin from his head like a deli slicer. No fucking way. Machete or large blade. This man was hacked and slashed up and he’s afraid to talk since whoever did it might come back and do worse to him or his family

          1. Shit hand him about 4 of the name brand 80 mg OxyContin the material to do a self injection and watch him go!!! Follow that up by just rubbing some dirt on those paper cuts and he’s golden!!! Then he needs to go find and F#%*k that jaguar!!!!

          1. @fuckingstripperbitch. Yes… Demerol made me feel like everything was ok in the world. 100 mg IM and I’m in heaven. It was like truth serum with me. I just out and told my wife at the time things I never would’ve told anyone. BTW, where’s your really sexy stripper bitch avi?

      1. That would make me comfortable for about 6 hours. Last time I had it it took 1 shot of phentonol (sp) and 2 shots of dilautid before it could dent the pain enough where I could lay flat enough for imaging. It only knocked it down to an 8 out of 10.

    1. Those paper cuts Burn like a motherfucker Fred. I hate getting those, more than any other pain. Deep gashes, are sometimes less painful, as shock sets in, and many nerves get severed. Paper cuts, on the other hand, are not deep enough to cause nerve damage, therefore they fucking burn like hell. Imagine getting a hundred paper cuts all over your body??? You would surely wish death upon yourself instead! 🙁

      1. There’s a form of torture where the first layer of skin is removed, the same layer which hurts like hell from a paper cut. They wouldn’t have to remove much of my skin before I’ll tell them everything they want to know.#pussy

  1. A machete attack.
    Jaguars have 4 claws, they can’t just use 1 claw .. there would be more then a single “tear” .. skin tears from a claw strike .. those are sharp straight cuts.
    As said .. there are no mawl marks ..

  2. One look at his face and you know the guy is full of white lies .Its not the jaguar but machete or something similar to a knifey attack .Looks like the dude got caught in a brawl and now he’s come with a make believe story.
    Ahoy ! nobody gives a damn where ya got your gored up face fucked up
    and remember Jaguars don’t have machetes to their paws
    and those big cats never leave the gashes or the slashes straight up cause what one gets is all wickedly all zig- zag patterns.
    Now go see a fucking Doctor right this minute .

  3. well well had to hurt alot but some cuts look clean but the head matches with bite also 2 places where chunks were taken by bite perhaps even began to eat. i seen pics years back and they too were simular cat was tryin to crush skull causing to deep lacerations so i believe a cat is very able to cause extreme damage to a person or death, this victim was near it no doubt. the victim could still die from infection, cool to see but damn glad it wasnt me. if this victim seemed weak the cat would follow him waiting for the best time then he is in real trouble. i go into forest alot and lived in mountains when you see one raise arms straight up or back pack yell and scream at the cat 99 percent of the time they will be scared if not find large branch beat a tree and scream it has always worked for me. if kids are with you keep them by your side they go after whats easy to kill.

  4. Looks like he was screwing a lady jaguar and got caught by the “OLD SHARPY”.A person that’s very familiar with using a machete is as dangerous if not more so than any enraged jaguar!
    Somebody did a bunch of slicing and dicing on his ass that he will never ever forget!

    1. Cats leave a 3 or 4 claw mark pattern with scratches and cuts. Never seen a cat scratch with just one cut mark. And all big cats go for the back of the neck first thing with their teeth to kill fast. No teeth marks.

      1. JThey actually don’t go for the neck all the time. I read up on jaguar attack after seeing this and jaguars actually bite the head to puncture the skull with its sabre teeth. However they do claw at the neck to try and severe the major vessels of the neck. This guy had major major trauma around his neck/shoulder. From my new found expertise today, I think its possible this is jaguar attack. Attacks on humans are increasing in Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Bolivia as deforestation and lack of prey see bug cats encroach on human settlements more often…..I’m always for the animal, so sucked in human victim – was prolly trying to shoot it………

  5. Machette.

    Single cuts, Jaguar has 5 samurai swords on each paw.

    Jaguars on attack, like most cats , clamp jaws onto something, preferably the head or neck.

    Jaguar also armed with fuckin huge teeth………..

    Naw definitely a machete……….

  6. So, what really happened.
    Guy was rescued after his Jaguar hit a caterpillar which caused serious injury to him. The wounds on the back are from pulling him from the wreckage. Maybe there was a machete lying in the backseat as all those guys like to have a machete handy, obviously. But this would only be for butchering the casual drugdealer. So, case should be closed-it was a road accident.

  7. I could translate what they’re saying but they’re speaking a shitty version of Portuguese and everything I got was the victim claiming for water “for God’s sake”

  8. I am waiting for a post by JLM (Jaguar lives matter) taking responsibility for this attack. A possible retaliation for the murder of the very popular Jaguar that was killed during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. It is said that they only use one claw, so other Jaguars will not be help accountable.

  9. that was a jaguar with machetes… probably another fired actor from kung-fu panda or someshit

    definitly not a jaguar, as he cant cut perfectly like the injury in top of his head. plus an jaguar (like any feline) always attack from behind and he should have teeth mark on his neck behind (thats where any feline attack first before moved to the throat)

  10. I have panthers and brown bears where i live. But the wost big cat ypu can come accross?? MOUNTAIN LIONS. My pops was out hunting one day and one was stalking him for about a mile so he stopped n took cover only tobwach it come down from the cliff and get ready to pounce on him. (Literaly it walked up to him and got ready to attack) thank god he is a battle hardened vet so he put a 12ga slug fucker right imbetween the fuckers eyes. It didnt die…… just jumped back, got pissed off, then then away. Mountain lions are mean as fuck and will kill anything. They will break into your home and eat your kids. (No joke) 90% of the time you dont even know they are waching. Youll be out fishing then suddenly when you walk back to yiur truck you will look down and see giant paw prints right on top of your old tracks. (True story)

  11. I’m going with a sasquatch with a machete….possibly even skunk ape. I hear Brazil is pretty squatchy and since it looks like the dude lost a fucking sword fight that’s the only explanation. Bigfoot just went samurai on him and he must have only seen brown fur and heard growling. Yep…definately a squatch attack or a pissed off Brazilian same difference.

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